How old are the members of Mocedades?

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Idoia Uranga (1978, 1982, 2020-act.) Izaskun Uranga (1969-act.) Belén Esteve (2022-act.) Javier Garay (1971-act.)

Who died of Mocedades?

The singer Ana Bejerano, soloist of the Mocedades group, has died this Saturday at the Urdúliz Hospital (Vizcaya), at the age of 60, according to her environment in a press release. “The artist herself has not overcome a serious problem in the digestive system for which she was admitted on December 11.

Where do Sergio and Estíbaliz live?

Shortly after, in March 1975, they were the representatives of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song ‘You will return’ by Juan Carlos Calderón with which they came in tenth place. Months later, on December 9, the couple married in Bilbao.

What happened to Amaya de Mocedades?

Amaya decided to leave Mocedades in 1984 and embarked on a solo career. Her substitute in the group was Ana Bejarano. Amaya was successful as a soloist, but her fate led her to reunite with her peers from Mocedades and thus the Consorcio was born, a group that revived the musical memory of the 1950s and 1960s.

What illness does Amaya de Mocedades have?

“The artist has not overcome a serious problem in the digestive system for which she was admitted on December 11 (at the Urdúliz Hospital, in Vizcaya). Her funeral is scheduled for Monday, January 10 at 7:00 p.m. in the Church of Santa Ana, in her hometown of Las Arenas de Getxo, ”said a statement.

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How many children does Amaya have?

Amaya shared a beautiful photo on her social networks showing how her two children have grown.

Who is Ana Vejarano?

Bejarano, who was a singer in the band Mocedades, lost a health battle related to ailments in the digestive system for which she had been hospitalized last Saturday, December 11, 2021.

What has become of Sergio and Estíbaliz?

The Bilbao singer Sergio Blanco, a member with his wife Estíbaliz Uranga of the famous musical duo Sergio y Estíbaliz, has died this Sunday at the San Camilo de Tres Cantos hospital (Madrid) as a result of a serious illness that had him retired for two years of the scenarios.

Who is the new singer of Mocedades?

Idoia Uranga (1978, 1982, 2020-act.) Izaskun Uranga (1969-act.) Belén Esteve (2022-act.)

How many children do Sergio and Estíbaliz have?

Over time they had two daughters, Allende and María, fulfilling the desires they always expressed to form their family. The little girl is also the leader and singer of the independent group Mäbu, with which she follows in the footsteps of her parents.

What happened to the daughter of Sergio and Estíbaliz?

María Blanco Uranga, the daughter of Sergio and Estíbaliz, has always lived in Madrid and there she leads a group, a trio, called Mäbu and which also stands on the shoulders and talent of her partner in many ways Txarlie Solano, ex PiLT, another Basque emigrated to the capital.

What’s wrong with Izaskun Uranga?

On Sunday night during the presentation of Mocedades, Izaskun Uranga, singer of the group, suffered a decompensation on the stage of the Festival del Huaso de Olmué 2020. Already at the end of the show, and before going to the commercial break, the Spanish woman fainted and fell down.

Who replaced Amaya in Mocedades?

Ana Bejerano joined Mocedades as soloist in 1984, at just 24 years old, replacing the legendary Amaya, who in 1983 announced her voluntary retirement.

When did Sergio and Estíbaliz get married?

Sergio Blanco was born in Bilbao in 1948 and in 1968 he joined Mocedades. In 1972 he formed the duo Sergio y Estíbaliz together with another member of Mocedades Estíbaliz Uranga, whom he married in 1975.

What is the Mocedades group called now?

In 1993, after leaving the group Mocedades, the singers Sergio y Estíbaliz, Amaya and Iñaki Uranga and Carlos Zubiaga decided to set up a new project: El Consorcio, a group that has been active for 27 years and has no plans to retire.

How many brothers are the Uranga family?

It is necessary to stop to give some information about a family, the Uranga, of nine brothers, of whom six have passed through different stages of the group.

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