How to say nice words to a friend?

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    For funny friends. ‘With your grace and my salt shaker we eat the whole world’. Mr. Wonderful. For those who share. ‘Clearly you are my best friend, I have realized that in the closet I have more clothes of yours than mine’. DRFor the gossipy friend. ‘Eyes that do not see, friend who tells you’. Mr Wonderful.

What to write to your best friend?

What to put in a letter to a friend

    Reason why I am writing you this letter… (it can be funny)Our friendship is special because…You are the best friend in the world because…Memories that we have lived together.Thank you for being in the good times and the bad.I especially thank you for…

How to tell her that she is beautiful?

You can try the following:

“You’re so perfect. I can’t hide what I feel anymore. … “Your beauty moves me in a way that I find difficult to explain. You are so stunning.” “Seeing you is the best thing that happens to me in the day. … “I apologize if I’m a little forward, but I think you’re completely beautiful.”

How to make your friend happy by whatsapp?

Remind that person how great they are.

You can write the message and photograph it or even make a video and attach it to the text. For example, you can send him a text message saying “You are an amazing friend. I love that you have a great sense of humor. Also, you are always with me when I need you.

How to tell your best friend how you feel?

Explain to him why you asked him to meet and how exactly you feel. Be as specific as you can. For example, if you’re only physically attracted to her and would like to talk about having sex, let her know. If you are “in love” and would like to be in a romantic relationship with her, be clear about it.

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How to give happiness?

How to be happier and enjoy a healthier life

Be more honest and communicative. … Do not repress signs of affection. … Work on your empathy. … Help the others. … Always give something to others. … Learn to let go of what is not good for you. … And enjoy yourself.

What can I do to cheer up a friend?

Phrases to encourage a friend in difficult times

You will never be defeated. … Sadness will be in your life until you allow it. … If something doesn’t come back to you, it had better go far away. … In the end, everything will be fine. … Get up, repeat, experiment, but don’t let sadness win you.

How to say something nice to someone?

Manual to say nice things

Be original. … And if you can’t be original, quote good movies. … Remember the nice things your grandparents told you (if you were that lucky), and carry on the tradition. … Say “I miss you”… … Use the verb “appreciate” more. …And learn to describe why you appreciate the other person…

How to make a friend cry with a text?

You have seen me cry more times than my mom and yet you continue to comfort me every time I come to you to tell you about a problem. I love knowing that with you I can be myself, without worrying about the fact that you are going to think of me or that you are going to judge me like all the people do.

What can you say to a friend?

Affectionate names for friends – with meaning!

These are some of our favorites:


What poem can I dedicate to my best friend?

When I met you I knew that you would be my best friend, the friend of my soul, you who have been in those difficult moments for me, thank you very much. To you who have given me your laughter, thank you very much, but above all, thank you for being my friend! to have a friend like that.

How to tell someone that you don’t want to lose their friendship?

Let her know beforehand that you want to meet with her to talk about something important. In this way, she will reserve enough time for you.

You can say the following:

“I’m glad I met you.” “I appreciate all the good times we share together.” “I want you to be happy and joyful in your other friendships.”

What to comment on Instagram to a friend?

What should I comment on my best friend’s photo?

I have never seen a selfie of you that I don’t like. you are the coolest. This outfit deserves applause (Clap Emojis). Blessing of my insta Feed once again. Hottest PAL in town. friends forever.

What is the letter of friendship?

As its name suggests, a friendship letter is a document or text that is written with the purpose of establishing communication with a friend or acquaintance. It is, therefore, an informal letter of a personal nature.

How to say something nice to your partner?

Love you. Advertising. … You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. One of the things you should tell your partner every day is that you are happy to be with him and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to you. … I’m proud of you. … How you feel? … How handsome you are! … Thank you! … I admire you very much. … You’re the love of my life.

How do you say when they say nice things to you?

Ask him a casual question.

This doesn’t negate the compliment or make you cocky. Your boyfriend won’t feel the pressure to respond as long as you compliment him like, “You’re cute too,” “I love you,” or “You’re so cute.” This way, you will thank him and return the compliment.

How to tell someone that they are special?

Phrases for Someone Special

    You already know that you are special to me, so I am sending you this message so that you know that I am remembering you. … Everyone has someone special, I want you to know that you are that someone for me. I know you are special,

What to say to a friend who is sad?

My friend, I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I want to tell you that you are a very strong and brave woman. A simple problem like this is not going to beat you. I know you can get out of all this and that you can smile again.

How to give affection with words?

Some examples of words of affection that you can use to express what you feel are: – I love you and I appreciate you. -You are important to me. -You help me and support me in everything you can.

What can be done to encourage a person?

How to cheer up a depressed person

Stand by him. A depressed person will often be defensive, so using an accusatory tone is not recommended in these cases. … Transmit tranquility. … Understanding and empathy. … Offer help.

What to comment on Instagram?

Short phrases for Instagram

“The best is yet to come”. “Don’t dream your life, live your dream”. “Freedom is in being masters of our own destiny”. “Happiness is a choice, choose to be happy”. “The harder you work, the luckier you will be“.“When the sun rises, the problems begin“.

What to comment to your crush in their photos?

8 phrases that you can comment on your crush in their photos

    “You’re perfect” … “I follow you because they always told me to follow my dreams” … “It’s hard to find someone special like you” “I can’t stop thinking about you” “You mean everything to me, I love you “

What to reply in an Instagram story to a girl?

Respond to your story. Take a look at what he does that day to talk about it. If he posts something interesting, send him a private message in response.

How to refuse someone politely?

How to reject someone without hurting them

Be honest and tell him the truth. Tell him what you think directly. Be kind and respectful so as not to hurt him. Try to control your verbal and non-verbal communication. Before starting the conversation, think about what you are going to say.

How to avoid losing your best friend?

7 ways to get over your best friend’s breakup

Assume your share of responsibility in the breakup process. …get out of the blame game. … Feel the loss. … Stop and celebrate your strengths. … Order your thoughts. … Adopts the “Swedish Strategy”. … Live your life better and take care of your social network.
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