How to send large files over the Internet?

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How to send large files over the Internet

WeTransfer. Possibly the best known for being the pioneer in this field; the interface is not as immediate as its rivals and allows free attachments of a maximum size of 2 GB. …DropboxTransfer. …Firefox Send.

How to send 100 GB over the Internet?

It’s called Dropbox Transfer, and it’s the answer to services that have become fashionable in recent times, such as WeTransfer. With Dropbox Transfer you can send files up to 100 GB directly to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

How do I send large files over the Internet?

Basically, the only thing we have to do to send large files is to upload them to a cloud storage service, which can be Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer or any other, and then send the link to our contact to download it directly. from that service.

How to send 50 GB for free?

Filemail allows you to send files up to 50 GB in weight completely free of charge. Files that will be available for download for a maximum time of 7 days, although it does not put any limit on the number of downloads.

How to send a file larger than 2 GB?

Google Drive is one of the options you have at hand to send large files. It has 15 GB for free, offers paid plans if you want to increase the upload capacity from 100 GB onwards and offers the option to send it through a link or as an attachment to the email you indicate.

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How to send 5 GB by mail?

Send large files of 5 GB or more for free

pCloudTransfer. Those responsible for pCloud, an online storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, also offer pCloud Transfer, which is used to send large files of up to 5 GB for free and without having to register. …PlusTransfer. …FileTransfer. …Filemail.

How to send a 2 GB video by WhatsApp?

Basically, all you have to do is hit the WhatsApp paper clip icon and choose Document (even if it’s something else). This will open the mobile file selector, where you must choose the file in question.

How to send large files for free?

How to send files or large files for free by email

WeTransfer. WeTransfer offers one of the easiest and most convenient services for sending large files. …SendAnywhere. …MailBigFile. … Hightail. …Dropbox. …Google Drive. …OneDrive. … 8. Mail Drop.

How many gigabytes can be sent by WeTransfer?

This service has a free version in which registration is not required, but it is limited to single shipments of a maximum weight of 2 GB, although you can make an unlimited number of files.

How to send a very large file by Gmail?

How to send a Google Drive attachment

On your computer, open Gmail.Click Compose.Click Google Drive .Select the files you want to attach.At the bottom of the page, decide how you want to send the file: …Click Insert.

How do I upload a file that is very large?


PCLOUDTRANSFER. It allows you to send very large files up to 5GB for free. … WETRANSFER. Founded in 2009, it is based in the United States and the Netherlands. … DROPSEND. …BOX. …WIKISEND. …SENDSPACE. … MEDIAFIRE. … SENDUIT.

Where can I upload large files?

    Terashare. It is a file sharing system that combines a P2P system with cloud storage. …WeTransfer. WeTransfer is one of the simplest services you can find to share files. …SendThisFile. …Firefox Send. …Ydray. …Smash. …MailBigFile. …Filemail.

How to send very large files by Whatsapp?

To send large files, it is as simple as opening the chat of the person or group to whom we want to send that file, clicking on the clip icon that appears in the lower right.

How to share a large video?

With the Dropbox mobile app, you can send any large file and video from an Android device to an iPhone and vice versa. With the Dropbox mobile app, you can send any large file, including videos, using a shared link.

How to send a large video by mail?

How to send large files by mail?

GoogleDrive. It is part of the functions that Gmail includes, because by having an email account you have access to this storage tool with 15 GB available for free. …OneDrive. …WeTransfer.

How to send large files by WeTransfer?

If we want to send up to 2 GB of information for free, WeTransfer is the main alternative. When accessing their website and choosing the free option we will see a ‘+’ sign to add files or folders. By pressing it we can upload files from different folders, as many as we want to complete 2 GB.

What is the maximum size of a WhatsApp video?

The maximum size allowed for all media files (photos, videos, and voice messages) sent or forwarded on WhatsApp is 16 MB on all platforms.

How to lower the size of a video for WhatsApp?

-Tap the clip icon and select the gallery option. -Choose the video you have saved on your cell phone. -To reduce the size, you just need to select a smaller area. You will see that the video size and time are reduced.

How to send 2 5 GB?

Today it’s time to expand this list with the best alternatives to WeTransfer that offer to share large files for free and with the same professionalism.

Firefox Send – Up to 2.5 GB. … FileTransfer – Up to 6 GB. …Pixeldrain – Up to 10GB. … Smash – No limit.

How to send large videos by WhatsApp more than 100MB?

Here are two alternatives that will help you send videos over 100MB on WhatsApp:

1 Via Google Drive.2 With WeTransfer.3 With Video Compressor Panda.

How can I send a video larger than 25 MB?

To attach files larger than 25 MB, you have two options:

Send the link directly from Google Drive: Or you can also get the link in “Get URL”, just copy and paste it in the mail. Put it as an attachment from Google Drive. Write the body and details of the email.

How to send a file larger than 25 MB in Gmail?

Send emails larger than 25 MB from your Gmail account

In Gmail, click “Compose” On the compose toolbar, click . and select the file or folder you want to attach. Click on “Insert” Click on “Send” when you have the email ready.

How to send an email of more than 50 MB?

If we want to send files with a size that exceeds the maximum allowed of 50 MB, the ideal is that we send it as a link to Drive. In this way, the recipient will only have to access the file or its download from the link in the email.

How many megabytes can be sent by Gmail?

Maximum size of attachments

You can send one or more attachments in the same message, but in total they cannot exceed 25 MB. If the file is larger than 25 MB, Gmail will automatically add a link to Google Drive instead of attaching it.

How long is 25 MB in a video?

25 MB is 200 megabits. 30 minutes is 1800 seconds. So the video file would have to be less than 200 megabits / 1800 seconds = 111 kbps, or less than half the bitrate of YouTube’s 144p video.

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