How much does a foot of mahogany wood cost in Honduras?

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San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

“In 1990, a mahogany board foot cost L1. 30, but currently costs between L80 and L90. The board foot of cedar cost L0. 90 and currently costs from L36 to L40”, and the same happens with other types of wood.

How much is a foot of mahogany wood worth in Honduras?

At the local level, the wood is bought at reasonable prices (9.00-12.00 Lempiras/board foot) by the joinery and carpentry industries or workshops; At the national level, mahogany is acquired by numerous secondary transformation companies dedicated to the manufacture of furniture and doors for local use and for export to …

How much is a cubic meter of mahogany wood worth?

mahogany prices

If you want to buy a cubic meter of wood, it will cost you between 3,800 and 4,000 euros.

How to know if it is mahogany wood?

Mahogany Characteristics

Colour: The shades of the wood range from reddish to brown. … Fiber: Straight or slightly crossed. Grain: Fine to Medium. Density: It has an approximate density of 570-600 kg/m³. … Hardness: It is semi-soft, 2.7 according to the Chaláis-Meudon test.

What color is mahogany wood?

The main characteristic of this wood is its color, which ranges from dark red, red wine and, with lighter shades depending on the variety, to pink.

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What is the difference between cedar and mahogany?

Cedar, similar in color to mahogany, has less weight, more resin and a thicker texture. Its color is cinnamon pink. It is used to cover furniture and high-quality coatings.

What is the price of wood in Guatemala?

prices per board foot. Pinocurado Q8, Cypress Q10, Conacaste Q16, Paloblanco Q14, Cedro Q20, Mahogany Q20, Chichipate Q20, Elm Q16, Santamaria Q16, Volante Q16.

How is the fruit of mahogany?

Woody fruits 12 to 18 cm long, oval with 4 to 5 caps, reddish brown to greyish, sometimes on 7 to 15 cm long peduncles. The numerous seeds inside this fruit, 1 cm long, angular and brown, with a 6-7 cm long wing; the seeds are bitter.

Where does mahogany grow?

Quintana Roo is the leading state in mahogany exports nationwide.

What is Caobilla wood?

Caobilla Plywood is a board made of pressed and joined plywood, with Caobilla veneer on both sides of the board. Its main uses are the manufacture of doors and furniture.

How much is a mahogany tree worth?

A large mahogany tree can produce around three cubic meters of wood with a value of approximately 1,700 dollars per cubic meter.

How much is a ton of pine wood worth?

An average quality pine went from being paid at 25 or 30 euros per ton to around 60 euros per ton. The increase is greater the higher the quality of the pine, reaching 75 or 80 euros per ton compared to 50 euros before the summer.

Where do you buy pine seeds in Honduras?

The Forest Seed Bank of the National Forestry School (ESNACIFOR) and two private companies manage the seed market in Honduras. Pine seeds are mainly exported to Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Panama and 30 other tropical and subtropical countries.

How long is a 30 cm board?

Table Of 30 cm X 2.50 m, Piece | Construrama.

How is a wooden board measured?

In the metric system, a square foot of lumber is equal to a square piece with a volume of 30.48 cm on a side by 2.54 cm thick. Its equivalent in the Anglo-Saxon system is 12 inches per side by 1 inch thick. Let us remember that an inch measures 2.54 cm and is symbolized by the sign “.

How long is a wooden beam?

Beam: It is a piece of wood with a rectangular section, in which the width that goes from 20 to 30 cm predominates. and a thickness of 10 to 15 cm. with a variable length of 3.

What is the price per meter of wood?

It is usually charged per m2. Prices range from $45.00 to $60.00 MXN per square meter. Includes: the necessary platforms, poles, bars, etc. The difference in price lies in the quality of the formwork, since the higher the quality, the better the finish.

What is a wooden board?

A table (from the Latin: tabula) is a flat, elongated, rectangular piece of wood, with parallel faces, longer than it is wide and wider than it is tall. The usual thicknesses are 22, 27, 34, 41 and 45 millimeters. When it is thick it is called a plank.

What is the best wood cedar or mahogany?

Cedar is more common and cheaper, although if it is polished in a mahogany color, it is very pleasing to the eye. Cuban mahogany wood has always been highly valued in cabinetmaking and, precisely for this reason, it has practically become extinct.

How to know if it is cedar wood?

Characteristics of Cedar Wood

Colour: The color ranges from light pink to yellow in the sapwood. … Smell: They have characteristic aromas. … Fiber: Straight, sometimes intertwined. Grain: Medium. Density: It is light, weighing between 490-520 kg/m3 at 12% humidity.

What are the hardest woods?

Here are some examples of hardwoods:

    Mahogany: reddish-colored wood, fine grain, resistant. … Oak: hard wood with great bending qualities. … Walnut: extremely hard wood with a chocolate brown colour. … Teak: hardwood highly resistant to humidity, deformation, cracks or the passage of time.

What type of wood is mahogany?

Mahogany is a tropical, dark, rich, reddish-colored, fine-grained hardwood with a natural resistance to woodworms. It is a strong wood that is easy to work with and is a favorite of cabinetmakers.

What are the types of mahogany?


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