How to make an anonymous complaint to a company?

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Anonymous complaints to companies are articulated through the mailbox for the fight against labor fraud, which belongs to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security. In this mailbox you can report infractions related to social security, occupational risk prevention and of a labor nature.

How to send an anonymous Labor Inspection?

No, complaints to the Labor Inspection cannot be anonymous. In fact, they have to be headed by the data of the complainant, and the DNI must be presented when presenting it or a copy of the DNI must be attached in the event that the complainant is not the one who files the complaint.

Where do you go to report a company?

The method to present the complaint can be in person, by mail or through the Internet. The Labor and Social Security Inspection is an administrative body that serves to guarantee compliance with labor and social regulations by employers and workers.

How to send a Labor Inspection to my company?

in person before the provincial headquarters of the Labor Inspection or other public administrations. by mail, enclosing a copy of the complainant’s DNI that will be verified by the Inspection. through the Labor Inspection website, but always identifying yourself with an electronic DNI or digital certificate.

How to report irregularities at work?

Four ways to report a labor violation

Communicate it to the representatives of the workers in the company. … The mailbox to combat labor fraud. … Complain before the Labor Inspection. … Go to court.16 related questions found

How to make a complaint in the labor inspection online?

Enter the “worker” profile. Select the “complaints and requests” option. Click on “entry labor complaint”, complete all the data required by the system, and click on “next” each time the system requests it. Click “send”.

How long does a Labor Inspection take?

How long does the resolution of the Labor Inspection take? The resolution of the ITSS can normally take up to 9 months from the date of the labor inspection.

What do they ask in a Labor Inspection?

Frequently asked questions in labor inspections

    How many workers are there in the company at the moment? What type of working day do the company’s workers perform? What are the breaks stated in the contract? Is there any worker who is on sick leave?

How much time do I have to report a company?

In all these cases in which the employer imposes one of these measures, the worker has the right to challenge them within a period of 20 days from the time the measure is notified in writing to him directly or to the workers’ representatives.

What information does the Labor Inspectorate require to complete the complaint?


    Personal identification data of the complainant and his/her signature. The facts allegedly constituting the infraction. Date and place of its occurrence. Identification of those allegedly responsible. Other relevant circumstances.

How long do I have to claim damages?

– 1 year to file a civil claim for damages arising from the accident, in accordance with art. 1968.2 of the Civil Code. In the case of damages due to injuries, the Jurisprudence has been considering that this term does not begin to count until the moment of stabilization of the injuries.

What is reviewed in a labor inspection?

Its task is to review the correct compliance with the law in the labor and Social Security obligations of companies and workers. Although not only that. In addition to detecting possible deviations and ensuring compliance with the regulations, the labor inspection must advise businesses in this line.

What does a worker do before a labor inspection?

The function of the inspectors is to control and monitor that companies and workers comply with the administrative responsibilities required by law and to advise and inform them on labor and Social Security matters, so that any company can receive a visit at any time. long awaited…

What does the labor inspection check?

Mission. “Supervise labor, social security, and occupational health and safety regulations through inspection actions that allow continuous improvement of compliance with social legislation by employers.”

Who usually wins labor lawsuits?

Basically, a labor trial is won by the worker as long as he is able to demonstrate what he demands. It is as simple and obvious as that. To do this, he must provide objective and irrefutable evidence to support his argument.

When does the action in claim for damages expire?

– The claim action for material damage caused by a traffic accident prescribes after 2 years (Art. 23, Insurance Contract Law).

When does the damage repair action prescribe?

The action to demand the repair of the damages caused, prescribes in two years counted from the day in which the damage was caused. Article 1159.

What term do I have to request compensation for damages for breach of contract?

Term. The statute of limitations is 5 years (article 1964 of the Civil Code). In the event that contractual fault and non-contractual fault concur in the same case, the injured party may choose between one action and the other.

When is compensation requested?

When as a result of the breach of a contract there is damage, that is, a loss, or when as a result of an event that does not imply the breach of a contract, for example an accident, a person suffers damages, you have the right to claim compensation for damages in civil courts.

When does the civil liability of the lawyer prescribe?

Regarding the nature of this liability, we are faced with a contractual liability, therefore being subject to a limitation period of 15 years.

When does a breach of contract prescribe?

The general limitation period for obligations that do not have a special limitation period will be 15 years 5 years (updated to the reform introduced in the Civil Code) as determined in article 1964 of the Civil Code.

What happens if the damage repair is not paid?

Failure to comply will be sanctioned with fifty to five hundred days fine.

When does contractual civil liability prescribe?

When do they prescribe? The statute of limitations established by Colombian law for contractual civil liability claims is two (2) years.

How much time do I have to make an insurance claim?

The law sets a five-year statute of limitations for claiming personal insurance, such as life, accident or illness. The prescription can be interrupted by extrajudicial claims (burofax, certified letters, emails, etc.).

What percentage is there to win a labor trial?

The Ministry of Labor compiles official statistics on social (labour) court cases that show that workers generally win when their claim goes to trial.

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