How much did the signing of Umtiti cost?

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20 million for Umtiti!

How much does Umtiti earn gross?

Behind them, and after his costly renewal in 2018, is Samuel Umtiti with a gross salary of 20 million euros.

How much does Umtiti have left on his contract?

FC Barcelona and the first team player Samuel Umtiti have reached an agreement to extend his contract until June 30, 2026. The French defender reduces part of the salary he was going to receive in the year and a half he had on his contract .

How much did the signing of Pedri cost?

Pedri, from 7.5 to 1,000 million value.

How much did the signing of Dembele cost?

Dembelé is one of the most expensive players in recent times for Barcelona. His transfer, for a record €135m, positioned him as one of Barcelona’s “star” signings which also included Antoine Griezmann (120m) and Coutinho (135m).

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How much does Barça pay Pedro?

What Barça paid was five million euros, but the figure will increase above the 15-20 that have been discussed so far: “Everyone believes that we sold Pedri for 5 million, but we already have 10 with the clauses and it can reach up to 30 or 35”, said the president of Las Palmas.

How much does Pedri have left on his contract?

Pedri wins the Golden Boy 2021

The Tenerife signed until 2026 and the intention of the club, as Joan Laporta explained, the intention that I developed his entire professional career at FC Barcelona. Pedri had a clause in his first contract with the Barcelona entity for 400 million that has risen to 1,000.

How much did it cost to ask Barcelona?

If all these conditions of the contract were finally fulfilled, Barça would end up paying up to a total of 22 million for the signing of Pedri.

How much was umtiti reduced?

Barcelona has announced the renewal of Samuel Umtiti until June 2026. This contract extension, which the club has handled very discreetly, will allow the registration of Ferran Torres. The French center-back reduces his salary considerably, by 10 percent, and defers his payment in four campaigns.

How much was the umtiti salary reduced?

Samuel Umtiti and Barcelona have extended their contractual relationship until June 2026. The Blaugrana team announced the renewal of the French defender, who has reduced his salary by 10 percent.

How much does gross pique charge?

In this way, the former Real Zaragoza player earns 4,657,768 euros net per season, once the salary reductions carried out at the beginning of the 2021-2022 campaign have been applied.

How much does ANSU Fati cost?

And among the three best valued is Ansu Fati. According to CIES, the Barça talent has a value of 123 million euros in the current market, being the third player with a higher projection.

How much did Trincao cost Barcelona?

It cost 31 million

It must be remembered that his signing at a rate of 31 million euros in January 2020 surprised by the amount and the impact of the player, until then unknown to the general public.

How much is ANSU Fati’s token?

His record, 16 million gross, represents an effort for the club in the delicate economic situation it is going through.

How much does Ansu Fati earn in 2022?

Ansu Fati has a monthly salary of €250K this season.

Who is the one who earns the most in Madrid?

Ronaldo heads the salary list of the Madrid squad with 17 million euros, closely followed by Bale, who earns 11 million. Karim Benzema (8 million), Toni Kroos and James Rodríguez (6 million) also appear on the list.

How much money does Belén Esteban have?

Although Belén Esteban’s fame has decreased in recent years, she occupies third place in the list of best-paid collaborators with a figure of 1,100 euros per program.

How much does Piqué earn per month in 2021?

While the footballer has a payroll of 388,147 euros per month, a first-year resident receives 1,057 euros on average in Spain.

How much does Piqué Twitter charge?

The complete payroll per season would therefore be, according to Piqué himself, at just over 4.6 million net.

How much does Piqué earn every 6 months?

Specifically, the footballer earns 2,328,844.39 euros, which corresponds to half of the salary that the player normally receives. However, the player charges a house for six months, for which he would pocket 4,657,688.78 euros annually.

How much money does Bayern have in 2021?

Bayern Munich – 840.50 million euros.

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