How to modify an invoice that is already stamped?

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No, it is not possible to make changes to an invoice that is already stamped. If the document needs these modifications, it will be necessary to cancel it and issue a new one. If you want to know more, see the topic Cancel stamped and unstamped documents.

How to modify an already issued invoice?

An issued invoice should not be deleted. To cancel or modify it, you must issue a credit note or a corrective invoice. Before you have a panic attack, it is good to keep in mind the following: an issued invoice should not be deleted or modified as if nobody here had seen anything.

When can an invoice be modified?

When there is a misconception. The case in which an invoice is issued to the wrong client, or there is an error in the client’s data. If relevant information is issued that should appear on the invoice. When an appropriate tax rate is applied.

How do I correct an electronic invoice?

To cancel any electronic receipt for tax and legal purposes, a credit note or debit note must be issued, depending on the case. Only those who use the “Online Receipts” option to issue an Electronic Invoice may opt for the manual method alternative (check book).

How do I correct or cancel AFIP electronic invoices?

To cancel any electronic receipt, which has fiscal effects for having been granted the “CAE”, you must issue a credit note or debit note, as appropriate. This will be regardless of the electronic system used (eg.

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What to do with a bad invoice?

To correct this data, you must issue a new invoice:

correcting the inaccurate or incomplete data. with a series different from that of the original invoice. Indicating in the concept, the number and date of the original invoice.

What happens if an invoice is modified?

– A penalty of two to nine years in prison will be imposed on anyone who, by himself or through an intermediary, issues, sells, buys or acquires tax receipts that cover non-existent, false operations or simulated legal acts.

When should we request a corrective invoice?

A corrective invoice is sent in the following cases: The invoice sent does not meet the legal requirements as indicated in the Billing Regulations. The tax amounts and quotas have been wrongly calculated. Subsequent discounts or bonuses have taken place.

What is the correction and when is it used?

Corrective invoices are a document used to correct an original invoice, add some incomplete information or indicate merchandise returns. Since by law we cannot alter an invoice that has already been issued, we must create this corrective invoice to make any changes or add more data.

What reasons could generate a rectification invoice?

Error in some of the professional data of the invoice. Failure to calculate the amounts exposed. Absence of relevant information in the document. VAT rate or miscalculated fee.

How much time do I have to rectify an invoice?

The maximum term to issue the corrective invoice, however, is four years. Even so, the Tax Agency recommends issuing it as soon as possible. Among other things, because the correction must be declared in form 303 and it must be done in the quarter in which the price change occurred.

How do false invoices work?

What makes it false, according to the SAT, is its content; which, from the beginning, is presumed true and therefore the transactions under this situation manage to have fiscal effects. However, until the tax authority reviews the invoices, or CFDI, it detects that the operation is simulated and that it does not exist.

What crime is to make false invoices?

If the preparation of the false invoice is carried out by a third party, it will always be prosecuted, and even when the taxpayer has regularized his situation. Therefore, the issuer will incur a crime of false documentation, punishable by prison terms ranging from 6 months to 3 years and fines of 6 to 12 months.

How can you tell if an invoice is false?

To identify whether or not the tax receipt was certified by the SAT, you must enter the website of the tax authority and locate the Electronic Invoice tab, where you will find a menu of options, then click on Verify your invoices.

What happens if I issue an invoice with errors?

A bill of sale issued with errors is not valid, and the SRI can sanction the issuer.

Where to report false invoices?

Complaints and reports

    Complaints and Reports SAT: 55-88-52-22-22. If you are abroad, contact us by dialing our country code followed by the number: + 55 8852 2222 (complaints and reports). Email: complaints@ Móvil – Mobile application, Complaints and Reports section.

When is the crime of using a false document consummated?

The crime of documentary forgery is committed when the author alters, simulates, modifies or falsifies a document or part of it. Documentary falsehood is considered both the creation of a new document from the false one and the adulteration of one of the elements of the document.

How to report a false invoice?

Anyone can file an anonymous complaint over the Internet and simply go to the Tax Agency and fill in the information to make the complaint. Or we can do it by downloading a form, a complaint model that we will fill out.

What is a corrective invoice?

The corrective invoice is a type of invoice that details some correction in the original invoice or adds some data that is necessary.

What is the difference between a corrective invoice and a credit memo?

The first thing that should be clarified is that since 2013, the Tax Agency considers payment invoices to be a special case of a corrective invoice, so the only difference between a credit note and a corrective invoice is that payments are made with a sign negative and corrective invoices with …

When to make a subscription?

When you make a mistake on a normal invoice or product return, you can’t just tear up the document like you would a ticket you no longer need. In order to correct it, you must create a payment invoice that cancels the previous one.

What does credit invoice in favor of the client mean?

Credit invoices are a type of corrective invoices, which are used to post return transactions, reconcile an accounting balance, regularize a tax or adjust inventory.

How does a credit note work?

The credit note is a mechanism that allows the company to make adjustments to the total monetary value of an issued document. Therefore, in the accounting registration process that is carried out, this document goes to the returns account.

How to report a company anonymously?

Anonymous complaints to companies are articulated through the mailbox for the fight against labor fraud, which belongs to the Ministry of Labour, Migration and Social Security. In this mailbox you can report infractions related to social security, occupational risk prevention and of a labor nature.

How is the crime of using a false document configured?

“Article 240º. – Whoever makes a false private document, or alters a true one, will be punished, when he makes use of it, with twelve months in prison to five years in prison.

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