How to read the drawings of people?

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A firm stroke implies control, security, self-confidence, assertiveness. A stroke that is too soft, almost imperceptible, denotes insecurity, lack of confidence, low self-esteem. And a strong stroke represents aggressiveness, discharge into the environment. The circular and curved lines represent emotionality and dependency.

How is the human figure test interpreted?

Personality test. Human Figure Drawing Test.

figure position

    If it is located at the top of the sheet, it indicates insecurity with a tendency to withdraw and acting out fantasy. If it is at the bottom, it will indicate pessimism, insecurity, a tendency to depression, and the presence of little physical activity.

How to interpret children’s drawings?

6 keys to interpret children’s drawings

The size of children’s drawing. … The location of the characters in the child’s drawing. … The order of appearance of the characters in the child’s drawing. … Suppression of some element of the family. … Pressure exerted and type of line in children’s drawings.

What does it mean when you draw a person?

Person or figure drawing is another diagnostic projective technique, in which an individual is instructed to draw a person, object, or situation in such a way that cognitive, interpersonal, or psychological functioning can be assessed by an expert.

What do your drawings say about you?

Drawing type.

For example, horizontal lines are typical of introverted people, while vertical lines denote a positive person. Curves and circular shapes show a friendly and social character, while angles and rigid lines suggest a closed personality with a tendency to obstinacy.

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What do you mean when you draw lines?

Basically doodles are related to the dissociative possibility of our mind: on the one hand we are talking on the phone, listening to a conference, in a meeting or trying to solve a problem consciously; On the other hand, the unconscious expresses itself through that peculiar written form.

What do the drawings mean in a psychological test?

Drawings can express many unconscious desires, influences, and interests, whether past, present, or future. Drawings and doodles can be unique to a person like a fingerprint, serving as unique sources of information that tell a lot about a person’s personality.

What does it mean to draw a face?

Faces: usually denotes the mood or character of the person.

What do the drawings of adolescents mean?

Drawing is expressing how each one sees reality. Children and adolescents tell us a lot through their drawings, they communicate their perception of the world and how they relate to their environment, the most important affective relationships, fantasies and the way they display desires and fears from their internal world.

How to know if a child is abused through drawing?

The indicators of abuse in the drawing of the human figure are the following:

The eyes can be large or small. … Hands with shading.Legs together.Shading can be seen on the face, on the body and on the.Presence of strokes that cross the drawing.Strong strokes on the genitals.Hands on the genitals.

What does it mean when children draw circles?

The symbolism of the drawing can change over time, that is, at first the child can indicate that the circle is the sun and then his mother’s face. This means that there is a previous intention and the strokes are only recognizable by the child.

What does it mean when a child draws big eyes?

If he draws very large eyes, he shows the need to dominate the world, but he is also an observant and analytical person.

What does it mean when a child paints the whole sheet?

how it occupies the space

The way in which it occupies the space tells us about the way in which the child acts before the world. If he draws on the entire sheet, he is a more extroverted, dynamic, participative child, while a more withdrawn, shy and inhibited child occupies a small part of the sheet.

How should a person be drawn in a psychological test?

– The rounded lines show feminine traits, aesthetic sense, dependency, conciliatory, diplomatic and objective. – Fragmented or outlined lines indicate anxiety, shyness, lack of self-confidence.

What does it mean when a child draws a person without hands?

Psychologists may interpret that if a child omits to draw hands, it may be indicating feelings of inadequacy.

What does it mean when a psychologist makes you draw a tree?

The tree represents the deepest and most unconscious of the personality, as it happens with the analysis and interpretation of the signature, it will tell us about what the person keeps for himself.

What to draw in a psychometric test?

Your drawings must be done in pencil, do not use a pen! The drawings. Although this may vary from company to company, the most popular and required are: drawing a tree, a house, a human figure or a human figure in the rain.

What does the person in the rain without an umbrella mean?

What does the drawing of a person in the rain without an umbrella mean? When drawing a person in the rain you should avoid the following: People in the rain made with broken strokes express anxiety, insecurity and stress.

What does it mean to draw lines and boxes?

Those drawings that are made involuntarily, while talking on the phone or attending a conference, do not indicate distraction or lack of interest. On the contrary, it is a way to fix ideas and assimilate content. These unconscious doodles say a lot about oneself. For every taste.

What does it mean when a person draws spirals?

spirals. All the spirals correspond to people who have a great egocentrism and, therefore, find it difficult to look beyond what has to do with their own interests. The spirals that end on the left side show that there is a strong charge from the past, which has not been worked through.

What do children’s drawings mean in psychology?

Children’s drawings express their feelings and emotions. They give us clues about their behavior and personality. Sometimes they show us feelings and experiences that they do not know or dare to express in another way. It is important to see the drawing but also how he does it.

When do children start to draw?

Around 18 months, children begin to draw their first doodles. Drawing is a form of expression for children, their intelligence and their development. Next, we explain the different stages of children’s drawing that can be seen reflected in your little one’s creations.

What are the drawings of a 3-year-old child like?

Before they painted for the simple pleasure of movement, but now they tend to draw more or less geometric shapes (especially circles and lines), which can be endlessly repeated or combined with each other. The difference with the previous stage is that now the little one tries to represent something of reality.

What does it mean when a child draws himself bigger than his parents?

In most cases, the largest and most detailed character drawn is the one that is considered the most important in the family.

How should the drawing of a 4-year-old child be?

The human figure evolves (4 years): The child begins to draw the most complete human figure. He incorporates her body and arms. The head is usually depicted very large, as are the eyes. In some cases, hair is usually incorporated.

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