How much does a C1 group official earn?

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Officials in group C1 have a base salary of €804.19 gross per month.

How much does a C1 Administrative Assistant earn?

In the case of a State Administrative, it is a C1 group, that is, a high school diploma or equivalent is required. According to the official salary table of civil servants for 2022 of the Ministry of Finance, the base salary of Group C1 is 10,823.90 euros gross per year in 14 payments (June and December extra).

How much does a group A1 official earn?

Officials in group A1 receive a base salary of €1,238.68 gross per month. Group A2 officials have a base salary of €1,071.06 gross per month.

How much does a C2 Administrative Assistant earn?

In the case of the salaries of administrative assistants in the Madrid City Council, belonging to group C2, they correspond to €19.64 gross per month for three years worked. Per year it is €235.68.

How much does a C2 group official earn?

Officials in group C2 have a base salary of €669.30 gross per month.

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How much does a 2021 State Administrative Assistant make?

The annual salary of an administrative assistant of the General State Administration is 8,031.60 euros per year. A triennium, in this category, has an amount of 240.36 euros per year. Salary and three-year period (when consolidated) are part of the two extra payments.

Which officials are A1?

Subgroup A1

It is required to have a Bachelor’s degree, Engineering, Architecture or equivalent. The officials of group A1 will perform managerial functions of management, inspection, execution, control, study and proposal of an administrative nature at a higher level.

Which officials belong to group A1?

The qualification required is the equivalent of a university degree. They are divided into subgroups: Subgroup A1: among others, Labor and Social Security Inspectors, Police or Judges and Prosecutors. Subgroup A2: Teachers, Finance Technicians…

How much does an Administrative of the Generalitat earn?

In 2020 the salary tables of the Generalitat de Catalunya were published. In them, for Group C personnel (a TREBEP C1, administrative) annual amounts are established (special dedication) ranging from €23,690.68 to €30,398.64 per year.

How much does a caretaker earn in the Valencian Community?

Approximately, the salary of a Caretaker of the Valencian Community in 2021 is around €1,200 – €1,500 gross per month, that is, about €17,000 – €22,000 per year (including extra payments but without taking seniority into account).

How much does an Administrative Assistant make per month?

Administrative Assistant Salary in Spain

The average salary of an Administrative Assistant is €1,460 gross per month (around €17,500 gross per year), less than €6,600 (-27%) compared to the average annual salary in Spain.

How much does a SEPE administrative assistant earn?

The average salary that a Sepe Administrative Assistant receives per month in Spain is approximately €1,095, which coincides with the national average.

How much does a clerk charge per hour?

The average administrative technician salary in Spain is €20,500 per year or €10.51 per hour.

How much does an A1 level 26 official earn?

Base salary: depending on the group to which one belongs. For an A1 group it amounts to 16,392.90 euros/year. Target Complement: Depending on the level. For a level 26, which is the entry level for the ICT body, it amounts to 10,917.62 euros/year.

What is Group A1 and A2?

There are two subgroups within this level, A1, for management, inspection, execution and control functions, and A2, with higher-level administrative functions that are not specific to higher technicians.

How much is charged at Sergas?

The average gross annual salary of a SERGAS TCAE will be around €17,000 gross per year, not including seniority, extraordinary payments or variable supplements.

What A1 oppositions are there?

Oppositions of subgroup A1

    State Lawyer Oppositions. State Civil Administrator Oppositions. Judges and Prosecutors Oppositions. Diplomatic Career Oppositions. State Statisticians Oppositions.

What is an official A2?

Group A2: 1,050.06 euros per month

There are workers with university degrees, and they usually support those of the A1. They can be support staff for section heads or administrative staff. The annual salary is 14,132 euros.

What are the levels of officials?

Levels corresponding to each group:

    Group A. Subgroup A1: Level range between 20 and 30. Subgroup A2: Level range between 16 and 26. Group B: Not applicable. Group C. Subgroup C1: Level range between 11 and 22. Subgroup C2 : Level range between 9 and 18. Group E: Level range between 7 and 14.

What does group C2 mean?

On the other hand, Subgroup C2 are the officials of the Administrative Auxiliary Body, who carry out customer service or administration tasks. To be part of Group C2 you must be in possession of the ESO certificate. Finally we have Group E (officials of the Subordinate Corps).

What are the oppositions of group C2?

Subgroup C2:

It will suffice that you have the title of Graduated in Compulsory Secondary Education, and it covers oppositions such as State Administrative Assistant, Judicial Assistance or Civil Guard.

How much does an administrative A2 earn?

The officials of Group A2, such as, for example, an official of the Management Body of the State Administration, receive a monthly base salary of €1,071.06, to which €38.88 is added for three years.

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