How old is Upamecano?

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Dayot Upamecano is a French footballer who plays as a defender for Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga.

How much is Upamecano worth?

Bayern already has a substitute for Alaba: Upamecano will arrive for 42.5 million euros.

Where did Dayot Upamecano play?

That season, Dayot Upamecano played a total of 16 games for FC Liefering in the Este Liga. He also made two appearances for Red Bull Salzburg in the Bundesliga and three appearances for the team in the UEFA Youth League.

How much is cancellation worth?

Once the signing of Joao Cancelo from Juventus for 35 million euros -plus Danilo- was made official, Manchester City has already spent 193.5 on full-backs since Pep Guardiola arrived at the English team four summers ago now.

How much does it cost to cancel?

Juventus makes Cancelo’s price official: 40.4 million euros.

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How much is Kyle Walker worth?

The arrival of Kyle Walker at Manchester City marks the most expensive signing of a defender in the history of the Premier League. Guardiola’s team has paid 56.61 million euros, according to the specialized portal Transfermarkt.

How much does Goretzka cost?

His market value, according to Transfermarkt, is 70 million, but a transfer one year after the contract ends would be considerably less.

When does Goretzka’s contract end?

FC Bayern and Leon Goretzka have prematurely extended the German international’s contract, which was originally until June 2022, to 2026.

Which player has scored the most goals against Neuer?

He has marked him in the Champions League and he has marked him in the Euro. The Portuguese is the footballer who has scored the most against the legendary German keeper. Undefeated data. Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the most goals (783) in the entire history of professional football.

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