How to go back from MIUI 12 to MIUI 11?

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To do this, you just have to go to “Settings> Phone information> MIUI version”. There you will find the data you need, write it down and follow the steps. Once you know the current version of MIUI that is installed on your computer, you must download the version prior to it and that is possible by entering DownMi.

How to return to MIUI?

Go back to previous MIUI from settings

By the way, we will press 10 times in a row on “MIUI version” to enable the developer options, which we will need later. We have to download the appropriate ROM for our mobile, we can use the Downmi service to locate it:

How to uninstall MIUI 12 update?

How to uninstall an update of a MIUI application on your Xiaomi

Go to Settings and then enter the Applications section. Once inside, simply access the Manage applications section and search for the application that you want to uninstall its latest update.

How to recover a Xiaomi update?

How to recover the MIUI updater on your Xiaomi

Open the Activity Launcher app and look for the option called “Update” Once selected, you must click on “” and you will be able to directly access the MIUI updater.

How to delete a MIUI update?

We go to «Settings» / «About phone» / «System update». In the upper right corner there are three horizontal dots, click on them and select “Reboot to recovery mode”. In the menu that opens, select “Wipe data” or “Wipe and reset”.

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How to Uninstall the latest version of Android?

Method 1 Uninstall updates

Open settings. app. Touch Apps. .Touch an app. All apps installed on your Android device are listed in alphabetical order. Tap ⋮. It’s the button with three vertical dots. Tap Uninstall updates. … Touch OK.

How to Uninstall MIUI Apps?

You just have to follow these steps.

Open the settings of your Xiaomi.Go to the ‘Applications’ sectionClick on ‘Manage applications’Click on ‘Uninstall’Select the apps you want and delete them.

How to uninstall an update of an application?

The steps to use it are:

Open the phone settings. Go to the Applications section. Look for the app that is causing problems in the list. Enter it. Click on the three vertical dots icon located in the upper right corner. Click on the option “Uninstall updates “.

Where to download MIUI 125?

To do this, follow these steps:

    Visit the official MIUI page from your mobile by clicking on the following link: download MIUI. Select your model and download the updated official software.

How to go back to my old Android update?

The only way to restore our phone to an older version of Android is to “flash” the device. In other words, we will have to download a compatible image of the firmware or operating system that we want to install and then dump it onto the device with the help of a PC and a few commands.

How to know the MIUI version I have?

How to know what version of MIUI our Xiaomi has

We open, then, the “Settings” of the phone and right at the top, under the search box, we find an option with the name “About the phone”. We will see that the version of MIUI that we have installed is written on that same option.

How to install MIUI 125 update?

Learn to install Miui 12.5 Beta on Xiaomi and Redmi

Unlock the bootloader or Bootloader. Install TWRP. Download the version of MIUI 12.5 Beta corresponding to your phone (updated March 2022)

How to install MIUI 125 manually?

Manually update a Xiaomi

Open the settings.Go to ‘about the phone’Click on ‘MIUI version’Click on the MIUI 12 icon several times to activate the additional functions.Go to the menu button (three dots)Click on ‘select update package ‘

How to update MIUI 125 manually?

How to force MIUI updates on your Xiaomi

Go to Settings> My device (On the phone)> MIUI version. After that, we will only have to click on the three points on the top menu and access «Update settings«Then we will activate the option «Receive updates before«

How to go back to a previous version of an app?

Go to your Android settings and then Applications. Make sure the system apps are also shown. Find the application you want, enter its options and click on “Disable“. Android will notify you that it is going to “replace the application with the factory version”.

How do I go back to a previous version of an application?

To download a version of an app, you have to search for the app in the web search bar and then tap on the “Versions” button to see the list of previous versions. Select the one you want and you can download it and, after that, install it on your device.

What is Uninstall Updates?

Uninstalling updates returns the app to factory settings without having to do a full factory reset. Factory resets are always the last resort.

How to uninstall an application that comes with the mobile?

How to delete the apps you installed

Open the Google Play Store app .In the upper right corner, tap the profile icon.Tap Manage device & apps. Manage. Tap the name of the app you want to delete. Uninstall.

How to delete an app without leaving a trace?

Tap on the menu and choose something like ‘All Apps’. This will show both the apps downloaded and installed by you and the system ones. Find everything you want to disable. To do this, manually scroll down the list, enter each application and click the ‘Disable’ button.

How to uninstall Apps on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7?

How to uninstall applications (apps) on the cell phone

Swipe right from the left edge of the screen.Select My apps & games.Select INSTALLED.Select UNINSTALL.Select OK.

How to uninstall an Android version?

How to remove a downloaded update package

Go to Settings.Choose Apps.Select More.Tap Show system processes.Choose System update.Select Storage.Tap Clear Data.

How to install MIUI update manually?

Go to System settings > About phone > System update. Here tap on the MiUI logo 10 times to activate the additional update functions. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to access more upgrade options.

How to update your Xiaomi to the latest version of MIUI by forcing its installation manually?

Manually update your Xiaomi

Open Settings.Tap on the MIUI Version icon.Access the three-dot menu at the top right.Tap on Select update package.Choose the file you have previously saved.

How to update MIUI without WiFi?

We open the “Downloads” app from the desktop or launcher, then click on the three dots to go to the menu. We give “Settings”. We enter the option “Download size limit”. We choose the limit we want for downloads without WiFi connectivity (it goes from 512KB to unlimited).

Why is my Redmi 9 not updating to MIUI 125?

If your mobile is from 2018 or 2019, it is most likely that it will no longer update to this version, since Xiaomi has removed several devices when updating from MIUI 12 to 12.5 and from this to Enhanced Edition, so only the Newer models end up getting the biggest updates.

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