How to withdraw your AFP 2022?

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To request the withdrawal of your pension fund, you must enter the consultation website and check what day you are allowed to submit your request, according to the last digit of your DNI. Fill in the requested information and click Consult.

How to withdraw my AFP Prima 2022?

Withdrawal AFP PRIMA LINK 2022: Check my account statement

If you want to receive the amount of your contribution every four months, you can call the AFP or update your information at one of its physical agencies. You can also request a detailed report of your contributions and total movements, installments and accumulated balance.

How to withdraw my AFP Integra 2022?

Know the steps of the process:

Get all the documents before starting the process. Download the Request for Refund DU No. 37-94 and complete your data. … Receive the result of the evaluation of your procedure within a maximum period of 15 business days.

How can I get money from the AFP?

Withdraw money deposited in your AFP

Enter the web page.Choose the type of withdrawal to be made.Register the type of document.Enter the document number.Add the verification digit.Register the date of birth.Apply by clicking on “I am not a robot”, and. Click on “consult”

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the AFP withdrawal?

To find out if a person is affiliated with any of the AFPs, such as Habitat, Profuturo, Prima and Integra, it can be confirmed through the SBS website. In it you will have to go to the area where you will select search by names and surnames. Later you will write your personal data.

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How do I know if I am eligible for the return of AFP Bolivia?

CALL CENTER | You can call our free line 800-10-9494, where you must provide your personal data, based on which you will be informed of your access or not to the return of contributions.

How to know if I am in the AFP only with my DNI?

Follow these steps:

First you must go to the type of identity document.Enter the document number.Enter the verification digit.Enter your date of birth.Click on “I am not a robot”.Click on “consult”.

How to withdraw 100 from my AFP?

How do I submit my withdrawal request?

You can enter your request 100% digitally at until August 24, 2021. We will validate the entered data. We will make the payment according to the established deadlines.

How to request AFP 2021 withdrawal?


Enter your type of identity document.Enter the number of your identity document.Enter the verifying digit of your document.Enter your date of birth.Click on “I am not a robot”Click on “ Consult”

How to apply for AFP Prima?

As an identity document, date of birth and email by calling (01) 510-1315 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Generate your web password. If you don’t have it, request it here. Check your fund balance before making the request.

How to request the bonus of 200 thousand?

How to request the Bonus 200 thousand AFP? The bonus must be requested by the contributor through their AFP page. Therefore, you have to enter the web platform of said institution and start the application process for the Fiscal Charge Bonus.

How do I know if I receive the 200 thousand bonus?

The law indicates that they can receive the Bonus: The Affiliates who have a zero balance in the Mandatory Account in their AFP between July 30, 2020 and March 31, 2021 and have requested the 1st and/or 2nd Retreat¹ between the dates indicated above.

How to know if the IFE is deposited?

To find out if you have already received the payment from the IFE or to know the date of the deposit, you must go to the website in the “My Payments” section. You can access directly HERE. You must log in with your RUT and serial number or with a Unique Password.

How do I know if I was paid the Bonus tax charge?

Where can I see if I was paid the Bonus Tax Charge? The Bonus will be deposited to the account that the affiliate has. This can be within the same AFP or in a bank that each person decides. Therefore, you must review the account statements to account for having received the withdrawal.

When do they pay the 200 thousand AFP Bonus?

When is the 200 thousand AFP Bonus paid? The bonus of 200 thousand pesos can be collected until May 8, 2022, where the payment will be made only once in the respective AFP to which the user belongs. The term for the Tax Charge Bonus to be paid is 10 business days once the request is made.

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