How much has aluminum price risen?

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International aluminum price evolution:

Aluminum price evolution in 2020 = +11.69%. Aluminum price evolution in 2021 = + 41.85%. Aluminum price evolution in 2022 = + 23.36%. Aluminum price evolution at 1 year = + 56.51%.

Why is aluminum going up?

The reasons behind this increase are various, from greater demand thanks to its application in different electronic devices to a reduction in production due to the Winter Olympics held in Beijing.

How much is 1 kg of aluminum worth in euros?

The price of recycled aluminum ranges from €0.7 per kilo for small parts such as soft drink cans to €1.8 per kilo for aluminum radiators.

What price is aluminum?

Most recent value (Thursday 03/17/2022): $3,287.75/MT. Price converted to euros, with the exchange rate on 03/18/2022, is €2.99/KG of aluminium. Previous value (Wednesday 03/16/2022): $3,305.5/MT.

How much does a kilo of aluminum cans cost in 2021?

In Mexico aluminum is paid between $10 and $20 pesos per kilo, it also depends on who buys it from you, and many cans are also required: one kilo is approximately 30 cans.

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How much has aluminum gone up in 2021?

In 2021 the price of the metal rebounded almost 40% and so far this year it has risen another 15%.

How much do they pay per kilo of aluminum cans in Spain?

To give you an idea, 80 empty cans is approximately one kilo, and a crushed can weighs 12 grams. That is, approximately, for a kilo of cans, they can give you €1 for scrap. You can collect 320 cans in an hour, that would be the equivalent of earning €3 in 60 minutes.

When will aluminum stop rising?

According to Moody’s, aluminum prices will continue to rise until at least mid-2022.

What is the price of old iron?

Consequently, a kilo of copper considered as “old iron” reaches prices ranging from 145 to 160 pesos, with which old cable or pipe, among other derivatives, are well priced in junkyards or trucks that travel through the colonies of the main colonies. of the country in search of scrap metals.

How many aluminum cans is a kilo?

A kilo of aluminum is equivalent to 65 cans, which are paid according to the value of the commodity in international markets, currently between 18 and 15 pesos.

How much do they pay you per kilo of iron?

All of this will be taken in a truck to the foundries, which establish the price at which a kilo of old iron is purchased. This can range from 70 cents to 3.50 pesos, while the kilo of aluminum is around 2.50 pesos and the one of copper reaches 60 pesos.

How is aluminum sold?

Aluminum is sold in two forms, in liquid state in special thermos or in its solid state in the form of ingots, sows, T-Bar, cone, shot, etc.

How much do they pay per pound of aluminum in the USA?

Aluminum is the most common because they pay 25 cents a pound, but for copper, pipe and wire they pay $1.25 a pound.

How many beverage cans are a kilo?

According to some studies, each Chilean throws away around 13 kilos of cans in a year, one kilo of cans is equivalent to 65 cans.

What is the weight of an aluminum can?

As a result of this tenacity, a can today weighs 13.6 g, five less than what it weighed in the sixties, when they began to be manufactured. The standard American aluminum can, hard and light, holds 340 g of liquid and is approximately the same diameter and height as the traditional glass.

How much do they pay a kilo of scrap 2020?

Aluminum, not in a can, is paid at 22 pesos per kilo, bronze at 101 pesos, but scrap is paid at 83 pesos, nickel (generally in old currency) is now paid at 80 pesos per kilogram. Even the ballasts have a price: 1.40 pesos per kilo.

How much is a kilo of plastic caps worth in Mexico 2021?

The kilo of classified caps varies from $5 to $12 and covers about 400 caps.

How much do they pay for a kilo of premium copper?

FIRST AND SECOND COPPER. copper per kilo – In addition to aluminum cans, copper is one of the most used materials and is paid from 60 to 70 pesos per kilo; there are junkyards that can buy it for up to 90 pesos or more, depending on its quality.

When does the price of steel drop?

The construction sector expects that by 2022 the price of steel will decrease and stabilize at the levels it had before, since this year this material suffered an increase of around 40 percent in its price.

How profitable is the scrap business?

Buying scrap is a business then? Sure! And very lucrative. In Mexico, the potential value of the recycling business is 3 billion dollars.

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