How much does an Itaipu employee earn?

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The salaries of the drivers of the state company range between 12 and 25 million, between 2,700 and 5,700 dollars, while the two telephone operators that appear on the list of employees earn 17 million monthly each, that is, about 3,900 dollars. .

How much is the salary in Itaipu Paraguay?

The average salary in Itaipu, on the Brazilian side, corresponding to the university level category is 12,817 reais, about G. 15.3 million at current exchange rates. That same category on the Paraguayan side is between G. 30 million and G.

What is needed to work at Itaipu?

To register, those interested must enter the site The portal requires filling out a form with the basic data, specifying the vacancy for which you are applying, and uploading the required documents.

How much does a civil engineer earn in Itaipu Paraguay?

4,337,986 to Gs. 17,612,769 per month – 2022. A Civil Engineer normally earns a net monthly salary of between Gs. 4,337,986 and Gs.

What do the Itaipu directors do?

The Board of Directors enforces the Itaipu Treaty and its annexes. The powers of the Board of Directors, among others, are to define the fundamental guidelines of the company’s administration and its internal regime; approve the budget for each financial year and examine the annual report.

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Who is the director of Itaipu?

The Paraguayan General Director of ITAIPU, Manuel María Cáceres, and the members of the Board of Directors of the Entity met this Tuesday with the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez, to update him on the negotiations that are taking place in the technical level in order to define the …

How much does an Itaipu retiree earn?

In Itaipu, officials receive a ‘food allowance’ of G. 2,689,090, even higher than the current minimum wage in our country, which is G. 2,289,324.

How much does a civil engineer earn in Paraguay 2021?

Civil Engineering

Salary range: Gs. 5,037,328 to Gs. 17,145,381 per month.

How to make a resume for Itaipu?

Those interested should enter the following link and complete the form. The vacancies offered are for computer technician, systems analyst, electrical engineer, computer engineer, industrial mechanic, systems analyst, among others.

How to enroll in Itaipu?

The online form is found at together with the Guide to Bases and Conditions (GBC) and the Thematic Axes for the basic Spanish Language and Mathematics skills tests that will be taken. next March 12.

How to start working in Yacyretá?

A curriculum vitae must be presented with an inserted passport-type photo (available on the EBY website), two photocopies of the Identity Card, authenticated by a notary public, an original birth certificate, a photocopy of the degree and the academic certificate (also authenticated by a notary public) and the …

How much does an agronomist earn in Itaipu?

2,153,129 to Gs. 10,471,464 per month – 2022. An Agronomist and related normally earns a net monthly salary of between Gs. 2,153,129 and Gs.

How to do your internship at Itaipu?

– Curricular internship

Aimed at University students and Vocational Training Centers that have internships as a curricular requirement. Candidates must have passed the antepenultimate year of the degree in specialties related to the main activity carried out by the Entity.

How to work as a cleaner in Itaipu?

The interested party must fill out a form with their basic data, specify the position for which they are applying and upload the required documents on the site

Why work at Itaipu?

Itaipu is a company concerned about the achievement of its employees. It constantly seeks to offer means to improve the quality of life of employees. An already established initiative is the Reviver program, which has been developing actions to promote health, sports and citizenship since 1994.

How much does a civil engineer earn a fortnight?

The average salary of a civil engineer is 14,848 pesos per month. 25 percent of civil engineers reach salaries above 18,590 pesos per month. While 25 percent receive a salary below 8,501 pesos per month.

What is the salary of a civil engineer?

The average civil engineer salary in Spain is €32,500 per year or €16.67 per hour. Entry-level positions start at an income of €21,000 a year, while more experienced professionals earn up to €38,500 a year.

Where to do internships in Paraguay 2022?

Competitions and Internships

    Internship Directorate of Economic Studies 2022.Internship Directorate of Monitoring 2021/2022.Internship Directorate of Registration and Control 2021/2022.Internship Directorate of Information Technology 2021/2022.Internship Directorate of Economic Studies 2021/2022.Internship Administrative Directorate 2021/ 2022.

Where to intern?


    Headquarters – Right Bank (Paraguay) – Asunción, De la Residenta No. 1075 c/ Washington +595 21 222 277.- Ayolas, department of Misiones Avda.- Encarnación, department of Itapúa Avda.- Sub Headquarters Pilar, Tacuarí between Antequera and Knight Captain.

How to do internships?

Meet the requirements established in the internship program. Submit resume of your business tutor. Acquire the intern’s guide to prepare the written report. Submit the ringed final report, present the oral presentation of the same according to the requirements of the internship coordination.

How much does an agricultural engineer earn per month?

The average salary for an agricultural engineer in Mexico is $11,161 per month.

How much is the minimum salary for an agricultural engineer?

Salary level. An agricultural engineer with little experience can earn an average salary between 2,000 and 3,800 soles per month, according to figures from INDEED, an employment website.

How does Yacyreta work?

Yacyretá is a hydroelectric plant built between Argentina and Paraguay in the upper course of the Paraná River, which takes advantage of its flow to transform the potential energy of stored water into electrical energy.

What type of company is Yacyreta?

Description: Entidad Binacional Yacyretá (EBY) is a binational joint venture that operates the Yacyretá hydroelectric dam on the border of Argentina and Paraguay. The power plant has a total installed capacity of 3,200MW and provides power to both countries.

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