How to write rules numbers?

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Rule: They are written together. Example: sixteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-nine. Avoid: Write them separately: ten and six, twenty-four, etc… The RAE considers it INADEQUATE!

What are the rules for writing natural numbers?

The first thing you should know is that when reading a number we do it from left to right. To write the name of a number you should know that: Hundreds are written with a single word, for example: 100 = one hundred; 200 = two hundred; 300 = three hundred, ……..

How to explain the reading and writing of numbers?

To read a number, its digits are separated from right to left three by three. Then they are named from left to right starting with the hundreds, tens and units corresponding to the highest class, continuing with the lowest value and so on until the order of the simple units is finished.

How do you write thirteenth together or separately?

When it comes to compound ordinals, they are normally written with a single word: thirteenth. Only the last element varies, so that its feminine would be thirteenth.

How do you write 18 as an ordinal number?

As an example, it can be mentioned that the ordinal corresponding to 18 is eighteenth.

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How do you say ordinal numbers?

1 First; 2 seconds; 3, third; 4, fourth; 5, fifth; 6, sixth; 7, seventh; 8, eighth; 9, ninth or ninth; 10, tenth; 11, eleventh; 12, twelfth; 13, thirteenth; 14, fourteenth; 15, fifteenth; 20, twentieth; 21, twentieth or first cousin; 22, twenty-second; 30, thirtieth; 40, fortieth; fifty, …

What are the ordinal numbers from 1 to 100?

Ordinal numbers are: First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc. “I am the third person who has entered that store today.” “This is the fifth class of the BurbujaDELEspa├▒ol that talks about numbers.”

How are ordinal numbers abbreviated?

The abbreviations of the ordinal numbers are indicated with small letters (‘┬║’, ‘┬¬’, ‘er’, ‘os’, ‘as’) after the number (“5th day of the Sanfermines”, “1st brick throwing contest” or “Let the 74th Hunger Games begin!”).

How do you write the number 18?

Eighteen (18) is the natural number that follows 17 and precedes 19.

How is the number 18 spelled correctly?

How do you write the number 18000000 in letters in Spanish? The number eighteen million is good luck. (Noun). You have written eighteen million in the upper box.

How do you write an 11 digit number?

The number reads: six hundred and seventy-two billion, three hundred and fifty-four trillion, four hundred and seventy-two billion, one hundred and thirty-five million, six hundred and thirty-one thousand and four hundred and two.

How do you write 1 15?

[It is] one fifteen.

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