How to make a complaint to the Correos Postman?

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Make a complaint by phone

If you prefer to use the phone first to make your appointment or inform yourself about an incident with a shipment, you can call the Correos telephone number 915 197 197. You can also try the free telephone number 900 400 004.

How much time does Correos have to answer a claim?

Right of complaint

Operators are obliged to establish simple, free, public and non-discriminatory complaint procedures, and to resolve complaints within a maximum period of one month from their presentation.

How to collect postal compensation?

The beneficiary of any compensation for damage or looting is always the sender. If the sender wants the compensation to be collected by the recipient, he must submit a signed request to the Post Office authorizing the compensation to the recipient.

What to do if I do not receive a package from the post office?

You can call the Correos customer service number (91-660-24-54) or write an ’email’ to ADT Postales (

How long does it take for a package to arrive in the mail?

National: 3 days (in 93% of shipments). Europe: 2 to 4 days. Other destinations: depends on the country.

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What to do if you lose a package?

You need to call the corresponding parcel, you can check the phone number here. You must have your tracking number to mention it to the operator and tell them what the problem is with your shipment.

Who is the beneficiary of the compensation of a shipment?

The beneficiary of any compensation is always the sender. If the sender wants the compensation to be collected by the recipient, he must submit a signed request to the Post Office authorizing the compensation to the recipient.

How to retrieve a mailing?

You can call, email, or appear in person at either your local postal service office or the sender’s office. You must inform them that your package has been lost and provide them with a description and tracking number so that they can locate it at their facility.

How do you put a claim sheet?

Request claim sheet

Name, address, DNI, email and telephone of the claimant. Trade name, company name, address, email, NIF and telephone number of the company against which the claim is made. Brief and clear description of the facts that are the subject of your claim.

How to talk to a Post Office agent?

Talk to the CORREOS Customer Service toll-free number

In the event that you want to resolve any query about the services offered by Correos, the telephone number that appears on its official website is 902 197 197.

What happens if you don’t pick up a notification from Correos?

If the taxpayer does not pick up the notification at the Post Office, the taxpayer or his representative will be summoned by means of an announcement published in the Official State Gazette to appear within 15 calendar days in order to be notified. make the notification.

How to talk to Correos?

The Correos customer service number is 902 197 197. It works from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00.

What happens after I put a claim sheet?

But then what about claim sheets? These sheets must be taken to the Consumer’s Office and there, the claim will be analyzed. The company can respond to it, and then the Office will reach a conclusion that must be notified to both parties.

How much does it cost to put a claim sheet?

It is free and its ruling will be binding, that is, what it decides will be equivalent to a court ruling.

Where do the claim forms go?

The claims form can be submitted in person or via the Internet. If we opt for the first way, we can deliver the document to any Municipal Consumer Information Office or to the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs of our Community.

How to know if a package is lost?

How to Start Your Search

Check the Current Status. Before you begin your search, if your package or mail is tracked, check USPS Tracking® to see its current status. … Fill out a Help Request Form. … Submit a Missing Mail Search Request.

What is the SDR in Correos?

DEG (Special Drawing Right): It is used in the post office especially to calculate some indemnities. Its value in 2020 is: 1 SDR = €1.2276. DEPOSIT IN THE UNIT: Shipments, with more than one delivery attempt, that are deposited in the Unit waiting for a new delivery to be delivered.

How does the postal law consider money order?

The money order service is considered as a complementary service to postal services. Excluded from the scope of application of this Law are self-provision services, as well as services related to shipments without the recipient’s postal address.

What if I can’t pick up a certified letter?

In the event that the recipient does not come to pick up the certified shipment within the fifteen days set, the administrative body will consider the notification process completed. The procedure, therefore, will continue its course without it being possible to allege the lack of notification as a procedural defect.

What can I do if Estafeta loses my package?

If your shipment shows damage or theft, you must report it to 800 378 2338 or one of our contact channels within a maximum of 2 business days, from the date the shipment was delivered. And for the rest of the reasons, you have 30 calendar days from the date of collection.

Where to report a parcel?

Hello, come to an agreement with your supplier, given the refusal to solve the situation, present your complaint to the nearest ODECO… Go with a printed complaint form with identification, proof of address, ticket and a brief description of the facts.

How long does consumption take to resolve a claim?

From the day following the moment you file a claim with a company, establishment or center, the period of 10 working days that they have to proceed with the answer to your complaint and claim sheet begins to elapse.

What happens if my company does not answer a complaint and claim form?

Failure to comply with the obligation to respond within the term constitutes an offense defined in article 71.8.3ª of Law 13/2003, of December 17, and may be sanctioned by the Autonomous Consumer Authority.

How do I know which post office my package is at?

Enter the form above or in this link. Enter Your Guide Number (If you don’t know what it is, keep reading, I’ll show you what it is below) Once you have entered your guide number, click on “Consult”. If the guide number is true, you will get the data of the shipment and the place where it is currently.

How much does a postal employee earn?

The Correos Group has its own collective labor agreement and, although the average salary established for 2021 is approximately 1,500 euros per month, this may vary depending on the position, functions, seniority, three-year periods or extras such as travel.

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