How many provinces does Ecuador have for each region?

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Administrative organization: 24 provinces and their capitals: Azuay (Cuenca); Bolivar (Guaranda); Canar (Azogues); Carchi (Tulcan); Chimborazo (Riobamba); Cotopaxi (Latacunga; El Oro (Machala); Esmeraldas (Ciudad Esmeraldas); Galapagos (Puerto Baquerizo Moreno); Guayas (Guayaquil); Imbabura (Ibarra); Loja (Loja); Los…

How many provinces do we have in the Costa Sierra Oriente and Galapagos?

Where the Coast Region consists of 7 provinces. The Sierra Region is the one with the largest number of provinces, with 10 provinces in total. The Amazon Region has 6 provinces. Finally, the Insular Region has a single province.

What are the 7 regions of Ecuador?

The historical roots of the 7 national horizontal regions

    Region one or North Region. (Esmeraldas, Carchi, Imbabura and Sucumbios). … Region 2, North Central or Region. Eugene Mirror. … Region 3, Pacific or Eloy Alfaro. … Region 4 or central. … Region 5 or Guayas River Basin. … Region 6 or Center-South. … Region 7 or South Region.

What are the 7 regions proposed by Senplades?

Ibarra will be the headquarters of Region 1; Tena from Region 2; Ambato, from 3; City Alfaro (Montecristi), of the 4; Miracle, from 5; and Loja, from 7.

What regions are there?


    Northwest Region.Northeast Region.Western Region.East Region.North Central Region.South Central Region.Southwest Region.Southeast Region.

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How many provinces are there in the East?

The Ecuadorian Amazon area extends over 120,000 km² (48% of the national territory) and includes the provinces of Sucumbíos, Orellana, Napo, Pastaza, Morona and Zamora.

How many provinces does the Galapagos have?

Galapagos Islands

The Insular region is made up of a single province called Galapagos. The Galapagos Islands, considered as the fourth natural region of Ecuador. The province of Galapagos its capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

How many provinces are there in Costa?

The region is made up of seven of Ecuador’s 24 provinces: Guayas, Manabí, Esmeraldas, El Oro, Los Ríos, Santo Domingo and Santa Elena.

How many inhabitants are there in Galapagos 2021?

According to INEC projections, the population of Galapagos in this year (2018) would amount to 31,600 and in 2020 it would be 33,042 people, 20% and 23% more than the figure of the 2015 census, in that same order. .

What are the provinces of the insular region?

List of Islands of the Insular Region or Galapagos Islands

    Isabela Island.Santa Cruz Island.Fernandina Island.Santiago Island.San Cristóbal Island.Floreana Island.De Marchena.La Española.

What are the 3 cantons of Galapagos?

The political-administrative division of the Archipelago consists of three cantons: San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz and Isabela. The provincial capital of Galapagos is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, cantonal head of San Cristóbal.

What are the provinces and capitals of the Oriente Region?

Provinces and capitals of the East

    Province of Morona-Santiago. Macas is the capital of Morona Santiago. … Napo Province. Tena is the capital of Napo. … Province of Orellana. Francisco de Orellana is the capital of Orellana. … Province of Pastaza. Puyo is the capital of Pastaza. … Province of Sucumbios. … Province of Zamora Chinchipe.

How many provinces does the Amazon have?

The Amazon region is located in the extreme northeast of Peru between the Andean mountain range and the Amazon plain. It covers an area of ​​39,249.13 km2, which represents 3.5% of the national territory. It has 7 provinces and 83 districts, being its capital Chachapoyas.

What are the parts of the East?

Conventionally three parts are distinguished: Near East, Middle East and Far East.

How many districts does the department of Amazonas have?

The department of Amazonas is located in the northeastern region of Peru and is politically constituted by 7 provinces, 84 districts and 3,114 populated centers, whose total census population is 379,384 inhabitants, residing in the rural area 221,824 people and in the urban 157 560.

How many departments does the Amazon have?

It is made up of the departments of Amazonas, Caquetá, Guainía, Guaviare, Putumayo and Vaupés.

What are the provinces and capitals of the Amazon region?

    Capital: Macas. Area: 25,690 km2. Population: 143,348 Inhab. … Capital: Francisco de Orellana. Area: 20,733 km2. Population: 70,009 Inhab. … Capital: Puyo. Area: 29,773.7 Km2. Population: 62,110 Inhab…. Capital: Nueva Loja. Area: 18,327.5 km2 Population: 76,952 Inhab… Capital: Zamora. Surface: 10,556 Km2.

What are the capitals of the Amazon region?

Departments and Capitals of the Amazon Region

    Amazonas: Leticia.Caquetá: Florencia.Guainía: Puerto Inírida.Guaviare: San José del Guaviare.Meta: Villavicencio.Putumayo: Mocoa.Vaupés: MitúVichada: Puerto Carreño.

What is the capital of the Amazon region?

97 m asl Amazonas is one of the thirty-two departments that, together with Bogotá, Capital District, form the Republic of Colombia. Its capital is Leticia.

How many urban and rural parishes does Galapagos have?

Santa Cruz is a canton in the province of Galapagos Santa Cruz is made up of 3 parishes: one urban and two rural parishes.

What is each of the Galapagos Islands called?

Administratively, Galapagos constitutes a province of Ecuador since 1973, made up of three cantons, which in turn are islands, which are San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz and Isabela.

Where is the insular region of Ecuador located?

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean at 972 km. of the continental coast of Ecuador, they are formed by 13 islands, in them there are several volcanic buildings, the main ones are located in two of the islands, which are: Isabela and Fernandina.

How is the climate of the insular region?

Island Region (Galapagos Archipelago)

It is characterized by an arid to very dry climate on the coastal edges and semi-humid to humid as altitude increases. The presence of the Humboldt current lowers temperatures between the months of July to December.

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