How many people take the exams at Andalusia Secondary School?

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In Andalusia, 47,962 people registered for the competitions for Secondary School Teachers, Vocational Training, Language Schools, Plastic Arts Teachers, Workshop Teachers and Music Professors in Andalusia in 2021. There were 6,206 vacancies, then the ratio in the south of Spain is 7.7.

How many people present themselves to the secondary oppositions?

A total of 251,821 people present themselves today to the oppositions to obtain one of the 31,172 places offered to be a teacher in Secondary, Baccalaureate or FP. They are the first oppositions to be called in a year and a half since the coronavirus pandemic began.

How many interns are there in Andalusia?

In June 2021 there are more than 35,000 interim teachers active in Andalusia. The data from the transparency portal dated April 13 indicates that on that date there were 21,612 interim teachers with a vacancy and 7,414 interim substitutes, a total of 29,026.

What is the ratio in oppositions?

In this sense, the word “ratio”, as you already know, refers to the number of opponents for each square called. In other words, if you divide the number of vacancies in any given call by the number of applications submitted, you will obtain this ratio indicative of the level of competition between candidates.

When are the oppositions of Teachers in Andalusia?

When will the Oppositions begin? The selective procedure will begin in the second fortnight of June 2022.

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When does the call for teachers 2022 come out?

The regional government will publish the call for oppositions for Teachers 2022, on February 8. Approved the 2021 public employment offer (773 teaching positions)

When does the call for Masters 2022 Andalusia come out?

The Call for Competitions Andalucía 2022 has been published in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía (BOJA) on March 2, 2022. ACCESS TO THE ONLINE COMPLETION OF THE APPLICATION: In this link you can submit your application electronically until March 23 .

What is the easiest opposition to pass?

The easiest opposition: State Administrative Assistant

One of the oppositions usually classified as simple is that of State Administrative Assistant.

What is the opposition that least people present?

Currently in Spain the oppositions that have fewer people in their calls are those of Forensic Doctor, Museum Curator, Comptroller and Auditor and Commercial Technicians and Economists.

How many people appear to the oppositions of teacher?

In 2021, 9,239 people registered for the Master’s competitions and 11,132 for Professors.

How are the interim lists ordered in Andalusia?

How the interim bags are ordered after the oppositions


What will happen to the interims?

Interims with experience will be civil servants in 2022 in any public entity. The Government took a firm step this Thursday in Congress with the approval of the bill that will allow the regularization of interims in the public sector, turning them into civil servants with a fixed position.

How many temporary teachers are there in Spain?

According to the latest Statistical Bulletin of personnel at the service of public administrations, at the beginning of this year the temporary civil servant personnel in Spain amounted to 622,295, that is, almost 23% of the 2.7 million civil servants in the country are in an interim situation.

How many balls do they get in the Madrid secondary oppositions?

In Secondary Education, depending on the calls, the number of topics ranges between 70 and 75 and five balls corresponding to as many topics of the content program will be drawn.

How many people present themselves to the State Administrative?

Thousands of opponents have appeared today to the tests of access to the General Administrative Body of the State Administration. In total, 98,271 opponents opt for one of the 6,739 places within the Public Administration.

When is Teachers’ Day?

Celebrated annually on October 5 since 1994, World Teachers’ Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the ILO and UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Teachers (1966).

What are the most difficult oppositions?

Discover the list of the most difficult oppositions in Spain

    Treasury inspectors. Another of the oppositions considered as more difficult are those of the Treasury Inspectors. … Property registration. … You would notice. … State Attorney. … Judges and Prosecutors.

Which oppositions are the easiest?

These are the 11 easiest oppositions to APPROVE in 2022

    1.1 1. Administrative assistant of the State.1.2 2. Judicial assistance.1.3 3. Oppositions for caretaker.1.4 4. Opposition for nursing assistants.1.5 5. Opposition for subordinates and orderlies.1.6 6. Oppositions for Correos.1.7 7. Oppositions to the army.1.8 8.

What are the most profitable oppositions?

The best paid oppositions in Spain

    State Attorney. … Tax inspector. … Notaries and Property Registrars. … State controllers and auditors.

How to know which is the best opposition?

10 keys to choosing the ideal oppositions

Look for an opposition according to our academic training. … Check the history. … Monitor the big calls. … Choose an opposition compatible with personal circumstances. … Not being afraid of demanding topics. … Check the number of vacancies/applicants.

How many hours do you have to study for an opposition?

You will have to study at least 4.5 hours a day to pass an exam or oppositions.

What is easier the Police or the Civil Guard?

Although we recognize that the opposition to the National Police is slower, more confused and disorganized and the opposition to the Civil Guard is simpler, faster and cleaner, this should not confuse you.

What oppositions are there in 2022 in Andalusia?

The specialties that will be convened will be:

    Infant Education Andalucía 2022.Primary Education Andalucía 2022.Therapeutic Pedagogy Andalucía 2022.Hearing and Language Andalucía 2022.Primary English Andalucía 2022.Primary Music Andalucía 2022.Primary Physical Education Andalucía 2022.

What oppositions are there in 2022?

Oppositions with test in Spain 2022

    Judges and Prosecutors. 1 opposition. Justice. 8 oppositions. Interior. 3 oppositions. Forces and Security Bodies. 10 oppositions. Treasury. 3 oppositions. General Administration. 11 oppositions. Social Security. 3 oppositions. Universities. 17 oppositions.

When are the child oppositions 2022?

The oppositions to be a teacher of Infant or Primary will begin on June 11, 2022.

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