How to load multi Madrid card?

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To top up the Multi Card you can use these points or a Bankia ATM. All the tickets in the table above can be loaded except for the intercity Bonobús, which cannot be loaded at the Metro vending machines.

How is the Madrid public transport card loaded?

To recharge our Transport Pass on the card, we can do it in three ways:

    In Madrid Metro stations. … At authorized tobacconists with a refill service [listado]At Bankia ATMs adapted to the service [listado]

How to recharge the T Mobilitat?

Do you want to load the transport title on a card?

Go to TMB APP. Go to the “T-mobilitat” section and select the “Cards” option. Bring the card close to your mobile device. Load the ticket. Bring the card close to your mobile device again so that the load is recorded instantly .

How much does it cost to recharge the multi card?

The same one in which for years we have kept our monthly or annual transport pass. It is recognized because it is a personal card that contains our data and photo. Although we can only use it ourselves, from October 1, 2017 we will also be able to load tickets. It costs 4 euros.

How to check the multi Madrid card balance?

Check Multi Card balance

You can check the balance of this card at all points of sale (automated machines, tobacconists and Bankia ATMs) and now also in the Public Transport Card app, where you can check the number of trips available.

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How to know the balance of my transport card?

The available balance of the public transport card can be checked on the official Metro de Madrid app, at the underground automatic machines, at Cercanías stations, transport interchanges and at authorized tobacconists.

How do I know how many trips I have left on the Public Transport Card?

Too easy. From the website of the Madrid Transport Consortium itself. You can download the Public Transport Card app. Here you can check the number of trips you have left on your transport subscription card.

What tickets can be loaded on the multi card?

The Multi Card is a rechargeable and anonymous contactless support, designed to load single tickets, 10-trip tickets and the Tourist Pass. Although similar, it is not the same as the Public Transport Card (TTP).

Where to top up the multi card?

When in doubt about the card or ticket you need, ask the Metro staff at the stations. They will help you. In all Metro stations there are recharge machines for the Multi Card and the Public Transport Card.

How many titles can be loaded on the multi card?

The Multi Public Transport Card can contain up to three non-personal titles. How to get it? The Multi Public Transport Card has a price of 2.50 euros.

When will T-Mobilitat work?

The T-Mobilitat will arrive in Barcelona on January 1, 2022.

How can I buy T-Mobilitat?

In person

If you want to purchase the T-mobilitat card loaded with a transport ticket, go to the T-mobilitat Kiosks. … If you already have a T-mobilitat card and want to load or top up a ticket, you can do so at the vending machines on the metro network.

How long does the T-Mobilitat last?

Thus, the tickets that can be used in this new phase of the system deployment are the T-usual and the T-jove for 1 zone, with a price and validity of 40 euros for 30 days in the case of the monthly ticket, and 80 euros for 90 days in the case of the title for people under 25 years of age.

How to recharge the public transport card in Bankia?

As of July 1, the Public Transport Card loading service is no longer available in the Bankia ATM network. It will be possible to continue carrying out this operation at the rest of the network’s points of sale, such as: the automatic machines at the Metro, Light Rail and Cercanías stations.

Where can I get the Madrid transport pass?

Internet: it can be requested through the official website of the Community of Madrid. The card will be received by post to the address indicated on the application in just over a week. In person: it can be requested at the Public Transport Card Management Offices, requesting an appointment.

When do the multi card trips expire?

Expiration of 10 years

In the ‘Multi Card’ there is no renewal. It expires 10 years after being purchased, so users of this will have to purchase a new card once that period of time has passed.

What areas does the B2 season ticket cover?

The Subscription corresponding to Zone B2 allows you to move around zones A and B1, also extending to the following population centers:

    Ajalvir. Belvis and Los Berrocales Urb. … Boadilla del Monte. Fuenlabrada. Fuente del Fresno Urb. … Las Matas (Municipality of Las Rozas de Madrid) Las Rozas de Madrid. Majadahonda.

How much does the B1 B2 season ticket cost?

– Normal subscription: zone A (€54.60), zone B1 (€63.70), zone B2 (€72.00), zones B1-B2; B2-B3; B3-C1; C1-C2 (€47.90), zone B3 (€82.00), zone C1 (€89.50), zone C2 (€99.30), zone E1 (€110.60) and zone E2 (€131 €.80).

What does the senior citizen subscription cover?

Senior Pass: From 65 years. A single and affordable price to move around all zones and on all types of transport, except for zones E1 and E2.

How does the public transport card work?

To use the card, it is necessary to load a valid transport ticket that corresponds to the trip that is intended to be made. Validation is mandatory in the readers indicated in the access equipment of the different operators. Up to three different titles can be loaded on the same card.

How to know if you have a balance on the metro card?

How much balance do you have on your Metro or Metrobús card in Mexico? You can now check your balance and top up your Integrated Mobility card from the Mercado Pago application. The procedure for this option will consist of scanning your card with your cell phone from the Mercado Pago app.

What is zone B1 in Madrid?

The Subscription corresponding to Zone B1 allows you to move around Zone A Central, also extending to the following population centers: Alcobendas. Alcorcon. Cantoblanco.

How can I know the balance of the Valencia bonometro?

The first thing we must do is download the following application from which you can access both the schedules and see how much balance (trips) my card has left. Once we click on the plus, we must take the physical meter voucher and turn it over, behind, at the top, we will find a series of numbers.

How to read the balance of a card with NFC?

NFC card reader for Android. The way to do it is very simple: we start the app, we bring the card close to the back of our smartphone and thus we will be able to see a description of the card as well as the last operations that we have carried out with it (not of the account).

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