How to change the meters of a house in the deeds?

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To carry out the modification of meters of a house that exceeds 10%, as we have said, it is necessary to go to a notary who is active and correctly certified so that he can act in the notarial district and ratify our request.

When do the deed meters of the house not coincide with those of the cadastre?

Usually, when there is a discrepancy or difference in meters between the deed and the cadastre, it is usually the consequence of some error caused during the representation of the real geometry of the space in question.

How much does it cost to modify the deeds of the house?

Notary fees for changing the name of a house deed are between €600 and €900, and depend both on the type of real estate property (house, flat, chalet, etc.), and on whether or not it is registered, as well as of the value of the same in the writings.

How to modify scripts?

To make any change in the registry, the first step will be to modify the housing deed and change the deed. This will require the work of a notary. He will be the one who will draw up all the modifications and points of the agreement between the parties and will act as a witness of the operation.

What is more valuable the deed or the cadastre?

The Deed (Property Registry) always prevails over the data contained in the Cadastre.

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What prevails the Cadastre or the Land Registry?

When there is a data discrepancy, the entity that prevails is the Land Registry, since the cadastre is nothing more than an administrative record of all real estate whose objective is to serve as a basis for the application of taxes to said properties, while the Land Registry is a registry…

What is more important the Land Registry or the Cadastre?

In terms of hierarchy, the Property Registry rules over the Cadastre. Therefore, if the data of both do not match, you must go to the Cadastre and request the rectification of all that data.

How to change the name of the owner of a property?

The change of name of the owner of real estate in the real estate cadastre can be requested via the Internet, on the SII page, or by making a request in person at any Office of the Internal Revenue Service or at the Municipal Agreement Office of the commune where …

How to change the name of the owner of a house?

PROCESS FOR CHANGE OR CORRECTION OF NAME.- Public Deed duly registered before the Public Registry of Property and Commerce of the DF- Valid official identification (IFE, passport or professional license).- Last paid Property Ballot. IMPORTANT NOTES.

How much does it cost to get a person out of a deed?

In many cases we will also be required to carry out an appraisal to see what the current value of the property is and to determine how much the person giving up their share of the home will have to pay. Its cost is usually between 200 and 400 euros, although it will depend on the contracted appraisal company.

What happens if the notary makes a mistake?

The Notarial Regulation, therefore, allows the error to be corrected by means of a new deed, act or diligence that will complement, clarify or correct the deed with the error.

How can I modify the difference in meters in the Cadastre?

How to modify the cadastre data?

Request a correction from the electronic headquarters of the cadastre. Go to your territorial office to correct the incorrect data. Present yourself at the Cadastral Information Points of your City Council or other public bodies.

What do I do if the Cadastre is wrong?

Once you have gathered all the information that may come in handy to demonstrate that the error exists, you should go to the cadastre management of your municipality to communicate the lack of concordance between what appears in the registry and reality.

How to modify cadastral parcel boundaries?

The boundaries cannot be altered without the consent of all the neighbors. To change the cadastre, the title and a topographical survey with the boundaries to be established and the signature of all those affected with a copy of the ID would be needed. It cannot be changed unilaterally.

What is the difference between the Land Registry and the Cadastre?

The Cadastre collects data on the physical location of a property, but the Property Registry is responsible for recording who is the owner and the owner of the property.

Who changes ownership in the Cadastre?

If in the public deed in which the transfer of the property is formalized (sale, donation, inheritance…) the cadastral reference of the same is stated, the change of owner will be communicated to the Cadastre, the notary or registrar.

How long does it take to update the Cadastre?

From that moment there is a period of two months to update the new identity of the holder in the Cadastre. Within a maximum period of six months, the Registry will notify you of the change.

How to make a claim in the Cadastre?

If you wish, you may submit a complaint or suggestion through the following means: Through the Electronic Office of the Council for the Defense of the Taxpayer. In person or by mail through a letter addressed to the Manager or the General Director of the Cadastre.

What is a discrepancy remedy?

The procedure for rectifying discrepancies is aimed at correcting errors in the Cadastral Database whose origin is not attributable to the owner of the property, as it has not occurred due to a breach of his formal duties.

How to report to the Cadastre?

Through the following means: To the following email address: Telephone: 91 387 45 50.

How to update data in Cadastre?

It is done through the cadastral updating or cadastral conservation processes, or it can be requested directly by the owner before the IGAC offices, presenting the documents required to carry out procedures depending on the mutation.

How to update Cadastre data?

– SUBJECTS: “Any owner or possessor of a property or construction property belonging to another (individual or legal entity) may go to the UAECD, directly or through a proxy, to request the updating, modification or certification of the cadastral information of the property” .

How to update Cadastre data?


UPDATE. Enter your request to update the data of your properties online. … RECORDS. Request your records online, just enter the requested data. … CLAIMS. You can enter claims directly from this portal. … BLUEPRINTS.

How long does a correction in Notaries and Registry take?

There can be no delay beyond three days. If this happens, the citizen may complain to the Superintendency’s Registry address where, with complete certainty, the complaint will be disciplined through our Internal Disciplinary Control office.

How to correct an error in a public deed?


Pursuant to article 101 of the aforementioned statute, it warns that the errors that are committed when issuing the public deed and that are noticed before its signature, the correction will be made as follows: Underlining and enclosing in parentheses the words or phrases that must be deleted, amend , cross out and erase.

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