How to describe a giraffe for children?

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Main characteristics of giraffes

Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world. Males can be up to 6 meters tall and weigh just over 1 ton (1000kg). Females are slightly smaller and weigh slightly less. They are mammalian animals. They can run at a speed of 60km/h.

How do you describe a giraffe?

The giraffe is the tallest land animal in the world and one of the undisputed protagonists of the African savannah. This peculiar species can reach 5 meters in height and its Latin name Giraffa camelopardalis comes from the Romans, who considered them a mixture of camel and leopard.

Where does the giraffe live and what does it eat?

where do giraffes live

A giraffe’s habitat is generally found in African savannahs, grasslands, or open woodland. They are native to the African continent and are adapted to this type of habitat because, due to their great height, it is where they can best move and feed.

How to make a giraffe fact sheet?

Size: reaches a height of 5.8 m. Weight: Between 750 kg and 1.6 tons. Nutrition: It is herbivorous, it feeds on Acacia leaves. Habitat: In the tropical jungle, forests and savannahs. Distribution: It is endemic from Africa.

What is the giraffe’s food?

It feeds mainly on the leaves of the acacia, which browses at heights inaccessible to most other herbivores. Adult giraffes are preyed upon by lions, and baby giraffes by leopards, spotted hyenas, and wild dogs.

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What is the giraffe’s habitat?

They are found in all types of savannah environments, although they prefer areas rich in acacias, the males often venture into the interior of dense groves in search of more foliage. Because they only drink occasionally, giraffes can be found far from water sources.

What is the animal that eats everything?

examples of omnivorous animals

As for omnivorous animals are: Mammals: being bears, pigs, dogs, hedgehogs, foxes, mice, coatis, squirrels. Birds: ostrich, seagulls, chickens.

What are the customs of a giraffe?

They are usually solitary or group in small groups or in groups as nurseries, some adults take care of the young while others go to feed or drink. The old males are usually solitary, although the groups do not usually have much cohesion. They are usually faithful to the same territory.

What are the virtues of the giraffe?

Giraffes not only draw attention to their long necks, but also their endless legs. These are the ones that allow giraffes to reach up to 50 km/h if they have to run short distances. If they have to walk a long way, they can do it at 15 km/h.

How many hearts does a Wikipedia giraffe have?

You might think otherwise due to their size and neck length, but giraffes have only one heart. Of course, very powerful to pump the blood.

What can a giraffe do?

Giraffes main activity is eating, and like cows, they also regurgitate food. … But giraffes only drink every few days, since most of the water they need comes from the leaves they eat.

How many eyes does a giraffe have?

Giraffe digestive system

In addition, they have a prehensile upper lip and small hairs that allow them to eat vegetables with thorns without causing damage to their mouths. Once the food is crushed, it passes into the stomach, which has four chambers.

Why do giraffes have blue tongues?

This is because their tissues have a high melanin content. The giraffe continually sticks out its tongue to eat and for a long time to avoid the thorns of the acacia branches, this color of its tongue protects it from the sun’s rays.

What do example omnivores eat?

Omnivorous animals are those that can feed on both animals and plants. This also includes the substances that these organisms produce, such as blood, eggs, nectar and honey among others.

What are omnivorous animals and examples?

Omnivorous animals are those animals that feed on both plants and the meat of other animals. For example: ostrich, bear, mouse. These animals can, thanks to this quality, change their environment more easily, since they can find multiple sources of food.

How do you tell people that they eat everything?

Omnivores consume all kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes, among others, while vegetarians only eat vegetables and fruits, but do not have an established ideology.

What are the animals that live in the jungle?

There is a wide variety of plants and animals from small ants and fungi to large predators such as the jaguar and the harpy eagle.

    Howler Monkey. I am a herbivorous mammal. … Harpy eagle. … Scarlet Macaw. … Swamp crocodile. … Morpho Butterfly. … Orchids. … Tapir. … Jaguar.

What is the giraffe’s tongue like?

Giraffes have very dark tongues, almost black, because as they use it constantly outside their mouths, they need to protect it from the sun. It is for this reason that its tissues have a high content of melanin, which acts as a sunscreen.

What is the habitat of the lion?

They live in the African savannahs and in a small area of ‚Äč‚Äčnortheast India, but they are a very vulnerable species as they used to live in other parts of the world from which they have been disappearing.

Why is the giraffe’s tongue black?

It has a black color because it spends most of the time with it out of the mouth and a pigmentation with a high content of melanin provides protection from the sun’s radiation.

What is the animal that has the blue tongue?

In the entire animal kingdom there are only three that have a blue tongue. This peculiar characteristic makes them particularly special and is due to a modified dominant gene in their hereditary chain. Of those known, only the blue-tongued lizard, the Chow Chow dog or the black bear are mentioned.

What is bluetongue disease?

Bluetongue (LA) is an infectious disease, transmitted mainly by vectors of the Culicoides genus that affects different species of ruminants. The infectious agent is the BT virus (vLA), belonging to the Orbivirus genus. To date, more than 30 possible serotypes have been described.

How many liters of blood does a giraffe have?

The heart of a giraffe weighs about 11 kilos, it is the largest of all mammals on Earth. And, it has to be, because it is responsible for pumping 60 liters of blood per minute.

What is the giraffe couple called?

Giraffe is a feminine noun, and does not have its masculine form, like snake and turtle, which only occurs with the feminine gender. Giraffe is a single grammatical gender, that is, it is an epicene. An epicene is a noun that is used for both sexes, that is, for both male and female.

What is the name of what giraffes have on their heads?

The most conspicuous are a pair of horns called ossicones, which are made of ossified cartilage and fuse posteriorly to the skull at the parietal bones, while in the other artiodactyls the horns and antlers fuse to the frontal bone.

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