How to add beneficiary Social Security?

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Once identified in Your Social Security, in the “Healthcare” section, click on “Add new beneficiary” if we want to request the right of a beneficiary or “download certificate” if, once we have consulted the right, we want to obtain the document that proves the right to healthcare.

How to add a child to Social Security?

How to register the baby in Social Security online? To register the baby, you just have to access the Tu Seguridad Social website and electronically sign the request using a Digital Certificate or through Cl@ve firma.

Who can be a beneficiary of Social Security?

Beneficiaries / Requirements: They will have the status of beneficiaries of an insured person, who are those who are, among others, in the following situations: Being the spouse of the insured person or living together with an analogous emotional relationship, constituting a common-law partner.

When does a child cease to be a beneficiary of Social Security?

Children under 25 years of age, that is, those who are 24 years of age, will be considered beneficiaries for access to social security until the last second of the last minute of the last hour of the last day on which they are 24 years old.

When does the right to healthcare expire?

The right to health care expires when the conditions required to be insured or beneficiary are lost, and by death.

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How to remove a beneficiary from Social Security?

If you need to change the insured for whom a beneficiary is entitled to health care, you can do so electronically (with and without a digital certificate), in person by appointment at a Social Security Service and Information Center (CAISS) and by regular mail.

Who is entitled to the Social Security health card?

All Spaniards and foreigners with legal residence are entitled to the card, which guarantees free health care.

How do I know if I am entitled to Social Security?

Now you can check your social security history in…

If you are affiliated with the General System of Social Security in Health (SGSSS) you can consult your history of contributions made through the integrated form -PILA-. You simply have to go to

What is needed to obtain the health card in Spain?

You must fill out the Model TA1 Social Security Affiliation form and present: An official identification document. Certificate or registration form. It must be original and when requesting it you must indicate the reason for the person requesting it, so that it appears on the certificate itself.

How to cancel a beneficiary?

To register, cancel and/or modify the data of your family or beneficiaries before the IMSS online, you will need: register in the Virtual Desktop, Advanced Electronic Signature (FIEL), your CURP, the CURP of your beneficiary and a personal email.

What does Social Security not cover?

We should ask ourselves the following question: Does Social Security cover health expenses derived from a traffic accident? The costs of healing or also called health care, as a result of suffering a traffic accident, are not covered by Social Security.

How to change your doctor in Social Security online?

Access the service by selecting your health center or by searching for the health professional you wish to change. Later you must identify yourself with your electronic ID or digital certificate. The “By health center” entry will take you directly to the “Health center and professionals” option.

When can you switch from Adeslas to Social Security?

Mutual members and beneficiaries with a Document similar to that of Affiliation, attached to both the INSS (Public Health System) and the Health Assistance Insurance Entities, may request an ordinary change of Entity during the month of January of each year.

How to change doctors in Andalusia?

Via Internet

You need to have a digital certificate, DNie or Cl@ve. You will find a list with the available medical staff and their office hours. It is necessary to select the “choose” option and confirm the change, which is made immediately.

Where to change work life data?

To do this you must access with this direct link: to the Modification of data from the Social Security Electronic Headquarters. You can also enter manually by searching, from the main page of the Electronic Office, the option Citizens > affiliation, registration and modifications, as in the image.

Who covers medical expenses in a traffic accident?

The occupants are covered by the policy of the vehicle in which they travel, regardless of the analysis of fault in the accident. Pedestrians are covered by the policies of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident and may claim from any of the insurers (without accumulation).

Who covers traffic accidents?

The public health always covers the victims, but then the expenses are passed on to the insurance company.

Who pays for the ambulance in an accident?

A fundamental aspect to know who has to pay the costs originating from the medical assistance for the accident caused is who is to blame for it, since the insurer of the one who has been guilty of causing the accident will be the one that takes care of all incurred costs.

How to remove my ex-wife from the insurance?

As the case may be, you must submit a death certificate or express written declaration of the term of coexistence or dependency:

Official identification (Reference Note 1) Social Security Number. CURP. Death certificate. Express and written declaration of the term of coexistence or dependency.

How to cancel a deceased person?


Death certificate of the holder (original or certified copy) Current official identification of the applicant (original) Request letter for cancellation due to death (obtain at the branch)

How to unsubscribe my ex-wife from Issste?

Therefore, if you need to remove a family member from the ISSSTE, then you have to follow the following steps: Enter the following link: .pdf. Complete the request data in the “Request for Registration of Withdrawal from ISSSTE”.

How do you unsubscribe from the ISSSTE?

Options to carry out your procedure

In person: In the Affiliation and Economic Benefits Departments in the Delegations and Technical Areas in the Family Medicine Clinics, which are located in the offices of the ISSSTE State and Regional Delegations, from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00: 00 hours.

How to cancel a partner in the ISSSTE?

In-person: Go to the Affiliation and Financial Benefits Department at the ISSSTE State and Regional Delegations and/or the Technical Area at the ISSSTE Family Medicine Clinics closest to your home. Request the registration of the eligible family member. Submit the required documentation.

How long do I have ISSSTE service after discharge?

When you have terminated as a worker and want to continue with the Retirement Insurance, Unemployment in Old Age and Old Age benefit, you have 60 business days after the date of termination to carry out the process.

When a person dies, what happens to their bank accounts?

The Bank of Spain has clarified in this sense what happens to the money that the deceased had in the bank. Thus, when the deceased was the sole holder of a bank account, his heirs will have two options: either request the bank to be the new holders of that account, or request the cancellation of the account.

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