How to do university degree equivalence in Spain?

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You can access the electronic processing of the request for Declaration of Equivalence of the degree through the procedures tab of the electronic office of the Ministry of Universities, option ″University degrees″.

How to do the equivalence of my degree in Spain?

To homologate your foreign university degree in Spain, you must legalize it, certify it, make a sworn translation and deliver it to the Ministry of Universities together with the application and payment of the 107 fee. Only then, and after a process that can last up to two years, will you obtain the Approval credential.

How long does the university degree equivalency take?

The homologation of university degrees that allow foreigners to practice their profession in Spain will be resolved in a maximum of six months, instead of the more than two years on average that it takes now due to the bureaucracy of the process and that has created a “neck of bottle” of thousands of pending files.

How is the equivalence process?

The equivalence of studies consists of the recognition made by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) of the equality in the value or nature of the programs of similar subjects that are part of the study plans of two different institutions in the Mexican Republic.

What university degrees can be approved in Spain?

The professions that can be approved are the following:

    Medical. Veterinary. Male nurse. Physiotherapist. … General Sanitary Psychologist* Engineer: Roads, Canals and Ports. of Mines. … Architect* Technical Engineer: Mining (in the corresponding specialty) … Lawyer* Court Attorney*

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What races can be homologated?

These professions are the following:

    Doctor.Veterinarian.Nurse.Physiotherapist.Dentist.Pharmacist.Speech therapist.Optician-optometrist.

What titles can be approved?

Regarding the homologation of a title:

    Physician.Veterinarian.Occupational Therapist.Nurse.Dentist.Pharmacist.Speech Therapist.Optician / Optometrist.

How to obtain equivalency of studies?

Go directly to the educational authority to request resolution of study equivalencies. Documentation Required for Higher Secondary Education: Application, • Birth certificate or equivalent document, • High school certificate, • Partial certificate of the studies object of the process, • Payment of rights.

What is the equivalency of studies?

It is a procedure through which the Educational Authority or the Institution declares that studies carried out within the National Educational System are comparable to each other.

What is the equivalence of a title?

Equivalence is the recognition that a degree or set of studies completed has the same academic and/or professional effects as another. It must be taken into account that the equivalence does not entitle the interested party to obtain the title with which the equivalence is established.

How long does it take to homologate a title?

In Spain, the homologation of a foreign university degree can take on average between 9 months and 2 years. During this period your file will be open and the Administration may request additional documentation in order to close the process.

How long does the equivalence of titles take in Spain?

Homologating a university degree in Spain is an odyssey due to the heavy bureaucracy. Waiting times usually range from nine months – for a degree issued in Europe – to more than two years, and if the degree or degree is in Medicine, even longer if it is a non-EU degree.

What is the difference between homologation and equivalence?

Difference between homologation and equivalence.

The main difference between homologation and equivalence is that the homologation will be carried out for the so-called regulated professions, that is, those that have a law that develops their exercise.

What is the baccalaureate or its equivalent?

What is the High School Equivalency? It is a way to obtain an accreditation that serves to verify the requirement of obtaining a baccalaureate. This is very common in oppositions, where it is requested to have a “baccalaureate or equivalent”.

What does it mean that a title is approved?

The homologation of foreign titles, diplomas or studies of non-university education supposes the declaration of equivalence with the titles of the current Spanish educational system.

What to do to homologate a title?

In these cases, the recognition is carried out through the validation procedure and is channeled through the Ministry of Education of the Nation; in the National Directorate of University Management and Supervision (DNGyFU).

How to know if a title is approved?

How to check that a course is approved? The answer to this question is very simple: what you have to do is check directly with the competent body that the title is approved. That the title is approved or accredited is essential.

What races can be homologated with administrative management?

    Occupational Epidemiology. Informatics and Commerce. Occupational Toxicology. Industrial Processes. Applied Physics. Administration III direction and control. Environmental Management System. Human Talent Management.

What are the careers that do not have mathematics?

What are the careers that do not have mathematics?

Law. The Law School prepares students to train with critical thinking in the area of ​​Legal Sciences. … Journalism. … Psychology. … Advertising. … Social work. … Graphic design. … Education.

What do you have to study to be a millionaire?

5 careers you should study if you want to be a millionaire

Systems engineering. … Orthodontics. … Pharmacobiologist Chemist. … Psychiatry. … Business Administration.

How long does it take to homologate a title in Spain 2022?

The baccalaureate degree, qualifications and having it apostilled. Also, pay the fees for that service. How long does the approval process take? It depends on the consulate or office, but since we deliver the documentation it can take from 4 to 8 months.

How long does it take to validate FP subjects?

The resolution of the validations can take up to 8 months from the time we start the procedures. These procedures are carried out twice a year: in March and in October. For this reason, we recommend that you request validations in the first or second semester of your cycle.

How long does it take to homologate a medical degree in Spain?

Spain will homologate Medicine degrees within a maximum period of 6 months.

How much does it cost to homologate title in Spain?

The price of the homologation of a university degree in Spain is just over 160 euros, since it is established by Law 15/2014, of September 16, on the rationalization of the Public Sector. To pay it, it is necessary to fill in form 079 at any collaborating bank.

What is validation of a university degree?

Validation is the official recognition of the validity, for academic purposes, of higher studies completed abroad, whether or not they have ended with obtaining a degree, and allows you to continue said studies at a Spanish university.

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