How to know the DaviPlata code?

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After entering the information requested on the cell phone, the client will assign a four-number password to manage the DaviPlata. When the product is activated you will receive a text message from the code 85888 welcoming you and indicating that the activation has been successful.

How to know my DaviPlata code?

2.4. The security code will be sent by SMS message to the cell phone number that THE CLIENT has associated with DAVIPLATA. The message with the security code will be sent once you make the first recharge to the VIRTUAL CARD or when you request to know it through the DaviPlata App.

What do I do if I do not receive the DaviPlata code?

In case you do not receive the text messages with the OTP confirmation codes, remember to take into account the following:

At the time of making the transaction, confirm the internet connection on your cell phone, either data or Wifi. Have the Davivienda Móvil App installed. Your device must be registered.

Why don’t I get the OTP code?

Occasionally your OTP request may be delayed due to poor mobile connection. The user can try to switch between WiFi and mobile data or connect to a different network connection to resolve this issue. You can try requesting the OTP once you have restored your mobile connection.

How long does the DaviPlata token last?

You will receive a 6-digit code by text message. The code is valid for 1 hour, after this time the money will be returned to your DaviPlata.

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How much is the maximum I can have in DaviPlata?

See conditions of use at MIN: $1,000 MAX: $1,250,000 (Per transaction) – $1,250,000 (Daily) – Maximum 15 daily transactions – $8,000,000 (Monthly). *The cost of this service may change, which will be informed by the Bank 45 calendar days in advance.

How much money can I save in DaviPlata?

The maximum amount you can deposit per transaction is US$307.00, and the maximum amount you can accumulate with your deposits is US$1,520.85 in the month.

How much is the maximum I can have in my DaviPlata?

The DaviPlata App can be activated in less than 5 minutes.

208) and, the maximum limit allowed to load your DaviPlata by PSE is $500,000 per transaction.

How to get my OTP code?

To generate OTP Codes, you will need to install an application such as Google Authenticator available on the App Store or Google Play (for iOS and Android respectively) on your mobile device.

How to get the OTP from the National Bank?

You must enter BN Internet Banking Personal and start the activation in the PREFERENCES top menu, for which you must choose the OTP Configuration option, and within it you must select Enable Cellular Token.

What is the OTP code?

The OTP code is a password or one-time password (its acronym in English: One-Time Password), also known as a password or dynamic password. It is used as a second factor of authentication, in addition to the commonly used username and password.

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