How to remove stains from the armpits and crotch?

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Cut a lemon into slices and rub the crotch with them, if the area is very dark, leave the slice to act for half an hour and then clean yourself with warm water. Doing it daily will help reduce skin blemishes, you can also do it by applying lemon juice directly to your crotch.

How to lighten your intimate area in 5 minutes?

Yogurt for the groin and genitals

The first thing you should do is make sure that the yogurt is 100% natural. Once you have it at hand, spread it generously all over the skin of your intimate area. Massage carefully for 5-7 minutes and, after 15 more minutes, , remove it from your skin with warm water.

How to remove dark spots from the crotch?

4 home remedies to lighten the crotch

Oatmeal and coconut oil scrub. … Baking soda scrub. … White clay and chamomile cream. … Rice water.

How to whiten armpits and between legs?

Exfoliation with baking soda is a good option to lighten the armpits and the crotch, since it favors the removal of the most superficial layer of skin and, in this way, helps to gradually lighten the spots.

How to remove armpit and crotch stains with baking soda?

How to lighten armpits with baking soda

Prepare a creamy paste by mixing four tablespoons of baking soda and water. Mix well until the paste takes shape. Apply the mixture on your armpits and leave it on for 10 minutes. Then wash your armpits with cold water.35 related questions found

How to remove crotch stains in 3 days?

Lemon juice

Cut a lemon into slices and rub the crotch with them, if the area is very dark, leave the slice to act for half an hour and then clean yourself with warm water. Doing it daily will help reduce skin blemishes, you can also do it by applying lemon juice directly to your crotch.

How to lighten skin in just 3 days?

Mix 2 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a container with 2 tablespoons of powdered milk, a splash of lemon juice and a few drops of glycerin. Stir until smooth and uniform. Apply it on your face every night before going to bed. Clean your face the next morning with lukewarm water.

Why do my armpits turn black?

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of the appearance of dark spots in the armpits. This is because UV rays stimulate the production of melanin when they come into contact with the skin, which generates a more brownish pigment and can end up darkening the skin in this area of ​​the body.

What cream is good for lightening the intimate area?

Gyntima whitening cream is specially designed to lighten the intimate parts of the body. The combination of biotechnological peptides and plant substances whitens and nourishes the genital and anal areas that are intensely pigmented.

How to make my vagina look pretty?

General tips for maintaining a healthy vagina

Wash your hands well before and after going to the bathroom. Use special soaps for intimate hygiene. Change your underwear daily. Wear cotton underwear that covers the entire area, that is, avoid wearing thongs if possible or make a reduced use of them.

Why does the intimate area of ​​women darken?

Sun exposure of the genitals. Irritations and repeated trauma. Wear tight clothing. Maintain poor intimate hygiene (iron from menstruation can permeate the area)

How to lighten the skin of the female intimate area?

We use different techniques for whitening the intimate and anal areas through:

Personalized creams. Peelings. CO2 laser. Q-swich laser. Intense Pulsed Light Ipl. Depigmenting mesotherapy.

How to whiten crotch and year quickly?

Whiten the anus with baking soda and lemon

Add a tablespoon of baking soda and the juice of half a lemon in a container. Mix well until you have a consistent paste. Apply the mixture to the area you want to lighten and leave for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse the product well.

How to remove the dark part of the armpits?

Tips to take care of your armpits

Exfoliate 3 times a week to prevent darkening of the skin, as this is generally caused by the accumulation of dead cells. Wax your armpits regularly. Moisten your skin before shaving, applying a little soap or foam, to avoid cuts and hurt your skin.

What to do so that the armpits do not turn black?

How to prevent underarm stains on vacation

No to excessive waxing. … Be careful with sun exposure. … Controlling sweating. … Remove dead cells. … Cleaning in everyday life.

How to lighten the skin of the face in one night?

However, the following can improve your appearance.

Chamomile and honey. Smoothes and improves the appearance of the face. … Aloe vera and lemon. This is an excellent combination. … Sugar and yogurt. Together, they are considered as the natural ingredients that stand out for their whitening power. … Egg and honey. … Papaya, carrot and honey.

How to lighten the skin of the face in minutes?

How to lighten skin with lemon juice

Mix an egg white with the juice of half a natural lemon. … Place the mixture on your face and leave it to act for about 10 minutes. Then, rinse with cold water and dry your face gently, without rubbing.

How to remove stains from the skin naturally?

To have dark spot free skin and create an even tone, this is the best natural product. Prepare half a cup of chamomile infusion, two tablespoons of coffee and a tablespoon of natural yogurt. Mix the ingredients and leave for 20 minutes and rinse. Apply it twice a week.

How to remove stains from legs quickly?

Baking soda: this product is the whitener par excellence because it exfoliates the skin, helping to remove blemishes or other imperfections from the dermis. Its use is simple because you only have to mix a little baking soda with water to spread it in the area where you want to apply it.

How to lighten the intimate area with baking soda?

How to use baking soda to lighten the crotch

You just have to prepare it as a kind of homogeneous paste or cream, which is the one that is applied in the dark area. After letting it act for about 20 minutes, it is removed with plenty of warm water and with the help of a soap with a neutral pH so that it does not alter the skin.

Why do spots appear on the legs?

The spots on the skin appear in the form of plaques. It can be triggered by various factors, as already explained, but the most common causes are sun exposure, genetic factors, age, hormonal influences, and skin injuries or infections.

How to remove stains from legs with baking soda and lemon?

To prepare it yourself, mix two tablespoons of baking soda with the juice of a lemon and stir until a paste is made, let stand for 10 minutes. Then apply to the area you require, leave for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

What causes the brown color on the skin of the legs?

Cases of hyperpigmentation on the legs are very common, as well as on the elbows, armpits, and bikini area. These dark spots can be caused by sun exposure, genetic factors, hair removal, hormonal influences, skin inflammation, age, etc.

How long does lemon take to remove stains?

Let the remedy take effect for 15 or 20 minutes, out of the sun, and then remove it with plenty of cold or lukewarm water. Use this remedy 2 days a week, as it should not be used more often, until you see that the spots have been reduced enough or have disappeared.

How is hydrogen peroxide used to lighten the skin?

With the help of a cotton ball, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the specific stains you want to reduce. Give small taps on these areas, do not rub the product all over your skin. Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes and, after this time, rinse your face with plenty of water.

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