How to use the Vueling Credit?

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How do I use Flight Credit? If you have Flight Credit available you can pay for your next trip with it. You just have to book your flight as you would normally do and you will see that, on the payment screen, you will have the option to pay with Flight Credit (it will ask for your email and the code of the canceled reservation).


How to recover money from Vueling?

If you prefer to request a cash refund, access the “Manage your reservation” section. The refund will be executed within a maximum period of 7 days. If you have made your reservation through a travel agency, you can also request a cash refund from the “Manage your reservation” section.

When does Flight Credit expire?

The Flight Credit will be valid for 18 months from its date of issue. It can be used for the reservation of available flights until the expiration date of the Flight Credit. The Flight Credit can be used one or more times until its amount is exhausted.

How to pay with Avios?

You can use your Avios accumulated in your Vueling Club account to pay for all or part of your flights, booking through (flights operated by Vueling or Iberia), or to pay for the extras you add to your booking through the “Manage your reservation” section of our website.

How to call Vueling for free?

Talk to customer service from the free Vueling phone. To speak with one of the airline agents, the Vueling toll-free number that we must dial is 93 378 78 78.

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How to contact via email with Vueling?

Vueling does not have an email support to use, but it has a platform where we can fill in different forms to manage any incident with the flights. The platform in question is accessible from the following link: Support platform.

How many avios do you get per flight?

For economy class flights on Iberia Group and British Airways airlines, you will always earn a minimum of 125 Avios per flight. In the cheapest fare you will get 0.25 Avios per mile flown. When you go up in fare you will get a greater number of Avios, up to 2.5 Avios per mile in Business Flexible.

How many avios do I need to fly Vueling?

The minimum you will need is 4,500 Avios + taxes and surcharges. The problem is that, especially when Vueling offers very cheap fares, it is not beneficial to use your Avios points to get flights with Vueling. That is, you will get a poor value per Avios point.

What are avios points?

Avios are like a virtual currency. You accumulate them with your purchases on flights (from Vueling and Iberia) and with Vueling partners and they are used to obtain discounts on your next trips.

When does the Volotea credit expire?

Your Volotea Credit will expire one year after receiving it. You must spend it before this time elapses but you can fly later. In other words, you must make the purchase within a year, but there is no problem if the departure date of your flight is after the expiration date.

What does flight credit mean?

Flight Credit is a virtual piggy bank where you can save the amount of a canceled flight to use for future reservations. Use it to fly wherever you want, whenever you want or to give it to someone else.

How long does the Vueling refund take?

Refund and return flight

Reimbursement, within 7 days, of the full cost of the journey or journeys not used or; Reimbursement, within 7 days, of the full cost of the journey or journeys already made if the trip is no longer valid.

How to request a Vueling Covid 19 refund?

On their website or on 900 907 527, they offer advice on how to recover money from a flight canceled due to the pandemic. If, in addition to the reimbursement of the flight, you are entitled to compensation, the page’s team of experts will inform you of the amount and the amount for which you can claim.

How to use Avios Iberia at Vueling?

Combine your Avios to use them on Vueling flights

If you have Avios in Iberia Plus or British Airways Executive Club and want to use them on Vueling flights, you can transfer them to your Vueling Club account in the Combine my Avios section.

How many avios are accumulated for each euro?

With it, every time you pay, you get 1 MR point for every euro you spend. These MR points can easily be transferred to Iberia Plus, and 1 MR = 1 avios. But the best part is that if you spend €2,000 in a period of 4 months, you will get 20,000 MR as a gift.

How long does it take to record the avios?

From said claim for Avios not posted, it may take a maximum of 3 months for the posting to your account.

How can I know the avios I have?

You can check the Avios balance from your private area in Balance and movements. Here you will find the movements with a maximum age of 14 months. For previous movements, consult your Iberia Plus Service Center.

How to find the cheapest flights?

11 Tips to get cheap flights

1 1. Use a flight Meta-search engine.2 2. Buy in advance.3 3. Choose the times where the price is lower.4 4. Travel on the right day.5 5. Look for tickets in low season.6 6 Make Round Trips with Different Airlines.7 7. Use Layovers.8 8. Travel Light.

How to call Vueling from Colombia?

Vueling Colombia phone number:

The customer can contact the vuleing airlines customer service from Colombia by calling the telephone number: +34931518158.

How to find Vueling reservation code?

How do I do it?

Enter the Vueling website and go to the “online check-in” tab, located in the central bar of the website. Write the reservation code (it is the locator you get when you make the purchase of the flight) and the email email that you have booked the flight.

What is Volotea credit?

The Volotea Credit is the method used for reimbursements with the Flex Plan. Every time you cancel a reservation with the Flex plan, your money will be converted into Volotea Credit (except card payment charges) so that you can use it on another trip.

How long in advance do you have to be at the Volotea airport?

We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours and a half before the flight, so that you can manage your check-in with time and peace of mind.

How much does a baby pay at Volotea?

The company defines infants as all children under the age of 2. Babies always travel in the arms of an adult and pay the special rate. The cost is €25 per baby, one way, for reservations through the web or call center, and €30 at the airport.

What luggage can I take on Volotea?

Each passenger can carry 1 handbag and 1 cabin suitcase in the cabin at no additional cost. Remember that you can only bring your cabin suitcase (55 x 40 x 20cm) on board if you have priority boarding. Otherwise, you will have to invoice it for free.

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