How many tons of Hass avocado does Colombia export?

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In 2021 we had a growth of approximately 20% compared to 2020, exporting about 99,000 tons of Hass avocado for a value of US$ 206,593,509. In Colombia there are 4,000 Hass avocado producers. The chain generates more than 16,200 direct jobs in the production areas and more than 48 thousand indirect jobs.

How many tons of avocado does Colombia export?

For the year 2020, the Hass avocado reached foreign sales of more than US$144.0 million, the highest figure in history. According to the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), in 2020, the country exported 87,000 tons of Hass avocado to more than 24 destinations.

How many tons of avocado are exported?

Avocado and the Super Bowl

Only in the first four weeks of 2021, Mexico exported 76,262 tons of avocado to the United States, being the last week of January in which the most avocado was sold (25,629 tons), according to SIAP data.

How many tons of avocado does Colombia export in 2021?

Campaign after campaign they have expanded production and shipments and this 2021 they have projected exports of 13,000 tons, with the challenge of reaching China, Japan and South Korea for the first time. Ximena Gonzalez. Photos: Hass Colombia SAT.

How much hass avocado is exported?

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), in 2020, 67,071 tons and US$144.9 million were exported, which represented an increase of 50% and 41% compared to 2019 (44,570 tons and US$89 million) to the different destinations.

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What is the country that exports the most hass avocado?

Colombia will continue to be the largest exporter of Hass avocado to Europe in 2022.

How is the avocado export?

Avocado exports are handled only in controlled atmosphere (CA) containers. The cargo must be kept in a recommended environment of 5°C, 5% carbon dioxide, 5% oxygen and the rest in nitrogen. This may vary depending on the type of AC and the amount of dry matter in the product.

How many tons of avocado does Colombia export to the United States?

And it is that the Colombian hass avocado already registers astronomical figures. According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), in 2020, 67,071 tons and US$125.9 million were exported, which represented an increase of 50% and 41% compared to 2019 (44,570 tons and US$89 million.

How is the Hass avocado distributed in Colombia?

Corporation of producers and exporters of hass avocado from Colombia – CORPOHASS. International. The departments of Tolima, Antioquia, Caldas, Santander, Bolívar, Cesar, Valle del Cauca, and Quindío, represent 86% of the total area planted with avocado in the country.

How much does a hectare of Hass avocado produce in Colombia?

The cultivation of the Hass variety corresponds to 21% of the total area planted with avocado in the country. productive age and the rest in the development stage, therefore it is expected that the annual production of the fruit will increase gradually. national average of 9 tons per hectare.

How many tons of avocado are exported for the Super Bowl?

According to the data shared by the Association of Producers, Packers and Exporters of Avocado of Mexico, more than 140 thousand tons of green gold will be exported to the American Union, a figure that exceeds 144 thousand million pieces of the fruit known as ‘Palta’ in some South American countries.

How many tons of avocado did Mexico export in 2020?

Through this, the avocado has increased its position in the world, season after season. While in 1999 41,118 tons were exported, during the last season of 2019-2020, 962 thousand tons were exported.

How many tons of avocado were sold for the Super Bowl?

For this February 13, approximately 140 thousand tons will be sent for the sporting event.

What is the avocado that Colombia exports?

In 2020, they closed with more than 10,000 tons of Hass avocado exported. Between January and May 2021, the company is growing more than 60% in its exports, according to Dane figures with analysis by ProColombia.

What companies export avocado in Colombia?

For the hass variety, the 5 main exporting companies were:

    Avofruit SAS: With $13,002,190 dollars (FOB). Green Superfood SAS: With $4,604,002 dollars (FOB). Hass Avocado Producers Association Colombia SAT: With $4,136,281 dollars (FOB). CI FLP Colombia SAS: With $4 ‘021,279 dollars (FOB).

Which country is the largest exporter of avocado 2021?

Mexico is the main producer and exporter of avocado in the world, representing more than 30% of the world harvest. It is produced in 28 states of the Mexican Republic, but Michoacán is the main producer, contributing four fifths of the total national production of this fruit.

Where is the Hass avocado marketed?

This, taking into account that the main destinations of the Colombian hass avocado are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, the United States, Saudi Arabia, France, among others.

How is the Hass avocado transported?

There are several types of packaging for the transport of Hass avocados, whether by land, sea or by air. The alveolus-type packaging is the most used packaging for this type of merchandise since it ensures the protection of the avocado within the entire logistics chain.

Which countries import the most hass avocado?

Likewise, the most relevant destination countries in 2020 were: the Netherlands (40,419 tons), the United Kingdom (8,826), Spain (8,761), the US (3,346) and Belgium with 1,902 tons.

How to export avocado from Colombia?

Reports of fruit for export: phytosanitary certificate signed by the TA, for farms with registration.

Application for shipment authorization (SAE) Acceptance of the SAE. Transfer to the place of shipment or free zone with a transfer form. Entry to the primary customs zone or free zone.

How is the avocado distributed?

Michoacán concentrates 84.9% of the volume of avocado production in Mexico, since it produces more than one million tons. Other entities that have participation are: Jalisco, State of Mexico, Nayarit, Morelos and Guerrero.

How is the packaging of the avocado?

The best option for packaging is to use the cardboard box since it gives us the following results: Hass avocado ripening is 11 days. The percentage of weight loss of avocado hass is lower. The level of firmness and the avocado’s own oil is maintained.

What is the economic importance of avocado?

The avocado is one of the most successful products of the national agri-food export. Mexico is the main supplier of the international market with a contribution of 45.95% of the value of world exports.

Which country exports avocado?

The avocado export volume is 1 million tons and the main export destination is the United States of America with 75%, followed by Europe, Asia and Canada as the main markets.

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