How to do autoflowering topping?

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Autoflowering Apical Pruning

In the first place, we must carry out this pruning during the growth of the plant, in the autos during the first 3 weeks. Secondly, the plant must have at least 3 nodes so that it can withstand the stress caused by pruning and recover.

How to prune an autoflowering plant?

How to Top Prune Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Select the plants you want to top prune. …Using clean scissors or a pocket knife, cut off the tip of the plant’s stem (just below the last node). Keep an eye on the plant as it recovers.

When should you cut an autoflowering plant?

In general, most autoflowering varieties can be cut after 75 days from the moment they were planted.

How to defoliate an autoflowering?

In the vegetative phase, we recommend defoliating plants just before inducing flowering:

To start, remove the large fan leaves (about the size of your hand). … Next, remove any leaves that grow into the plant. …Finally, remove any old, yellowed leaves.

How to do apical pruning step by step?

Topping is done by making a clean cut at the tip of the main stem, using sterilized scissors or a scalpel. It is recommended to leave 5 cm between the point where the cut is going to be made and the lateral branches, this is to achieve a precise cut and reduce the margin of error in the cut.

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When can topping be done?

By the time the plant reaches about 30 centimeters, it will already show a main stem and two or three internodes and that is when the first apical pruning must be done, which must be done both on the main stem and on the internodes in order to vary effectively the growth pattern.

How many times can the topping be done?

The recommendation is that if you have one plant you can make a maximum of ten cuts, but if you have ten plants you can only make one cut. Everything will depend on the number of plants you have in your crop. On average, it is recommended to make a maximum of three cuts to each one.

How and when to defoliate?

This defoliation budding method should be applied approximately midway through the flowering cycle, about 3-5 weeks after flowering begins. With this technique, the objective is to distribute the natural growth hormones to the areas where floral development is concentrated.

What if I prune an automatic?

Prune Autoflowering Leaves

Since the large leaves of the plants provide them with food and energy, if we cut many leaves we will be causing deficiencies to the plant and we can weaken its development and reduce production.

How to defoliate in bloom?

Defoliation in the flowering phase:

Cut off all the large leaves that you can access with the scissors, leaving the smaller leaves behind. In about 3 days you will see how they sprout again, and after 7-10 days you will have thick foliage again.

How do I know if my plant is ready to harvest?

The ideal is to harvest when 60% to 90% of these “hairs” of the bud are already brown or reddish in color, you can easily see this, just look at the plant and you will immediately notice the change from white to ” they are ready now”! This is the right time to harvest.

How to know when the plant is ready?

You should know that the best way to see if your plants are ready is with a microscope. When the trichome ball is completely round, it is still too early to cut. You must wait until it looks more like a ball that is too swollen, and with deformities.

What happens if I prune my flowering plant?

Pruning plants in the flowering stage helps in two aspects: It favors aeration of the lower area of ​​the crop, allowing air to flow more easily to the lower area of ​​the plants.

How to prune before flowering?

It is necessary to cut the lower branches, because the light does not reach them. It is important to carry out this pruning, after three weeks of reducing the photoperiod. Critical Mass, freshly pruned. We leave only the branches that will benefit from the light that reaches them, concentrating the flowering only on them.

What leaves to cut in flowering?

During the flowering phase, from the 6-7th week, with the buds almost ready, we can eliminate the large leaves that shade and prevent the correct arrival of light.

How many grams does an autoflowering give?

Experienced growers typically collect 100-200 grams per plant, especially in hydroponic systems. The best result achieved so far is 900 grams.

When to cut the tip of the plant?

A pruning, be it FIM or topping, is a method of high stress training or HST. It always works best when you start with a mature plant ready for drastic changes. A good time is to wait until the plant has at least 4-5 nodes and looks healthy.

What is defoliation in plants?

sf BOTANY, ECOLOGY Phenomenon consisting of the premature fall of the leaves of trees and plants, due to disease, atmospheric influence or human action.

What is artificial defoliation?

Artificial defoliation

When defoliation is carried out, what is sought is to improve the growth of the plant by eliminating the leaves that prevent the penetration of light and air flow to the rest of the plant, especially to the bud.

When to apply flowering fertilizer?

During the flowering phase, we will give it the last irrigations with growth fertilizer. After about 10-15 days we can start fertilizing with small doses of flowering fertilizer.

What happens if the topping is done wrong?

It may be the case that we do the apical pruning in a genetics in which it does not work as expected and instead of increasing production by developing several buds of good density and size, it may end up producing buds of much smaller size and consistency.

What is the best FIM or apical pruning?

Most growers report that FIM pruning is slightly less effective than topping at reducing stretch. A fimmed marijuana plant can grow quite large, but with many main colas.

How to make my plant not grow so much outside?

How to make a plant not grow so much?


How many autoflowering plants per square meter?

The LST can be combined with other techniques, such as the ScrOG method. This is often done alongside topping to break apical dominance, but can also be done without pruning on autoflowering strains. Between 2 and 4 plants trained with LST can fill 1m².

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