How to clean the washing machine?

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Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. Eliminates bad odors and kills bacteria. Thus, to achieve a deep cleaning of your washing machine, simply add half a cup of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser and then select a normal washing cycle at a temperature of 30º or more.

How to clean the washing machine inside with vinegar and baking soda?

First of all, pour the glass of baking soda where you would normally put the soap. Then add the white vinegar in the same place and close the lid. Put the program that lasts the least time and, of course, that there is no garment when it is in operation.

How to clean the washing machine with chlorine and vinegar?

For soap, fabric softener and chlorine dispensers

IMMERSE the dispensers for 15 minutes in white vinegar. RINSE, dry and put back in place.

Where do you put the baking soda in the washing machine?

Calculate a cup of baking soda or percarbonate for every four liters of water and wait until the next morning. Bad odors will disappear from your fabrics in the next automatic wash.

How to clean the washing machine drum?

Step by step: Cleaning the drum of the washing machine using vinegar will prevent bad odours, bacteria and limescale. Add half a cup of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser and select a normal washing program, at about 30º or more. In this way your drum will be impeccable.

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How to remove black stains from the washing machine?

Washing machine rubber cleaning with bleach

We must spray the bleach mixture with the spray bottle on the black and moldy rubber of the washing machine, let it take effect for at least 60 minutes and then remove. It is important not to leave traces of the bleach, otherwise we can cause damage to the clothes.

Where do you put the vinegar in the washing machine?

Pour a small amount of vinegar into the fabric softener drawer of your washing machine and you’ll have softer clothes without all the nasty chemicals and residue on fabrics that regular fabric softener leaves behind. At the same time, it helps to remove any detergent residue.

What happens if I add baking soda to the washing machine?

Baking soda is a good addition to detergent. In addition to helping to maintain the color of garments, it provides softness and helps balance the pH levels in the washing machine water. To use it, half a cup of baking soda should be added with the soap.

How to wash clothes with baking soda?

Start by making a paste with a tablespoon of baking soda and another of water and applying it directly to the stain. Let the mixture act for a few minutes (if it is due to rust, leave it for 1 hour) so that the baking soda penetrates the fabric and then remove it (rub a little if there are still remains).

What happens if I put baking soda on clothes?

Vinegar and baking soda in the wash

While vinegar and baking soda can sometimes offer benefits in pretreating small stains and odors, an actual laundry detergent is always better for whitening, brightening, odor removal, pretreating heavy stains, and softening fabrics.

How to make clothes come out of the washing machine cleaner?

12 tricks to make your clothes super-clean without too much…


How do you put chlorine in the washing machine?

Chlorine should be added to hot water after detergent but before clothes. If your washing machine has a built-in dispenser, add the 175 ml of bleach, otherwise pour the bleach directly into the water once the wash has started.

How to clean the washing machine with cleaning vinegar?

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. Eliminates bad odors and kills bacteria. Thus, to achieve a deep cleaning of your washing machine, simply add half a cup of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser and then select a normal washing cycle at a temperature of 30º or more.

What happens if we mix baking soda and vinegar?

A chemical reaction occurs that releases CO2: Sodium Bicarbonate + Vinegar = Sodium Acetate + Water + Carbon Dioxide NaHCO3 + CH3COOH => CH3COO-Na+ + H2O + CO2 After a couple of minutes, pour the Co2 into another empty jar ( as if it were an invisible liquid, but be careful not to let the real liquid come out).

How long should white clothes be left in baking soda?

Place the garments in a tub with cold water and let soak for ten minutes. Add a mixture of water and baking soda. Wait for it to work for a couple of hours before washing it on a regular cycle.

What happens if I mix detergent with baking soda?

Doing so can generate chloramines, toxic gases that cause coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, watery eyes, throat, nose, and eye irritation, and even pneumonia, according to guidance from the Utah Department of Health.

How much vinegar do you put in the washing machine?

Keep your clothes clean with vinegar. Instead of the detergent you normally use, pour 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar into the washing machine. This will clean your clothes without the use of harsh chemicals found in many commercial laundry detergents.

What vinegar do you put on clothes?

Use of white cleaning vinegar as a brightener, disinfectant and degreaser. Its use is very effective as a brightener, disinfectant and degreaser in household cleaning and clothing.

How do you wash underwear with vinegar?

How to whiten underwear with spirit vinegar:

Mix warm or cold water and a considerable amount of vinegar. Submerge the clothes and let them rest for at least an hour. Take the clothes out. Wash them as usual.

How to remove black mold from the rubber of the washing machine?

1. Mold or black spots on the washer rubber

Soak a cleaning rag in bleach and lay it flat across the inside surface of the washer’s rubber. … When the time has elapsed, remove the cloth soaked in bleach, rinse it and soak it again in pure bleach.

How to clean the rubber of the washing machine with kh7?

Spray with kh7 disinfectant grease remover, the dirty and moldy areas of the rubber of the drum of your washing machine. Let the product act for 5 minutes to eliminate fungi and bacteria. Finally, remove the product.

How long is chlorine left on clothes?

Clothes should not be soaked in bleach for more than 15 minutes.

In a normal load of laundry, start the wash cycle in “hot” water to ensure that the chlorine activates the chlorine and can whiten your clothes.

What color of clothes is washed with chlorine?

Chlorine can disinfect your clothes, but it can damage delicate fabric. Oxygen-based bleach is also safe for colors or all fabrics and can be used on anything. You can also make your own bleach solution by creating a mixture of equal parts water and lemon juice or vinegar.

How is chlorine used for colored clothes?

Machine Wash:

Load washer with water, detergent, and 1 scoop of Clorox®. For washers with a drawer marked ▲, pour up to the level marked on the drawer.Place the garments and start the wash.Apply Clorox® directly to the stain and continue washing for stubborn stains.

What to do to make clothes smell good after washing?

Soak clothing for several hours in a mixture of water, white vinegar, and a heavy-duty cleaner. You can also substitute cleaner for detergent. Another alternative is to add half a glass of baking soda to the washing machine drum, as it is a very effective cleaning product.

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