How to look up a stored procedure in Oracle?

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Stored procedures are objects, so to obtain information about them, the following dictionaries can be consulted: – “user_objects”: it shows us all the objects of the selected database, including the procedures.

Where are stored procedures stored in Oracle?

Oracle allows you to access and manipulate database information by defining procedural objects (subprograms) that are stored in the database. These procedural objects are PL/SQL program units: Functions and Stored Procedures.

How to search for an object in Oracle?

To search in objects (packages, functions, procedures, etc) we can search in dba_source or all_source. dba_source: all the objects of the database where we execute the sql. all_source – All objects accessible by the current logged in user.

How can I view a function in Oracle?

The pkg contents command displays the contents of the package file system. With no options or operands, this command displays path information for all packages that are installed on the current image. Use the command options to specify the specific package content you want to display.

How to search a data in an Oracle database?

To locate where a certain name, word or text is used, we can execute the following statement with the SYS user preferably: select * from SYS. ALL_SOURCE where upper(TEXT) like ‘%SALES%’;

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How to search for special characters in Oracle?

For example, to search for the string “how?” type /how? and press Return. These special characters can be used as search function commands, so if you want to search for a string that includes one or more of these characters, you must indicate this by preceding the character with a backslash.

How to find the name of a table in Oracle?

To be able to make lists of tables we can consult several tables of the data dictionary:

DBA_TABLES: Contains all the tables of the database. ALL_TABLES: Contains all the tables accessible by the user (their own plus those that have permissions over them) USER_TABLES: Contains all the user tables.

How does a package run in Oracle?


In the Data Source Explorer or Data Project Explorer, right-click the PL/SQL package that you want to run and select Run. … View the results for the execute action in the SQL Results view.

How do packages work in Oracle?

Oracle packages are used to group and organize functionalities in a database. They are structures that group PL/SQL objects (functions, procedures, types, etc.). This will allow us to have structured programs grouped by functionalities.

What are the packages provided by Oracle?

We are going to see what the packages are in the Oracle database management system, explaining their structure and operation.

    create [or replace] package package_name as. …create [or replace] package body package_name as. … /* Header */ … CREATE or REPLACE PACKAGE employees AS. … Standard : has the function to_char and abs.

Where do I see Decompiled objects in Oracle?

To find out which objects remain decompiled in the database, we can launch this select that will return all the objects that are currently decompiled. It will return the command to us so we can execute it and recompile the object.

What are invalid objects in Oracle?

The invalidation of database objects can be of two types: 1) invalidations due to syntax or scope error, that is, due to an error in writing sql or pl/sql code or due to lack of permissions on objects referenced in other schemas and 2) dependency overrides.

How to search in SQL Developer?

To find data in tables and views:

In the main menu of SQL Server Management Studio or Visual Studio, click ApexSQL Search. Select the Database text search… option: In the Search field, enter the value of the data you want to search for. In the Database menu, select the database in the one you will look for

What are stored procedures in Oracle?

A stored procedure is a named block of PL/SQL code stored in the database that can be executed from applications or other stored procedures. In a PL/SQL block, simply refer to the procedure by name to execute it.

What is Oracle and its characteristics?

Oracle is a company that develops databases that store and facilitate the handling of large amounts of information related to each other. It is one of the largest software companies in the world and also one of the most expensive when creating high-performance business applications.

How to execute a stored procedure?

The procedure is executed by placing “execute” (or “exec”) followed by the name of the procedure and the values ​​for the parameters separated by commas: exec pa_libros_autor_editorial ‘Richard Bach’,’Planeta’; The values ​​of a parameter can be passed to the procedure by the name of the parameter or by its position.

What is a database package?

A package is a schema object that logically groups related PL/SQL elements such as data types, functions, procedures, and cursors.

What are user privileges in Oracle?

Privileges are permissions that we give to users so that they can perform certain operations with the database. In Oracle there are more than a hundred possible privileges. They are divided into: System privileges.

How to make a package in PL SQL?

Guidelines for creating a package in PL SQL:

Complete the package specification before creating the package body. A package specification should only contain elements, subprograms, and types that must be accessible to users of the package. It should not have unnecessary implementation information.

How to run a procedure in Toad?

inside the TOAD you can go to the “ESCHEMA BROWSER” section there inside the package tab you look for PKG_ADMINISTRA_USUARIO, a little + button appears next to the name on the left side, click there and look for SP_CONSULTA_EMPLOYEE and then with the right button you give execute and a screen appears asking you…

How to execute a query in PL SQL Developer?

From “Tools>SQL Worksheet” (or clicking the SQL icon, or pressing Alt+F10) you can access this SQL Developer tool. It can be used to write and execute SQL, PL/SQL, and SQL*Plus statements.

How to search a table by its name?

In that case, we have it relatively easy in SQL Server because we must do a search in its metadata tables. The “TABLE_NAME” field is the one that will tell us the name of the table. From here, everything is to try and modify the queries to obtain the search that interests us.

How to see the comments of a table in Oracle?

The table comments will be displayed in the “Description” column. To check the column comments, click on a table name in the list of tables. Its columns appear on the table details page, along with the associated COMMENTS in the “Description” column.

How to see the tables of a database in Toad?

By selecting “Tables” we can see the list of all the tables that belong to the schema and in the box below whose function is to perform a filter we can search by name in the event that we have hundreds of tables in our schema.

How to search for special characters in SQL?

In SQL Server, you can use the “PATINDEX” function to search for a specific pattern in a column. This function returns the starting position of a character or returns a zero if the character was not found. To search for non-alphanumeric values, you must also use wildcards in the function.

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