How many types of securities are there and what are they?

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Value Types

    Universal values.Personal values.Family values.Political values.Religious values.Ethical values.Moral values.

What are the 11 types of core values ​​in social life?

    Values.Friendship.Solidarity.Ethical values.Cultural diversity.Honesty.Equity.Moral values.

What are the 15 most important values?

Next, we will show you what the main values ​​of the human being are, briefly explaining what each of them consists of.

    Love friendship. … Kindness. … Trust. … Fraternity. … Honour. … Honesty. … Justice.

What are the 20 most important values?

Recognize those who have helped us or benefited us, even unintentionally.

    Loyalty. It is the development of a sense of responsibility towards the people and groups to which we belong. Mercy. … Optimism. … Patience. … Perseverance. … Prudence. … Puntuality. … Responsibility.

What are the 40 most important values?

List of the 40 most important moral values


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What are the 12 values?

The 12 Core Values

    Hope. Look to the future with desire and reasonable confidence. … Service. Ready to help or support someone. … Responsibility. A particular burden of obligation on the one who is responsible. … Faith. … Honour. … Trust. … Liberty. … Honesty.

What are the 10 most important values?

The 10 most important human values

    Goodness. Kindness is one of the most general human values ​​of our being. … Sincerity. As a virtue, sincerity translates into living and relating without hidden intentions through our actions or words. … Empathy. … Love. … Patience. … Gratitude. … Forgiveness. … Modesty.

What are the social values?

    Values.Love.Justice.Friendship.Solidarity.Ethical values.Cultural diversity.Honesty.

What are the 4 social values?

The 10 most important values ​​in society and their meanings

I respect. Respect is the ability to recognize, appreciate and value others, taking into account that we are all valid. … Love liberty. … Justice. … Tolerance. … Fairness. … Peace. … Honesty.

What is social value?

We understand as social assessment the set of social, economic and cultural aspects, both individual and family environment, and social that determine the degree of health of the patient.

What are 10 values?

In this article on the 10 most important human values ​​(from our point of view) we have analyzed respect, empathy, responsibility, solidarity, will, honesty, compassion, love, forgiveness and gratitude. But there are many more, such as tolerance, humility, sensitivity…

What are the 8 aesthetic values?

Main aesthetic values

    Beauty. It is what is considered aesthetically beautiful, and was the central theme of the philosophical treatises raised by Plato and Aristotle. … Balance. … Harmony. … Tragedy. … Horrible.

What are the most important human values ​​and why?

Among the most important human values ​​we find ethics, respect for others, tolerance, kindness, peace, solidarity, love, justice, responsibility, equity, friendship, freedom or honesty, among others. .

What are values ​​5 examples?

There are various values ​​that are considered ethical according to the perception of each individual. … However, the following can be named as the most important ethical values: justice, freedom, responsibility, honesty and respect.

What is the value of this month?

The value of the month is a strategy that is led by the area of ​​Welfare and Educational Pastoral Care of the Cibercolegio UCN, in order to articulate the values ​​to the curriculum; It is both the opportunity for teachers to link their teaching practices with Catholic identity and the human sense with all …

What is the value of each month?

10 months, 10 values


What is the importance of values ​​in human life?

Human values ​​allow us to recognize ourselves and aspire to be better people. They shape the way we relate our way of thinking to our way of acting, and offer you a means through which to live as you think.

What are the three fundamental values ​​of human rights?

Although its promises have not yet been fully fulfilled, the very fact that it has stood the test of time is proof of the enduring universality of its values ​​of equality, justice and human dignity.”

What are the values ​​of children and their meaning?

Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. At birth, children are neither good nor bad.

What are the 7 aesthetic categories?

    Art and aesthetic categories. Aesthetic categories. Beauty. The sublime. The tragic. The ugly. The grotesque. The comic.

What is aesthetics and examples?

Aesthetics has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used, although they all revolve around the perception of beauty. In everyday contexts, it is used to refer to the physical appearance of a person, thing or space. For example: “Putting the garbage can in the door affects the aesthetics of the facade.”

What is aesthetics and its values?

It is the branch of philosophy that studies the origin of pure feeling and its manifestation, which is art, it can be said that it is the science whose primary objective is the reflection on the problems of art, aesthetics philosophically analyzes the values ​​that in it they are contained.

What are values?

Values ​​are the principles, virtues, or qualities that characterize a person, an action, or an object that are typically considered positive or of great importance to a social group.

What is assessment in Social Work?

Rating scales are a scientific instrument used to identify social situations at a given time. It allows a social diagnosis to be made, which is why they are very useful. … The socio-family relationship scale helps us to detect the social risk of a user.

What is the social value of work?

A form of effective citizen participation can be conceived, simply and simply trying to generate social value through work; this is helping with our professional activities so that as a community we reciprocally achieve a higher level of well-being.

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