How much is read in Latin America?

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The reading rate in Mexico is 2.9 books per year, which represents 20%. Spain continues to lead the Spanish-speaking countries with 10.3 books read per year, that is, 61%. Argentina and Chile are the most advanced in reading in South America with 5.4 and 4.5 books per year, respectively.

What is the country that reads the most in Latin America?

The book sales platform Buscalibre revealed its most recent reading ranking for Latin America. According to company data, Argentina and Chile are the countries in the region that read the most, with 5 books per person on average per year. They are followed by Mexico (3.4), Colombia (2.7) and Peru (1.2).

What is the country that reads the most in the world?

Another recently published study states that the country that reads the most is Finland, with an average of 47 books read per year by its inhabitants, followed by Iceland, who reads 40.

What is the country that reads the least?

1. – Korea. The index is not explicit if it refers to South Korea or North Korea but it has registered this nation with 3.1 hours of reading per week.

What are the 5 countries that read the most in the Inegi world?

The Top 20 countries that read the most

    – India. 10.7 hours. … – Thailand. 9.4 hours. … – China. 8 hours. … – Philippines. 7.6 hours. … – Egypt. 7.5 hours. … – Czech Republic. 7.4 hours. … – Russia. 7.1 hours. … – Sweden. 6.9 hours.

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How much do Mexicans read Inegi?

In Mexico there are fewer and fewer readers. A survey by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) published this Wednesday shows that 71.6% of the adult population that knows how to read and write has read a book, magazine, newspaper or website.

What place does Mexico occupy in reading worldwide 2021?

According to the OECD and UNESCO, Mexico ranks 107th out of 108 countries with reading habits, in addition to the fact that in Canada the average number of books read per person is 17.5, while in our country only 2.9 books are read per year . Alarming truth!

What is the country that read the least in Latin America?

For their part, some Latin American countries also have low reading rates, such as: Brazil, with 14.8%, and Colombia, with 37%.

How much is read in Mexico?

The average number of books read by the adult reader population in the last 12 months was 3.7 copies, a figure not reached since 2017. Women declared having read more copies than men (3.9 and 3.5 respectively).

How much is read in the United States?

Americans read an average of 12 books per year (median), while the typical American read an average of 4 books in the past 12 months (median).

How much do Japanese read?

Mexicans read 4 books a year, while the Japanese read 48.

What is the country that loves books?

Finland, the country that loves books.

What are the countries where you read the most?

The first place is occupied by India with 10 hours and 42 minutes, followed by Thailand and China (9.4 hours and 8 hours per week, respectively). The last position is occupied by Korea with only 3:06 h. weekly reading per person.

What place does Mexico occupy in reading comprehension?

Mexico ranks last among the 34 OECD countries in reading comprehension and 45th among all participating economies.

Which country reads the least books?

MEXICO CITY. – A study conducted by the NOP World Culture Score Index collected responses from 30,000 people in 30 countries around the world about the number of hours spent reading.

How much is read in Mexico 2020?

According to the results of the Reading Module (Molec) 2020, prepared by Inegi, in Mexico, an average of 3.4 books per year are read per person. By sex, men read 3.7 and women read 3.2 copies annually.

How many people read in Mexico 2020?

Module on Reading 2020. Of the literate population aged 18 and over, four out of ten people declared that they had read at least one book in the last twelve months. Source: INEGI.

How many books does a Mexican read in 2021?

At the national level, each Mexican reads an average of 3.4 books per year and it is men who stand out the most in this good habit, since they read 3.7 copies, while women read 3.2 per year, according to the results of the 2020 Reading Module.

Why don’t Ecuadorians read?

26.5% of Ecuadorians do not spend time reading, of which 56.8% do not do so due to lack of interest and 31.7% due to lack of time, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC).

How much is read in Chile?

“Globally, 59% say they read at least once a week versus 40% of the Chilean population,” the results indicate. And more specifically, it was found that 22% of Chileans say they read books every day or most days, while 4% say they never do or rarely.

Why don’t Mexicans read?

The first reason, said by 43.9% of Mexicans, is that they do not read due to lack of time. The second, mentioned by 25.4% of the people consulted, is due to a lack of interest, motivation or pleasure in reading. 16.5% of those consulted by the Inegi said that they preferred to carry out other types of activities.

What do Mexicans read the most?

Readers in Mexico read mostly literature, that is, stories and novels, with 44 percent; 33 percent read theoretical or specific texts of some profession; while nearly 30 percent read self-help books.

What do men and women in Mexico read the most?

Women in Mexico read more books than men, since the Inegi calculates that 43.8 percent of the female population has this habit, while men constitute just 38.1%.

Where do you read more in Europe?

On the occasion of World Book Day, the European Statistical Office published last year a survey on reading habits in Europe. Spain is among the European Union countries that spend the most time reading. Olé!

How much is read in Spain?

HOW MANY PEOPLE READ IN SPAIN? 68.8% of the Spanish population (aged 14 or over) read books, both on paper and digitally). Of these, the majority, 64.0%, read books in their free time while 23.1% do so for work or study.

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