How old is Stefan?

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At the time of his death, Stefan was 171 years old. Despite being so old, neither Damon nor Stefan showed it because they were vampires in The Vampire Diaries, so they remained 25 and 18 years old, respectively, throughout their lives.

How old is Stefan?

Characterization. Stefan was described as a “cute young man”, who turns out to be a 145-year-old vampire, who develops a relationship with Elena Gilbert.

How old was Damon Salvatore?

Damon is a 178-year-old vampire. He is now human, since Stefan Salvatore injected him with the cure with his blood.

Who is Stefan Salvatore’s true love?

Stefan and Katherine Katherine fell in love with Stefan when she met him in Mystic Falls in 1864.

Who killed Stefan?

But it wasn’t the writers of The Vampire Diaries who initially came up with the idea of ​​killing Stefan, it was Wesley himself.

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Why did Stefan Salvatore die?

Stefan Salvatore has finally been the one who has died sacrificing himself to save his Brother Damon and to kill Katherine in order to save everyone, since she wanted to end Mystic Falls and all its inhabitants.

Why is Stefan sacrificing himself?

Stefan always sacrificed himself for others

With the exception of his Ripper times, Stefan is ultimately a kind person who sacrifices himself for others. So giving up his life for Damon and everyone else to live felt like something Stefan would do.

When does Stefan fall in love with Caroline?

The penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries showed Stefan and Caroline’s beautiful wedding.

Why does Elena fall in love with Damon?

In love, They are the love of their lives, They made love, She is his life, They see a future together (they want to have a human life together), Passionate feelings, Elena fell in love with him again despite having lost her memories of loving him , Protectors of each other, Damon is always there for her, Elena never…

Who is Elena Gilbert’s true love?

Elena Gilbert is the heroine and protagonist of The Vampire Diaries book series. Her soulmate and true love is the centuries-old vampire, Stefan Salvatore.

How old is Klaus?

His physical appearance is that of around a 19-21 year old man, despite being over 1000 years old. Being a vampire and a warrior (10th century), he is well built. Klaus possesses a delicate yet masculine face, possibly due to the fact that he was once a nobleman in the 15th century.

How old was Elena in The Vampire Diaries?

In a Virginia town that hides many secrets, two vampire brothers, Stefan, the good, and Damon, the evil, compete for the love of 17-year-old Elena Gilbert.

How many years apart are Damon and Stefan?

He has his brother 6 years younger than him, Stefan Salvatore. In addition to his parents, Lillian and Giuseppe Salvatore (both deceased) and his great-nephew Zach Salvatore (only mortal Salvatore).

How many doppelgangers does Stefan have?

There are two known doppelgänger lines that come from Silas and Amara, respectively. Silas’s known doppelgängers are Stefan Salvatore and Tom Avery, and Amara’s known doppelgängers are Tatia, Katherine Pierce, and Elena Gilbert.

How does Elena fall in love with Damon?

Elena continued to dance about her feelings for Damon in season 3 of The Vampire Diaries but Elena (Nina Dobrev) eventually gives in to the passion and shares an intense make-out session with the older Salvatore on a motel balcony.

When does Elena fall in love with Damon again?

At the end of season 5 of The Vampire Diaries. Unable to deal with the pain, Elena turned to the newly turned original vampire, Alaric, and asked that she purge herself of knowing that she ever loved Damon.

How does Klaus fall in love with Caroline?

Klaus and Caroline at the dance. Arriving at the party, Klaus is totally attracted to her, but as usual rejects him, until he asks her to dance and they strike up a somewhat friendly conversation but she remains a bit distant with hers.

When does Caroline get pregnant?

The Vampire Diaries had established that a female vampire cannot get pregnant, but in Season 7 Caroline Forbes gives birth to twins creating a huge wave of uncertainty for fans.

When did Stefan Salvatore die?

The Vampire Diaries 8 × 16: the painful death of the end, explained by Julie Plec. WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. The Vampire Diaries came to an end with a sacrifice that will echo in the hearts of its fans for years to come.

How does Damon Salvatore die in the series?

We also saw how when Damon, who feared being sent straight to hell, died his human death, he showed up at the door of his house, where Stefan was waiting for him with a drink and another hug.

Why don’t Caroline and Klaus end up together?

When the TVD showrunner confessed, Klaus and Caroline were denied their happy ending because it would have dishonored Stefan’s memory. And while we understand the sentiment, it is an absurd reason to distinguish between two immortal beings who care deeply about each other.

What about Stefan and Elena?

In the first part of the first saga, Elena is with Stefan, but in the last volume (Fury), she begins to fall in love with Damon (as it happens in the series) and is forced to choose between them, at the end of Dark Meeting Elena ends with Stefan.

How old are the characters in Vampire Diaries?

Damon was born on June 18, 1839, which means he is 7 years older than Stefan. Having been born in December 1978, Ian Somerhalder was also 25 years older than Damon when he began playing the role on The Vampire Diaries in 2009, as was his on-screen brother.

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