How to calculate the value of land in Chile?

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What is it and how is the value of the square meter calculated?

The value of the square meter is calculated by dividing the commercial value of a property by its surface. … For example, a property A that has a commercial value of 4,000 UF and an area of ​​70 m2 has a square meter value of 4,000 UF / 70 m2 = 57 UF.

How is the sale price of a plot calculated?

How is the price of land calculated in Mexico?

Carrying out a cadastral appraisal. Assessing the type of land use. Analyzing the area. Requesting the valuation of the property.

How much does a square meter of land cost in Chile?

As the infographic of the real estate market shows, the average price per square meter in the capital of Chile reaches 3,441 US dollars, according to data from September 2021.

How to calculate the commercial value of land in Chile?

How to calculate the commercial value of a property in Chile?

Size of the property.Location.Level of urbanization.Antiquity (number of years of the property).Materials with which it is built.Equipment (number of bathrooms, rooms, kitchen, etc.).Quality of the architectural design.

What percentage does the commercial value have with respect to the cadastral value?

The difference between the commercial appraisal and the cadastral appraisal will always be between 20 to 40%, with the commercial appraisal being higher than the cadastral appraisal.

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What is the difference between the cadastral value and the commercial value?

The cadastral value is a base on which municipal taxes such as IBI, real estate tax, or capital gains, among others, are calculated. The market value is calculated in the act of sale, when making an appraisal to determine the reference price or the financing that can be granted.

How much does a square meter built in Chile cost?

The data shows that the average value per m2 built in Santiago in the first quarter of 2020 reaches 57.2 UF/m2, while the equivalent value for 2019 was 53.5 UF/m2. This data shows a growth in the last year of 7.0%.

What is the most expensive square meter in Chile?

Thus, the communes with the highest index are: Lo Barnechea (84 UF/m2), Vitacura (83 UF/m2), Las Condes (82 UF/m2), La Reina (79 UF/m2) and Puerto Varas (77 UF/m2). They are followed by Puchuncaví, Providencia, Papudo, Ñuñoa and Pucón, with over 70 UF per square meter.

How can I sell land fast?

Three tips for selling land quickly

Know your product thoroughly. … Generate an attractive ad with a catchy headline. …Describe the benefits of acquiring the land in detail.

How is the value of the property calculated?

The best way to calculate the sale price of your house (and of any property in general), is through a real estate appraisal, which consists of a technical opinion with legal validity; This document presents the commercial estimate of the property, reflected in monetary figures.

How much does a square meter cost in Vitacura?

In used apartments, according to data from the Real Estate Portal for the same period, in Vitacura (which is again the most expensive commune), the value per m2 averages 85.9 UF, while the cheapest commune is San Bernardo, with 26.7 UF (see attached tables).

How much is the m2 of construction 2021?

In this sense, this is the value according to the chosen type: Individual Duplex Housing: 72,358 pesos per square meter. Individual Housing on the Ground Floor: 74,162 pesos per square meter. Collective Housing in Tower: 65,423 pesos per square meter.

How much is the construction mt2 2021?

Price per square meter of construction

These cases are: The prices in Individual housing in Duplex: 72,358 Argentine pesos per square meter. Prices for Individual Housing on the Ground Floor: 74,162 Argentine pesos per square meter.

How much is the square meter of construction 2021?

In one year the cost almost doubled. While in October of last year the square meter registered a value of $145,482.57, the same month in 2021 it rose to $249,115.2.

What is cadastral value and market value?

The cadastral value is a real estate valuation method used by many governments. Thus, we are talking about a monetary amount that the State administration sets for each property that makes up the territory, which is objectively determined based on a series of parameters.

What happens if it is sold above the cadastral value?

What is common is to sell a home for a price higher than its cadastral value, although it should be known that this has tax consequences. The seller must pay the municipal plusvalía and the patrimonial increase in his income statement, in addition to a part of the notary (according to law).

What is the commercial value?

Monetary calculation of finished goods used to determine customs duties on international shipments. This calculation takes into account factors such as manufacturing costs, packaging, shipping, additional expenses and profit margins.

What is the commercial value of a property?

The commercial value of a property is the estimated price that a property can have in the real estate market; and a commercial appraisal is the most recommended tool to determine it. However, there are other tools that can also help you determine the real price of a property.

How much is the square meter of construction 2022?

With all these exceptions and characteristics to take into account to make the calculations, it is time to know what the price per square meter of construction is in Argentina, a cost that, in 2022, amounts to an average of $63,000 for a normal home, according to the estimates of specialists in the field.

How is the price per square meter of construction calculated?

To make sure you have the correct value in square meters of construction, you have to measure the length and width of each room, multiply both dimensions and add the results of the rooms. This way you will obtain the constructed surface of a house.

How much is a square meter worth in Vitacura 2021?

The most expensive square meter values ​​in 2021

Vitacura, with a value of 117.15 UF/m2. Las Condes, with a value of 110.75 UF/m2.

How much is a square meter of land worth in Las Condes?

Currently, according to GDF Adimark, the average value of apartments reaches 65.8 UF per square meter and that of houses, 51.1 UF/m2 in Greater Santiago, while in Las Condes it reaches 86.9 UF. /m2 and 90 UF/m2, respectively.

How can I sell land without papers?

If the land is private property, the first thing you have to do is find out who the owner is or was and how that land came into the hands of the seller. Since if a property does not have deeds, a certified copy can be requested from the General Archive of Notaries and with them make the sale.

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