How to disconnect TVE channels with the red button?

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In any other TVE channel, when you press the Red Button, the same contents of the chain are available by choosing the Clan option in the menu. The Red Button can be deactivated and return to the program that was being watched on TV by pressing the red button on the remote control again.

How does the RTVE red button work?

If your television is not connected or is connected but does not have HbbTV or hybrid DTT service, you can access RTVE BOTÓN ROJO through an adapter that you can obtain in specialized stores and that you connect to your ADSL router and your television. Its operation is similar to that of a conventional DTT adapter.

How to access RTVE a la carte?

To access RTVE à la carte, you simply have to connect to its website or use the free RTVE à la carte application. It is not necessary to register to access the content, but if you do, you will have certain extra services: Create a playlist with the content you want.

How to watch RTVE on TV?

You can access RTVE Play by going to or, downloading the RTVE Play app, available for Android and iOS, accessing the version for connected televisions and HbbTV or the web version to be able to enjoy of the new platform from any browser through the PC, laptop, …

How to access HbbTV?

The only thing a user needs to use HbbTV technology and enjoy this platform is a television connected to the Internet and to a terrestrial antenna. A fairly conventional requirement since since 2009, almost all televisions on the market have access to the internet through a cable or Wi-Fi connection.

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What is HbbTV on a TV?

Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV or HbbTV, is a pan-European hybrid television project whose objective is to combine television broadcasts (broadcast) with broadband services (broadband) to provide the viewer with an entertainment service through a television screen.

How to know if my Smart TV has HbbTV?

Generally, any Smart TV compatible with the Hbbtv format will show a tab on the screen indicating the function. If this information curtain does not appear on your smart tv, it means that your television is not compatible or is not updated for Hbbtv.

How to update RTVE a la carte?

How to watch RTVE Play, the new RTVE a la carte

Head to the app store. … Download the RTVE Play application for free on your mobile phone, tablet or computer and install it; Register or log in with your account if you already have one. … Ready!

How much does RTVE Play cost?

It is completely free and is different from the international OTT RTVE Play + ( You can continue watching all your favorite TVE programs and series, sports, news, movies, documentaries, the best of our great archive…

How to download RTVE Smart TV LG App?

To download applications you will have to go to the Home button on your remote control, similar to a house. And with it, go to the icon of the three lines in the lower right corner of the screen to access the LG Content Store, where we will see all the content that we can download on our LG Smart TV.

What is the red button on the TV?

The Emergency Button announced by the government of Jalisco this Wednesday due to the increase in cases of coronavirus, is a partial stoppage of non-essential activities and operations that will be valid from October 30 to November 13.

How do I subscribe to RTVE Play?

The platform will allow access to RTVE’s Premium content through a monthly subscription and enjoy it from any computer, through or from any mobile device, through an app for iOS and Android.

How to sign up for RTVE Play?

To start enjoying the new platform, you just have to go to or, download the RTVE Play app, available for Android and iOS -if you have the A the Menu, it will update automatically-, or access the version for televisions…

How to watch TV Play on Smart TV?

Watch Google Play Movies on a smart TV

On your Android TV home screen, scroll down to the Apps row. Select the Google Play Movies app. Search for movies and TV shows. … Select a movie or series.

How to update the RTVE app?

If you have selected the “automatic updates” option on your mobile, you will have the new application in the next few days instead of the previous one. In the event that you do not have that option selected, you will receive a notice to update the application and enjoy the new version.

How to download an RTVE program a la carte?

How to download RTVE videos on demand online

You can try Downloadvideos.TV. It’s free and just put the link of the video to download. Without installing any browser extension or program, this website also supports the download of other TV channels such as or

How to watch TV on demand with chromecast? for Android now allows us to watch the on-demand programming of the channels La 1, La 2, Teledeporte, Canal 24 Horas and RNE stations on our TV with Chromecast by simply pressing the Cast button that will appear on the player of its application for mobiles and tablets.

How to know if my TV is hybrid?

A digital TV only picks up digital signals. A hybrid television captures analog signals and digital signals interchangeably. Analogue, digital and hybrid televisions can be either screen tubes or LCD technology (flat screens).

How to know if my LG TV has HbbTV?

Access the Settings menu and select the Channels section, then look for the HbbTV option. HbbTV must be turned on, so if it appears as Off, click on it and select On.

What channels do LOVEStv have?

What channels are on LOVEStv? Those belonging to Atresmedia (Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega, Atreseries), Mediaset (Telecinco, Cuatro, Divinity, FDF, Energy, BeMAD and BOING) and RTVE (La 1, La 2, Canal 24h and soon Clan and Telesport).

How to disable HbbTV on LG Smart TV?

1. Go to the Channels section and look for the HbbTV option. 2. Tap the option and select Power off.

How to remove audio for blind on LG TV?

1. Access the Settings menu, General tab, click on Accessibility, Type of Vision Disability. 2. Turn off the Talkback option.

What is HbbTV 20 1?

HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a platform defined by the global initiative HbbTV Association, which combines television broadcasts (broadcast) with an Internet connection via fiber or ADSL (broadband) to offer viewers interactive applications and services.

How to cancel RTVE Play?

It is necessary to officially notify our bank that we want to cancel that account and it is advisable to request a certificate.

How long will the red button last in Jalisco?

In order to avoid this, and backed by the opinion of health experts, we established the so-called “emergency button” so that, if necessary, we suspend activities automatically and completely for 14 days (excepting only the health sectors, security and food supply).

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