How old is the master of Fuenteovejuna?

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It is, with age, more serious: The Master had achieved mastership at sixteen, and was eighteen when the events of the comedy unfold.

How old is Master Fuenteovejuna?

The servants have insisted that his impolite behavior is due to his youth. The Master is very young (perhaps sixteen in the play).

Who is the Master in Fuenteovejuna?

The Master of Calatrava: Rodrigo Téllez Girón, a nobleman who fights against the Catholic kings in favor of the succession to the throne of Doña Juana, together with the commander. Pascuala: farmer from Fuenteovejuna, friend of Laurencia. Laurencia: daughter of the mayor of Fuenteovejuna who was harassed by the commander.

What advice does the commander have for the maestre?

5-What advice does the Master receive from the Commander and what does he ask of him? Let him gather his troops and vassals to go to war, that’s what he advises. He asks her to accompany him to war with the population of his village.

What happens when the Commander tries to force Laurencia?

One day he tries to force himself on Laurencia, the mayor’s daughter, but her lover, Frondoso, stops him. The commander swears revenge. The second act begins with a verbal confrontation between the commander and some villains, on account of honor, once the affront done to Laurencia is known.

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What does the Comendador tell Flores about women?

315. The Comendador insists that the women of the town are honored when they give themselves to him. Getting more and more angry, the Comendador orders everyone to leave the plaza for their homes.

How is honor presented in Fuenteovejuna?

In Fuenteovejuna, Lope de Vega is forced to give collective honor to an entire village community, due to the general nature of the historical revolt against the Commander’s offenses. A person had honor if he was of good family, of good blood, or if a woman was not disgraced.

Who are the characters in the play Fuenteovejuna?

Pascuala and Mengo: peasants with a funny counterpoint, they represent the comic universe of the rustic, although they prove to be capable of finding altruistic love. The Kings: powerful, they intervene in conflicts with insight, despite a certain fear of losing the throne, although they manage to come out well.

Who instigates Fuenteovejuna to act against the Commander?

When Fernán Gómez seizes Fuenteovejuna, Córdoba instigates a rebellion.

What is the master?

magister ‘chief, director’, ‘guide’, ‘teacher’. 1m Superior of any of the military orders.

What is the time of the work Fuenteovejuna?

It brings together a large part of the characteristics that Lope himself advised in his work New Art for Making Comedies in This Time (1609). Fuenteovejuna (written between 1612-1614 and published in 1619), like almost all baroque comedies, is written in verse. It consists of three acts.

Who is Laurencia’s father?

STEPHEN [alcalde, padre de Laurencia]. QUEEN DOÑA ISABEL.

What do Laurencia and Frondoso listen to?

Laurencia tells Frondoso that everyone in the village thinks they love each other and hope they get married. He insists on the authenticity of her love. Laurencia does not reciprocate openly, but encourages him to talk to her father about her. The Commander’s arrival interrupts the conversation.

What does the Commander ask Esteban?

Then Juan Rojo and a farmer arrive. While everyone is talking, the Comendador, Ortuño and Flores arrive. Everyone is talking when the Comendador asks Esteban to join him with his daughter.

How much time passes in Fuenteovejuna?

The action takes place in Spain at the end of the fifteenth century, and more precisely in 1476. King Henry IV had died in 1474, and the succession to the throne had caused a dispute that would lead to a civil war.

What is character type?

Character types. In literary and dramatic theory, characters are classified according to their role and configuration. When we talk about the function of the characters, we refer to the purpose and meaning of their presence within the story. According to this there are main and secondary characters.

What was society like in Fuenteovejuna?

There was a division between different classes and the nobles ruled and tyrannized over the vassals. The theme of honor was very important at that time and people made great sacrifices to keep it clean. The action of the play takes place in Spain at the end of the s. XV.

What is the problem of Fuenteovejuna?

The main theme is the uprising of the people against the Commander’s abuse of power. A social conflict arises between the feudal lord and his vassals. Already in the first act the theme is outlined when the Commander wants to abuse Laurencia and the right of pernada is reflected.

What is the main idea of ​​the Fuenteovejuna?

In Fuente Ovejuna, the uprising is staged that, in the times of the Catholic Monarchs, took place in the town, today Cordoba, then Extremadura, which gives its name to the work, motivated by the excesses carried out by the Commander Major of the Order of Calatrava, Fernán Gómez de Guzmán14, in charge of the ordinary government…

How does the Commander punish Mengo?

Punishment of Mengo: The Commander arrives and, ignoring Mengo’s pleas, orders Ortuño and Flores to tie him up and whip him.

What happens between Frondoso and the Commander?

The commander and his retinue are seen with Frondoso tied up and a very loud noise is heard and it is the people entering the house and they realize that they are going to kill the commander shouting long live Fernando and Isabel and death to traitors!

What does Laurencia claim from all the town’s inhabitants?

What does Laurencia demand of all the town’s inhabitants? That they didn’t prevent her wedding from being called off.

What do Laurencia and Pascuala feel about the possibility of meeting the Comendador?

Laurencia tells Pascuala how Flores and Ortuño have let her know that the commander is after her; but this is not reciprocated, nor will it be, since his fame as a womanizer and impolite is already known. Pascuala agrees with him, claiming that men use women and then forget about them.

Who killed the commander of Lope de Vega?

He did so, and immediately one of them came forward… he twisted the iron on the Commander’s skull when he was interceding for the life of his servants… Immediately the ferocious rustics sank their daggers into the chest and face of the wounded man , who fell lifeless.

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