How much is the basic basket June 2021?

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For an adult, the CBT was $21,517. The increase in the CBA exceeded by 0.4 percentage points the increase in retail prices, which was 3.2%. Meanwhile, the CBT remained at the same level as June’s inflation.

How much is the basic basket 2021?

Meanwhile, the cost of the total basic basket (CBT) marked an advance of 40.5% during 2021, with which the same family group needed to receive $76,146.13 to be able to pay for food and basic services and not fall below the line of poverty.

How much is the basic basket in Argentina August 2021?

The Indec released the figures of the Basic Basket, which is needed to avoid falling into poverty, which had an increase of 50.3% in one year. A family of four needed $68,359.02 to break the poverty line in August 2021.

How much is the value of the basic food basket in Nicaragua?

The basic basket exceeded the figure of 15,500 córdobas (about 450 dollars), from 14,500 córdobas (about 420 dollars) registered in December 2020, that is, 30 dollars more.

What is the amount of the basic basket?

The basic food basket in September 2021. The basic food basket, determined by the normative kilocalorie and protein requirements essential for an adult male to cover these needs for a month, had a year-on-year variation of 54.5% and stood at $9,713.

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How much does the basic food basket cost in Uruguay?

In June 2021, the total value of the total basic basket for a family of two adults and two children was 66,488 pesos. The figure is 51.8% more expensive than in June 2020.

How much does the basic family basket cost in Chile?

extreme in August 2021

Last August, the basic food basket reached a monthly value of $48,260 per person, the equivalent poverty line per person a value of $178,958 and the equivalent extreme poverty line per person a value of $119,305 (Table 1).

How many people does the basic basket cover?

Characteristics of the Normative Food Basket (CAN)

– Refers to a typical household of 5.2 people – Covers all (100%) of the average daily per capita energy and nutrient requirement of the Venezuelan population. – They provide an average of 2,200 calories per day per person.

How much is the minimum wage in Nicaragua 2020?

– The Government, a representation of the employers and the Sandinista unions of Nicaragua agreed this Thursday to set the average minimum wage at 6,518.24 córdobas (186.6 dollars) as of March 1, 3% more than the current one.

What is the average salary in Nicaragua?

The official currency in this country is the Nicaraguan córdoba; one US dollar is equivalent today to 29.90 cordobas. It is also important to know that the average salary of Nicaraguan workers is 415 dollars (less taxes).

How much is needed to not be poor in Argentina September 2021?

Compared to October 2020, the CBA grew 49.3% and the CBT climbed 45%. A year ago, a family needed $49,912 to avoid being poor and $20,710 to avoid being destitute. Likewise, in the accumulated of 2021 the CBA and the CBT registered an increase of 49.3% and 33.5%, respectively.

What does the Total Argentina basic basket include?

What are these baskets?

The basket, among other things, includes (in different quantities) meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, milk, noodles, rice, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, among others. The integration of this basket received criticism from researchers.

How much is the basic basket 2022?

Finally, in January 2022, the cost of the Basic Family Basket (CFB) was USD 724.39, while the monthly family income of a typical household was USD 793.33, which represents 109.52% of the cost of the CFB.

How much does the family basket cost in Venezuela 2021?

Regarding the Basic Family Basket in Venezuela, Cendas pointed out that it was located in October in the order of 750 and 800 dollars. The basic family basket for 5 people reached the cost of Us $343.75 in October.

How many products make up the basic basket?

What does it consist of? Sale of the 40 products of the basic basket made up of food, cleaning and personal hygiene items and complementary goods at preferential prices.

What items make up the basic basket?

This basket is made up of 8 products – bread, milk, eggs, rice, cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables – which are compared to the country’s minimum wage.

How much does an average family spend in Chile 2021?

These common expenses have an average cost of about $50,000 Chilean pesos, which in dollars would be about 70 dollars a month. And to this, we must add the expenses that involve the services of the department, such as electricity, gas, water, Internet, among others.

What are the products of the basic basket in Chile?

Foods considered in the basic food basket:

    Bread and cereals (regular bread, sweet cookies, first grade 2 rice, raw flour, noodles) Meats (post, ground beef, beef casserole, whole slaughtered chicken, chopped chicken). Fish (fish, canned horse mackerel)

How much is the minimum salary in Uruguay 2021?

2. Minimum wage in the sector. It is set at $23,144 for 44 hours of work per week. The hourly minimum is $121.76 (calculation procedure: $23,144 ÷ 4.32 weeks in the month ÷ 44 hours per week).

How much money is needed to live in Uruguay?

It is necessary to earn over USD 3,000 per month to have a comfortable life that will increase in comfort and quality proportionally to income. Hello, a family of 4 people can live comfortably in Uruguay with approx. $3,500 per month and a single Person with approx. $1,700 per month.

How much is spent on food per month?

Assuming you cook at home and eat out three or four times a month, your food costs will be somewhere between $70 and $110.

How is the basic family basket in Ecuador calculated?

The basic family basket includes 75 essential goods and services to meet the basic needs of a typical household which, according to the INEC measurement, is made up of four members, of which 1.6 people earn the basic salary, which is USD 400 .

What is the total basic basket?

What is the total basic basket and how is it obtained? The total basic basket (CBT) expands the basic food basket (CBA) by considering non-food goods and services such as clothing, transportation, education, health, housing, etc.

What is the salary to not be poor Argentina 2021?

Basic basket of the City

Regarding the poverty and indigence lines, without counting the rent, the same typical family needed more than $34,580 per month to not be indigent and more than $64,994 to not be poor, according to the same data from the City Statistics and Census Directorate .

What is the salary to not be poor in Argentina?

– Vulnerable non-poor: households whose total monthly income is at least the CBT and does not reach the Total Basket (CT) of the Consumption Basket System. They earn between $79,988.05 and $99,400.20 per month.

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