How to have a quiet house?

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Decorate with plants and flowers

In addition to providing fresh and balanced air, focusing on taking care of your plants will help you disconnect from everything for a moment. Some plants that help release stress and attract good vibes are lavender, jasmine, sansevieria, peace lilies and bamboos.

How to have peace and tranquility at home?

What should you do to live in a harmonious home? Have good communication with all the members of your family. Recognize and express emotions. Set aside time together to share with the family. Adapt to change. Create an atmosphere of harmony in your home .

How to have a stress free home?

Tips for a stress-free home

Everything ordered. One of the keys is to maintain order. … Furniture? Just enough. … Lots of light and clarity. Take advantage of your windows. … Disconnection corner just for you. It can be a whole room or a corner. … Soft, neutral colors.

How to have a house in peace?

6 decoration tricks to achieve peace at home

Decorate in white; also the kitchen. … Simple furniture and natural materials in the living room. … Defines a space for the office. … Don’t even think about giving up a hammock. … The bedroom, better in blue. … A bathroom-stable is always a hit.

What does Casa Zen mean?

A ZEN house is a house that helps you live in the present moment, the famous “here and now” to live in well-being thanks to your daily life.

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How is the Zen style?

In Zen, mental emptiness is pursued, emphasizing a simple elegance that also translates into a material emptiness in which it is discovered that less is more. The Zen philosophy of life arrived in the West at the end of the 20th century and took shape in the search for tranquility and peace in the midst of disorder.

How to do so that there is harmony in the house?

How to increase harmony in your home

Agree among family members that they will not yell or offend. Respect and listen to the points of view of each member of the family. Distribute household activities equally. Encourage the participation of the whole family.

What is the color Zen?

Colors for a Zen decoration

The colors chosen for the Zen style reflect purity and order, very similar to a minimalist style, but avoiding any dark tones. You want to obtain a relaxing, passive and harmonious climate. That is why white is the favorite color.

When was Zen born?

Zen (Thiền in Vietnamese) was introduced to Vietnam during the early periods of Chinese occupation (111 BC to 939 AD).

Where did Zen originate?

The originator of Zen (dhyanna in Sanskrit, chan in Chinese) was Bodhidharma (Japanese: Daruma), a Buddhist monk born in South India who later moved to China.

What is Zen looking for?

Zen is based on the search for enlightenment through techniques that avoid conceptual schemes. Originally, Buddhism relied on a progression of the various states of meditation as the path to elevation.

Where is Zen Buddhism practiced?

It spread to South Asia, where the Theravada Buddhist school still predominates. Towards the north it was established in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and China, places where the Mahayana Buddhist school developed. Through China it reached countries such as Mongolia, Japan and Korea, emerging in the course of the Chan, Shin and Zen schools.

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