How much does it cost to feed one person per month?

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All these data translate into a monthly food expenditure of 70% of Spaniards that ranges between 150 and 450 euros.

How much is spent on food per month?

The average expenditure for food for a family of four living in an urban area is 3,750 pesos per month. This represents 21% of the total income received by a family per month on average.

How much does it cost to have a child per month?

On average, a child entails an expense of 1,183 euros per month during the first three years, which represents 80.78% of the average net monthly salary of a worker in Spain. The updates made by have been assessed by Ceaccu as “correct and pertinent”.

How much does a person spend per month in Spain?

To live in Spain with a basic or intermediate level, approximately 1,500 euros per month are needed. This amount is estimated for a single person and includes food, housing, basic services (electricity, telephone, water, gas), transportation, clothing and entertainment. Figures are approximate and may vary annually.

How much does a family spend on food per week?

The weekly expense will be around 3,200 pesos, when considering a food basket made up of meat, vegetables, snacks, ham, cheese, chicken, fruit, soft drinks, snacks, milk, fish, to name a few. In addition, the consumption of water, electricity and gas will increase by 50% by spending more time at home, according to ANPEC.

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How much does a family spend on food per month?

Households in Chile spend $60,080 per month on food and beverages prepared ready for consumption. It corresponds to 5.4% of the average monthly expenditure of households in the main cities of the country, according to the figures published in 2018 by the VIII Survey of Family Budgets, of the INE.

How much does a family of 4 people spend per month on food in 2021?

The family is made up of approximately four people, Dad, Mom, and two children. They live in a nice place, and the average monthly expenses for food and services is approximately 100,000. oo Argentine pesos. In food the approximate average expense is about 55,000.

How many euros per day in Spain 2021?

Spain. To travel to Spain it is necessary to have 96.5 euros per day of stay, with a minimum of 868.5 euros in case the trip is not more than 9 days (valid from September 2021).

How much money does an average person have in Spain?

How much money does an average person have in Spain

According to Credit Suisse, in Spain the average wealth per capita was US$ 95,360 (about 78,000 EUR) while the median is 207,531 (about 170,00 EUR) in 2019.

How much does it cost to have a child in 2021?

In Argentina, the approximate cost of the baby’s first year can be at least 16,760 pesos, taking into account that most of this outlay must be made before the baby’s arrival or during the first month because initially it needs to have many products that are immediate need.

How much money do you have to save to have a child?

You must have at least enough money saved to buy the initial one-time-purchase essentials that the baby needs (1,500 EUR) and consumables for 6 months (1,200 EUR), such as diapers, formula (if needed) etc. and first of all the medical insurance paid for 1 year.

How much money does it take to have a baby?

Well, the baby’s first year of life means a large outlay for its parents: around 7,000 and 12,000 euros, at least, according to surveys. “Since he is the first grandson, many are gifts. And if you have more children, in clothes, chairs, bikes, etc. is amortized.

How much is spent on food per week?

If you choose to cook at home, the cheapest places where you can do your shopping are Supermarkets Vea, Día and Supermarkets Vital. Assuming you cook at home and eat out three or four times a month, your food costs will be somewhere between $70 and $110.

How much does a family of 4 people spend a month on food in Colombia?

On average, a basic food basket that includes: meat, milk, rice, pasta, potatoes, lettuce, tomato and fruit costs between 290,000 and 330,000 pesos per month, for 4 people, in Colombia.

How much money should a tourist have to enter Spain?

When traveling abroad or returning to Spain there is no limit to the amount of money that can be carried in cash, but you must declare if you are carrying 10,000 euros or more in cash (or its value in another currency).

How much money can you carry in Spain 2021?

The limit of money that can be carried in cash within Spain is set at 100,000 euros. In the event that you want to move this amount or a higher amount throughout the national territory, it will be necessary to declare this procedure.

How many euros per day do you need to eat in Europe?

How many euros are spent per day in Europe? You need approximately €220 per day to enjoy a comfortable stay when walking through any of these beautiful cities, the amount of which is only for three meals a day, public transport, visiting a tourist center and lodging per night.

How much does a family of four spend?

In Mexico, a family needs 19,000 pesos to live with dignity. According to the civil organization “México Digno”, in order for the needs of a family of four to be covered, they must have this monthly income.

How much does a family spend per day on food?

Inflation gives no respite to the pocket of Argentines. The cost of the daily menu for a family of four was between 1,000 and 1,104 pesos in November, depending on the meals prepared. A month ago, the cost for identical menus ranged between 974 pesos and 1,100 pesos.

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