How much does it cost to become a saint in Cuba 2019?

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The ceremony, which lasts five days, has a cost that rises depending on the saint. The most expensive are Babalú Ayé and Ochosi, which range between 15,000 and 17,000 CUC,” explains Norberto.

How much does it cost to make a saint in Cuba?

A ‘saint’ can cost between 10,000 and 15,000 pesos ($420-650) depending on the type of ‘saint’ and the appreciation or ambition of his ‘godfather’.

How much does it cost to crown a saint?

Crowning the saint: “A santero or a santera gives you the ékeles or necklaces [valen desde 1.500 hasta 2.000] with the colors that correspond to you.

What does it take to become a saint?

What is needed to crown Shango’s saint?

Large sink pans. … Shangó is a warrior Osha, who is considered the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas of his pantheon, also known for being the one of justice, dance, virile strength, lightning, thunder and the fire. … Resume.

How is a saint made in Santeria?

The initiate is considered to be a child and everything is done to him, even his head is shaved as a symbol of rebirth and coronation. On the first day Oloddumare is informed that a new head is presented to be consecrated. The second, a great ceremony is held where the secret foundations of the santero are presented.

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How to know my saint in Santeria?

Know which one is yours.

Oggun – March 22 to April 20. … Oko – April 21 to May 21. … Elegua – May 22 to June 21. … Oshun – June 22 to July 23. … Shangó – July 24 to August 23. … Yemaya – August 24 to September 23. … Obbatalá – September 24 to October 23.

What is the most powerful saint of the santeros?

After Obatalá, considered the father of all the orishas and of humanity, who in Santeria syncretizes with the Virgen de las Mercedes, Changó (Santa Bárbara) is the most powerful and most revered of the religion of Yoruba origin, known in Cuba as Rule of Ocha or santeria.

What is needed to make a holy Oshun?

To crown this Osha, he must have received the warrior Orishas before. Then during the coronation the following Oshas and Orishas must be received: Elegguá, Obbatalá, Yemayá, Shangó, Aggayú, Oyá and Oshún.

How much does it cost to receive warriors in Mexico?

the cost depends on the seriousness and complexity of the matter, as well as the size of the house. It ranges from 800 to 2 thousand pesos.

What are the 7 saints of Santeria?

older orishas

    Inle (San Rafael or San Roque) Iroko (the Immaculate Conception) Naná Burukú (Santa Ana) Obba. Oduduwá (San Norberto) Olokun. Orisha oko (San Isidro Labrador)

How to start in the Yoruba religion?

“The first step to enter the religion was a ‘break of life’ and delivery of necklaces (five), which represent the same number of orishas or deities of the Yoruba religion, known as Elegba, Oshún, Obbatala, Yemaya and Shangó .

What does it mean when they give you an Elegua?

Eleguá, also named as Liguá, Liwaa, Leguá and others, is the owner of the roads and destiny, he is the one who opens or closes the path of life, prosperity, happiness, luck or misfortune and can even determine the influences of others. egguns; he is very mischievous and his name means “the messenger prince”.

What are the 4 warriors in Santeria?



What should not be eaten in Santeria?

“All santeros are forbidden pumpkin and coconut, because they symbolize one, money, and the other was used as a saint, the coconut was venerated as a saint and eating it is equivalent to eating the saint,” he explains.

Who are the warriors of Santeria?

The warrior Orishas or Orisha Oddé are the orishas that any initiate in the Yoruba Religion must first receive. These can only be delivered by the highest ranking Priests, called Oluwos or Babalawos.

What is Oshun’s favorite fruit?

Oshun looks inside the basket where hundreds of treasures are piled up: sweet oranges, juicy plums, mangoes with a penetrating aroma, a huge pineapple and a bunch of ripe bananas.

How is Oshun in love?

Oshun is a Yoruba deity, one of the hybrid religions of the Caribbean with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, matron of Cuba. The prayer to Oshun is used to seek and strengthen love. Prayers are raised to her to invoke luck in family life and the blessings of children.

Where should the Osun be placed?

Deity who acts as Olofi’s messenger, is the custodian and watchman of the believers of this religion, lives high and if he falls he announces that death is close to the person.

What is the name of the god of the santeros?

Olodumare or Olorun (literally, “omnipotent” in Yoruba) is the main and creator deity, of whom the rest of the pantheon is an emissary. Santeria and Candomblé of Afro-American immigrants derive from the Yoruba religion, with which she bears great similarities.

What is the name of the god in Santeria?

In Santería there is the belief in a single God creator of everything in the Universe, OLODUMARE, who has the divine power, Aché, of which everything is made. Nature is governed by the diverse and varied spirits, the orishas, ​​who are invoked during ceremonies and rituals.

What is Santeria is it good or bad?

Of Cuban origin, Santeria in Mexico is a religious practice that has been stigmatized by the bad image that has prevailed in the public imagination, linked to Satanism and crime.

What saint is Orula?

Orunmila (Ọ̀rúnmìlà or Ọrúnla in Yoruba), also known as “Orula (in the syncretism of Santeria)”, is the divinity of divination and wisdom. He is the witness of God (Olodumare) when he devised and built the universe.

How do you ask Elegua for a favor?

I (Your full name) beg you Elegua, to watch over my house, my family, my work and myself. You, eternal messenger of good fortune, bring to my life the fortune that the Orishas have reserved for me.

What is the color of Elegua?

– Red and black beads – Eleggua. God of the Roads (Holy Child of Atocha / Divine Child Jesus). – White beads – Obatalá (the Almighty). – White and blue beads – Yemayá.

How are the children of Elegua?

Daughters of Eleggua

These daughters are highly skilled, intelligent and tricky. They tend to be dispersed leaving their projects halfway.

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