How old is Alex Gutierrez?

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Àlex Gutiérrez i Margarit is a Spanish journalist. He has worked at Diario Ara as head of the Media section since 2011. He is also president of the Escacc Foundation, an entity that analyzes the cultural and media industry in Catalonia.

What is Alex de Bia’s name in real life?

Guido Messina as Alex Gutiérrez, a seductive, self-centered and ambitious young man.

What are Bia’s real life partners?

Guido Messina and Giulia Guerrini

Guido and giuli, couple in real life, part of the cast of disneybia. Disney Bia on Instagram: “BIA returns with new episodes in October.

How old is Julia?

Giulia Marcovaldo is a 13 year old girl and she is very adventurous, outgoing and charming who likes books and learning.

How old is Chiara de Bia?

Giulia Guerrini was born on September 4, 1996 in Milan, where she studied Theater and Graphic Design and Communication.

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What is the sign of July worth?

Julio Peña is a Gemini sign.

What career did July penalty study?

Age: 21 years old (July 15, 2000). Place of birth: Donostia. Marital status: Single. Education: He has studied dramatic art at the Jana school and singing at the Acting school, both centers based in Madrid.

Who is Isabela Souza’s boyfriend in real life 2021?

Who is Julio Peña’s girlfriend? The 21-year-old actor met Isabela Souza on the set of the Disney series “Bia” and a short time later they confirmed that they had a relationship.

Who is Isabela Souza’s boyfriend in real life 2022?


How old is Natalia Azahara?

All about Natalia Azahara

Natalia, who is only 21 years old and whom many already compare to Ariana Grande due to her obvious physical resemblance, puts herself in Daniela’s shoes to support Raquel and also to star in her own fictional love story.

Where does Bia live in real life?

She has been living in Buenos Aires for two years now and is the protagonist of the successful series “Bia” on Disney Channel. She spoke with Infobae by video call to tell how she lives her days in the city, where she had to stay because of the pandemic. Isabela Souza today is the one chosen by the centennial public.

How many children does Guido have?

The driver is the father of three boys and a girl, who are the fruit of his love affairs with Florencia Bertotti and Soledad Rodríguez.

What does the word guido mean?

Guido is a term used in the United States to designate upper-middle or upper-class men of Italian descent. It usually has derogatory connotations, the origin of the term being the Italian proper name Guido or a conjugation of the verb guidare (“to drive”).

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