How to know when to collect a teaching substitution?

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So, generally, if you take a substitution, you get paid for that time worked two, three, or even four months later in the worst cases. It is not that they skip the payment, but that they pay the debt all together. Once you get paid for the first time, the monthly regularity for that position begins.

How do substitute teachers get paid?

Historically, substitute teachers and guards collect the late Christmas bonus, that is, while the regulars collect in July, the replacements then in August and when it is paid again in December, it is only in February that the substitutes are charged.

How long does it take to pay teacher substitutions?

Substitutes will be paid on August 3 with the July 6% increase. The designations of internships and substitutions will be paid for: March, April, May and June.

How much does a substitute teacher earn in Argentina?

The national average salary for a Substitute Teacher is $52,056 in Argentina.

What is teacher substitution?

SUBSTITUTE: Substitute is understood as the teacher who replaces another in his position due to leave or commission of services. ARTICLE 5). To be appointed interim or substitute, it will be necessary to accredit the conditions for admission to teaching, established in this regime.

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How long can a substitution last?

It lasts up to a maximum of 6 months for courses within the country and up to a maximum of 1 year for courses outside the country.

How long does a substitution last?

In the event that the substitution corresponds to a vacant position, it may not be extended to more than six months, at the end of which a holder must necessarily be provided.

How to collect the teacher’s salary for the first time?

If you have never worked for the DGE before, your first payment will be at a designated branch of Banco Nación, the creation of your salary account will be done automatically, without the need for you to carry out any paperwork.

How much is the 2021 teacher incentive?

To this is added the additional for the National Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid) which, according to the sections of the increase, will be $3,907 in March, $4,318 in June, $4,729 in August to reach $5,141 in September, representing an increase of 81%.

How to collect teacher salary without card?

In this sense, the portal has enabled a new service for teaching and non-teaching agents who are new to the system and do not yet have a debit card to receive their salaries through a cashier’s box. savings of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires.

How to apply for the charge card at ABC?

To register on the ABC portal at, click on “I want to register” and follow the instructions. Then enter your PIN to operate with the SerCoPe.

What does provisionality mean in teaching?

a) Provisional: To the teacher who is designated to cover a position or teaching-hours for: 1) Transfer without suppression of position or teaching-hours, promotion, resignation, dismissal, exoneration or death of a holder. 2) Creation or unfolding of grades, groups or cycles, sections, shifts, divisions or establishments.

How much is charged for a teaching module?

Specifically, the module for a teacher will go, on average, from $3,115 to $3,599 in March; $3,859 in July and $4,217 in September. Likewise, the Lecture Hour will increase from $2,077 to $2,399 in March; $2,573 in July and $2,811 in September.

How much does a teacher earn in Argentina 2021?

Official data shows that the weighted average of this type of teacher in the country is $39,552. This figure is reached if the teacher salaries of each province are averaged according to the number of teachers reported.

When is the substitution contract denatured?

In its ruling, the Labor Chamber considers that substitution contracts are also distorted when they exceed 5 years, since a different interpretation would violate the principle of reasonableness.

What type of contract is the replacement contract?

The replacement contract is the one by virtue of which a teacher provides services in an establishment to temporarily replace another with a current contract that cannot perform its function, whatever the cause.

What does substitute position vacant mean?

Substitutes for a vacant position are displaced from their replacement by a regular, generally this occurs when there is a contest for teaching movements: admissions, transfers, relocations or due to a negative report from superiors.

When does a substitute become provisional?

A substitute teacher automatically becomes provisional, if the incumbent he replaces requests, for example, transfer (MAD), the position IS NOT COVERED BY PUBLIC ACT. The logic is as follows: The position is already covered by two people, a holder who does not perform her duties, and therefore has a substitute.

When does a provisional charge end?

It will last until a headline takes that place or a section (course) closure occurs.

How to be a provisional teacher?


Not currently be linked to the official educational service in the Capital District or in any other territorial entity, provisionally, in a trial period or in property. Be over 18 years old up to a maximum of 70 years old. Undergraduate or postgraduate training qualifications.

How do you move a provisional teacher?

The provisional teacher who fills said vacancy, will have the right, in order of merit, to be relocated to another vacancy, in the same position or modules or teaching hours, thus producing a shift between the provisional teachers of the establishment.

How is the teacher debit card processed?

In order to request a debit card for teachers, you can also do so through a shift and by going to the nearest Banco Provincia branch. You can request a shift by clicking on the following button.

How do you charge for Ticketera?

In order to collect the salaries for March 2020, each agent who receives salaries for “open ticket booth” must have:

Registration in the ABC Portal with updated profile data. All personal data -My Data- of the “My assets” option uploaded updated.Active official ABC mail account.
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