How to describe a piece of furniture?

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Movable property is the opposite of real estate. It is a tangible and material object or element that can be easily transported from one place to another while maintaining its integrity and therefore providing exactly the same utility.

How is a piece of furniture described?

Movable assets are those assets, of a tangible nature, that due to their characteristics can be easily moved from one place to another without losing their integrity. Therefore, movable property can be transported from its place of origin to a different one and in both places they will have the same utility.

What is movable property and real estate?

Real estate: They are those that cannot be transported from one place to another and are permanently attached to the land, such as: buildings, your house, an office, etc. Movable property: are those that can be moved from one place to another without altering their nature.

What are the real and personal property examples?

For example, in this case we are talking about furniture in a place, vehicles, decoration, electronic devices, products for sale, etc. Real estate is those possessions that are anchored to the ground, which is why they are also called real estate.

What are tangible personal property?

Movable tangible assets: Tangible things that can be transported from one place to another, either by moving themselves or by external force.

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How are tangible assets divided?

Goods are things that provide a utility at the service of man and that are part of a person’s heritage, but the classification of goods does not end there because corporeal things, that is, those that can be perceived by our senses, are classified in movable and immovable property.

What are tangible and incorporeal assets?


Corporal are those that have a real being and can be perceived by the senses, like a house or a book. Those that consist of mere rights, such as credits and active easements, are incorporeal.[6].

What are furniture examples?

Movable assets are all those tangible and intangible assets that can be moved from one place to another without losing their integrity or functionality. For example: an appliance, a movie, a pair of shoes.

What are the types of real estate?

Real estate by nature: soil and land. Real estate by incorporation: constructions. Real estate by destination: construction or farming items, since it is understood that, although individually they are personal property, they benefit the real estate they serve.

What is real estate?

Real estate is that thing that has a fixed location in space, which cannot be moved, or doing so would cause a detriment to its nature. Precisely its name comes from the Latin immobilis which means immovable.

What is real estate?

For the purposes of the assessment for contributions, the land, the subsoil, the buildings, the objects, machinery, and implements attached to the building or to the land in a way that indicates permanence will be considered real estate, regardless of whether the owner of the object or machinery is owner of the building, or if …

What are personal property according to the Civil Code?

Thus, the assets that are movable by their nature are those established in article 753 of the Federal Civil Code, which reads: “Article 753. – They are movable by their nature, the bodies that can be moved from one place to another, either they move by themselves, or by the effect of an external force.”

What is movable property in history?

Movable historical assets are objects such as paintings, sculptures, photography, archives, altars, gates, tableware, artifacts, archaeological pieces, which can be transported, and which are related to the history of a culture.

What are personal property by law?

by provision of the law and in advance. IGG ARTICLE 754. They are movable property by determination of the law, the obligations and rights or actions that have as their object movable things or amounts due by virtue of personal action.

What are the properties of a house?

Real estate is considered to be all those assets considered real estate, because they have in common the circumstance of being intimately linked to the land, inseparably linked, physically or legally, to the land, such as plots, urbanized or not, houses, industrial buildings, that is to say , the so-called farms, in…

What are intangible assets?

We refer to certain goods that are the object of these patrimonial rights, which, because they do not have a corporeal or material nature, cannot be perceived by some senses. These intangible assets do not occupy a physical space, they are not made of matter.

What are corporeal things?

BODY THINGS. They are all those material things that are perceptible by the senses. (article 565 ic. 2 of the Civil Code).

What are bodily rights?

(Civil Law) Said of a right that falls on a corporeal thing.

What does article 334 of the Civil Code say?

(EFFECTS OF APPROPRIATION). – The appropriation declared valid by sentence passed in authority of res judicata or accepted by the creditor, releases the debtor who can no longer withdraw it.

What does article 750 of the Civil Code say?

Movable assets, by their nature, that have been considered real estate, in accordance with the provisions of various fractions of the previous article, will recover their movable quality, when the same owner separates them from the building; except in the event that the value of the latter has been computed in the value of the former, to constitute…

What article of the Civil Code speaks of assets?

Article 772. – All things whose domain belongs to them legally, and of which no one can take advantage of them without the consent of the owner or authorization of the law, are assets owned by individuals.

What does article 587 of the Civil Code say?

Article 587.

If the assets of the incapacitated person have an increase in their products, due exclusively to the industry and diligence of the guardian, they will have the right to have their remuneration increased up to twenty percent of the liquid products.

What does article 2283 of the Civil Code say?

Article 2283.

The seller is obliged: To deliver the thing sold to the buyer; To guarantee the qualities of the thing; To lend the eviction.

What does article 146 of the Civil Code say?

Article 146. Marriage is the free union of two people to realize the community of life, where both seek respect, equality and mutual help. It must be held before the public servants established by law and with the formalities that it requires. Article 147.

When does movable property become real estate?

However, for a movable thing to be considered real property by destination, it must be permanently destined for the “use, cultivation and benefit of a property” and that it has been placed by the same owner of the property (art. 658).

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