How much is paid for 15 hours per week?

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Salary tables for domestic workers

For example, in the case of people with a contract of 15 hours per week, they must receive a salary of 452.40 euros per month. A figure that amounts to 603.2 euros in the case of 20-hour weekly days or 904.8 euros for 30-hour days.

How much does a domestic worker 2021 earn per hour?

In the case of salaries for domestic staff in the fifth category, who perform general cleaning tasks, they are as follows: The value per hour (with withdrawal) reaches $256 and $275.50 (without withdrawal). The monthly salary (with retirement) amounts to $31,416.50 and $34,935 (without retirement).

How much does a 2022 housekeeper earn?

The salary of a domestic worker per hour is from January 2022 retroactively at 7.82 euros. Likewise, with the new increase in the SMI proposed for 2022, the hourly price of a domestic worker increases, going from 7.49 euros per hour last year to 7.82 euros per hour in 2022.

What is the base salary of a domestic worker?


-12 Payments: Payroll of 1,125.83 euros x 12 payments + 30 days of vacation. Annual Salary: 13,510.00 euros (THE SMI 2021 = Minimum Interprofessional Salary 2021 = 965.00 euros x 14 payments). Corresponding to 40h/week.

How much is black cleaning hour paid 2021?

Hour with withdrawal: $292. Hour without withdrawal: $320.50. Monthly with withdrawal: $35,806.5. Monthly without withdrawal: $39,859.

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How much is the cleaning hour being paid?

For the domestic staff of the fourth category, the values ​​increase as follows: The cost per hour (with withdrawal) reaches $275.50 and reaches $308 for the staff with “bed inside”. The minimum salary per month is $34,935 (with withdrawal) and $38,931.50 (without withdrawal).

What is the minimum wage for 8 hours of work?

October 2021

As of January 2021, the Mexican minimum wage increased by 15% overall, that is, it went from 123.22 pesos (2020 minimum wage) to 141.70.

How much is the minimum wage for 4 hours?

Minimum Salary in Argentina

April 1, 2021: $23,544.

How much does it cost to register a worker for 4 hours?

23.70% for common contingencies: 260.70 euros. 1.50% for professional contingencies: 16.50 euros. 0.60% for training: 6.60 euros. 0.20% FOGASA: 2.2 euros.

How much is Social Security paid for a full-time worker?

Now, the social insurance paid by the company is: 23.70% for common contingencies: 51.07 euros. 1.50% for professional contingencies: 16.62 euros. 0.60% for training: 1.10 euros.

How much unemployment is charged for half a day?

The right to subsidy

Taking into account that the IPREM has increased in 2021 to 564.9 euros and the amount of the subsidy is 80%, 451.92 euros will be received. Therefore, if you have worked part-time, you will be entitled to 50% of the subsidy. This is €225.96 euros.

How many hours do you work for the minimum wage?

Companies generally divide these hours into 8 days, so that you work 8 hours for 6 days a week.

How is the value of the hour of work calculated?

To determine the value of overtime for a worker with a 45-hour week, the employee’s salary must be divided by thirty and the result multiplied by 28, and the product of such an operation must be divided by 180, the result being the value of the ordinary hour.

How much is the payment per hour of work in Mexico?

The average working wage in Mexico is $72,000 a year or $36.92 an hour.

How much do you earn in Spain per day?

According to Royal Decree 231/2020, the minimum salary in 2021 in Spain is €950 per month or approximately €32 per day, working full time.

How much does a person earn daily in Spain?

The average salary in Spain in 2020 was €26,934 per year, that is, €2,245 per month, if we do the calculation assuming 12 annual payments.

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