How to clean the rubber of the washing machine with kh7?

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Spray with kh7 disinfectant grease remover, the dirty and moldy areas of the rubber of the drum of your washing machine. Let the product act for 5 minutes to eliminate fungi and bacteria. Finally, remove the product.

How to remove mold from washing machine rubber?

1. Mold or black spots on the washer rubber

Soak a cleaning rag in bleach and lay it flat across the inside surface of the washer’s rubber. … When the time has elapsed, remove the cloth soaked in bleach, rinse it and soak it again in pure bleach.

What product is good to clean the rubber of the washing machine?

One of the best ways to remove black stains caused by moisture is to clean the rubber with hydrogen peroxide. A very simple disinfection process to carry out and that only requires a totally common product that the vast majority of people usually have at home.

How to clean the rubber of the washing machine with vinegar?

How to clean the rubber of the washing machine

Take a cloth and wet it with a little bleach. Place it on the area that has mold and wait a little while (about 5 minutes). … Take advantage of the mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate, apply it on a cloth and rub. You will see how it disappears immediately!

How to clean kh7?

To use this product, you just have to follow these simple steps: Spray KH-7 Fat Remover Disinfectant on the kitchen counter. Let its effect act for about 5 minutes. Rinse with water or a damp cloth for a flawless result.

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What product is good for cleaning stainless steel?

Products suitable for cleaning stainless steel

Soft sponges and microfiber cloths or cloths. Any cleaner with a neutral pH. Diluted vinegar (limescale) Lemon juice (shine) Baking soda (coffee remains) Soda or Soda ash (tea remains)

How to clean grease from stainless steel?

To clean grease from stainless steel, first wash it with soap and water, rub where the stain is with a nylon brush, then apply baking soda and vinegar for tougher stains. Finally, rinse off any remaining cleaner and dry the steel to prevent water spots.

How to clean the washing machine inside with vinegar and baking soda?

First of all, pour the glass of baking soda where you would normally put the soap. Then add the white vinegar in the same place and close the lid. Put the program that lasts the least time and, of course, that there is no garment when it is in operation.

What vinegar do you put on clothes?

Use of white cleaning vinegar as a brightener, disinfectant and degreaser. Its use is very effective as a brightener, disinfectant and degreaser in household cleaning and clothing.

What vinegar is used as a softener?

It is simply a matter of substituting the softener for the vinegar. Not just any product, it has to be distilled white vinegar. Just put a plug in the softener drawer of the washing machine and do a normal wash. The clothes are just as clean and with the same feeling (or better yet) of softness and freshness.

How to clean the rubber of the washing machine with bleach?

Pull on the rubber with your hands so that you can pull it out as far as it will go. Apply the mixture of water and bleach on the cloth and with it go cleaning the entire surface of the rubber, you should rub with a little more force in case you find black spots of mold.

What to do when the washing machine stains the clothes?

To carry out the process of removing the dirt embedded in the rubber seal of the washing machine, it is advisable to use a specific product. Among them is cleaning detergent, bleach, ammonia or vinegar. Also use a damp cloth to remove mildew or other dirt.

How to fix the color in clothes with vinegar?

A very effective trick to ensure that your clothes keep their color in perfect condition is to add 1/2 cup of baking soda or 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle. Both products are perfect for this function.

How much vinegar do you put in the washing machine?

Keep your clothes clean with vinegar. Instead of the detergent you normally use, pour 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into the washing machine. This will clean your clothes without the use of harsh chemicals found in many commercial laundry detergents.

What is white vinegar to clean?

White vinegar for consumption has an acidity percentage that is between 3% and 5%, while vinegar for cleaning has an acidity degree of 8%. That means that for deeper home cleaning and disinfection, cleaning vinegar will work more effectively than white vinegar.

What happens if we mix baking soda and vinegar?

A chemical reaction occurs that releases CO2: Sodium Bicarbonate + Vinegar = Sodium Acetate + Water + Carbon Dioxide NaHCO3 + CH3COOH => CH3COO-Na+ + H2O + CO2 After a couple of minutes, pour the Co2 into another empty jar ( as if it were an invisible liquid, but be careful not to let the real liquid come out).

How to use baking soda in the washing machine?

Calculate a cup of baking soda or percarbonate for every four liters of water and wait until the next morning. Bad odors will disappear from your fabrics in the next automatic wash.

How to remove the bad smell of the washing machine with baking soda?

Carry out hot water washes with white vinegar and then leave it to ventilate throughout the day, putting a little baking soda in the drum to remove the bad smell of the washing machine.

How to get rid of grease from the sink?

Today I will tell you how to remove grease from the sink without spending a lot of money. Pour over the sink and drain the baking soda. Add the vinegar and when it starts to bubble, leave it for three minutes. Add the boiling water and voila, the fat will be completely removed and your drain will be unclogged.

How to clean stainless steel with vinegar?

The vinegar will react with the baking soda and start to foam, which will help you remove any grime stuck to the stainless steel surface. Let the vinegar sit for about 10 minutes to make sure the baking soda and vinegar mixture loosens any surface stains.

How to remove grease from metal?

Put some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. Rub the metal until the grease is gone. You may need to apply more rubbing alcohol to the cloth and continue rubbing for a few minutes to remove any stubborn grease.

How to recover the shine of stainless steel?

Sprinkle a little baking soda on the dry surface and then moisten a cloth to spread the product throughout the area to be treated. Next, spray white cleaning vinegar on the baking soda and let it act for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse with water and dry well with a cloth, and you will see how it shines.

How to clean stainless steel without staining it?

Use soap or detergent, or a 1% solution of ammonia and hot water. Apply with a soft cloth or clean sponge, rinse with clean water and dry well.

How to clean the stainless steel kitchen with baking soda?

How to clean stainless steel with baking soda

As with vinegar, it will work much better if you let the mixture of water and baking soda act on the stain for a few minutes. Afterwards, it will be enough to rub with a soft cloth or scourer to finish removing the remains of dirt.

What to do so that dyed clothes do not lose color?

It is important to dye with hot water and let the garment dry in the open air. If possible, iron the garment at a very high temperature to set the color. Wash the garment with cold water. Before putting the washing machine on, check if it dyes so you can wash it together with other clothes, or do it alone in a short program.

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