How to pay Bui online?

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Enter the Electronic Payment Web Platform and upload your DNI or CUIT number, without dots or dashes. Also, keep in mind that the DNI or CUIT number you upload must be the same with which the Smart Single Ticket (BUI) was created.

How to pay the Bui online?

This new service has three different payment methods: through the website; through the VEP (Electronic Payment Flyer) or by scanning the QR code that appears on the BUI (Intelligent Single Ticket).

How to get the Bui ticket?

The Procedures Portal of the General Directorate of the Treasury allows the citizen to issue the BUI(s) (Single Intelligent Tickets) and pay them through different means of payment. Enter through a browser, through the following address: Go to the login screen.

Where can you pay the Bui ticket?

ATM: (self-service terminals): Through the barcode on the ticket or the DNI, you can pay by credit card. INTERBANKING: the citizen can electronically pay the bill with the data that appears on it.

What is Bui number?

What is the Single Taxation Ticket (BUI)? The BUI is a document prepared by companies that have a corporate checking account enabled.

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How much does Bui cost?

The cost of it is $320.00. 2) You must request a shift in the nearest municipality or online, and then you will receive the Smart Single Ticket (BUI) by mail so you can pay it. 3) Once you take a psychophysical exam, they will give you a turn to take the driver’s education course.

How much does the 2021 Argentina driving license cost?

The process to obtain the national driver’s license, replacement or renewal, must pay an amount of $768.60 + Fee applied by the municipality.

How much does it cost to get a professional license?

The cost of the procedure has a value of 110.00 USD (VAT not levied) + bank commission value. Cost obtained through the 2021 rate chart (Resolution No. 002-DIR-2021-ANT).

What is needed to obtain the professional license?

What do I need to do the procedure?

Original of the professional driver’s license. Original of the degree certificate of the course. Original of the learning permit. Original of the psychosesometric exam. Original of the identity card and/or citizenship. Original of the current voting certificate.

How to get a professional license?

What do I need to do the procedure?

Valid identity card. Driver’s resume. Background certificate. Certificate of approval of the course taught by a school for professional drivers duly authorized by the Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications.

How to obtain a professional license?

To apply for a Class A5 professional license you must:

Be at least 20 years old. Have a valid class B license for at least 2 years. Have a class A2 or A3 or A4 license for at least 2 years and pass the theoretical and practical course at a Professional Drivers School. … Have completed high school.

How long does it take to get a driver’s license?

It is important to know that the total process to get a driving license takes approximately 6 to 7 months and the average cost will be about 720 euros, so you have to prepare financially and have enough time for preparation.

How much does it cost to renew the driver’s license 2022?

On the other hand, to renew the driver’s license in 2022, you must pay an approximate value of $280,000 for a car and $350,000 for a motorcycle. You should bear in mind that the private vehicle pass is valid for ten years for drivers under 60 years of age.

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