How was drug trafficking formed in Colombia?

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The first groups of drug traffickers that emerged in Medellín and the center of the country (which were largely former smugglers of legal merchandise), were liquidated in internal wars; It would be succeeded in the 80’s by a new generation more violent but more active and enterprising, of which Pablo would be exponents…

How does drug trafficking originate in Colombia?

In Colombia, drug trafficking peaked at the beginning of the 70’s with the bonanza of the marijuana trade, from this time the famous drug cartels began to appear, such as the Medellín cartels In the head of Pablo Escobar Gaviria, the Cali cartel led by the brothers…

When did drug trafficking begin?

Since the 1960s, various cartels that control the market of illegal substances have been formed, expanded and disappeared in Mexico, which have maintained an open dispute to control the national territory, as well as to carry out their export to everyone.

How did drug trafficking start in Mexico?

it began when the drug prohibition law was passed in 1933. Towards the end of the 1960s, Mexican narcotics smugglers began to introduce drugs on a large scale. Mexican shippers were generally given 35% or 50% of each shipment of cocaine.

What is the origin of drug trafficking?

History. The Chinese brought opium to Mexico through the port of Mazatlán and quickly realized that the climatic conditions of Sinaloa allowed the cultivation of this plant. This is how the first drug trafficking routes to the United States through Mexican territory began.

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What are the main causes of drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking is developed for legal, economic reasons, due to the precarious socio-economic context or due to deficit, non-existent or precarious public policies.

What characteristics did drug trafficking have in Colombia?

It is stated that in the last decade the phenomenon of drug trafficking has three main characteristics: geopolitical settlement guided by the desire for power; notorious increase, despite the social control policy; and use of new and more sophisticated technical mechanisms for the recycling of illicit money…

What is drug trafficking and its characteristics?

The description of drug trafficking includes: a) production and distribution of drugs in a country, b) international drug trafficking, c) drug consumption, and d) State policies to combat drugs.

What has been the impact of drug trafficking in Colombia?

Corruption, murders, extortion, institutional weakness, insecurity and public health problems are some of the consequences that our country is facing after being permeated by drug trafficking.

What are the effects of drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking is attributed, in various measures and with varying degrees of accuracy, effects of all kinds, these being economic effects, violence, the destruction of the judicial system, habitual impunity, growing corruption, social disparities, and in general effects on the distribution of …

What can be done to prevent drug trafficking?

The fight against money laundering is one of the most suitable ways to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. It is about avoiding the use of the proceeds of crime (or the crime itself) and developing new rules and greater control.

What is drug trafficking and how does it affect society?

Drug trafficking generates a spectrum of threats: life, environment, peace, social capital, democracy and institutions. Ecuador has weaknesses such as the proximity of Colombia and Peru, corruption, dollarization and an extensive road network.

What is the goal of drug trafficking?

Definition of drug trafficking

It is a crime against public health, consisting of carrying out, normally for profit, acts that serve to promote, favor or facilitate the illegal consumption of natural or synthetic drugs, whether narcotic, psychotropic or of any other type.

How does drug trafficking affect Argentine society?

Drug trafficking has a significant influence on the deterioration of public space and this occurs to a greater extent in the most vulnerable neighborhoods and sectors. In this sense, the evolution of the perception of drug sales in the neighborhood is evaluated, taking into account its socio-residential conditions.

Why is drug trafficking a social problem?

For the former, drug trafficking constitutes a criminal network that trades in disease and death; commits crimes against humanity; its members are “heartless” criminals; they have a despicable lifestyle; constitutes a “social cancer”, and they feel “repulsion” or “fear”.

How does drug trafficking affect young people?

Young people who develop in places where drug trafficking is part of everyday life, experience a double structural violence: one generated by poverty, marginalization, inequality, unemployment, family abandonment and few options for the future; and another, which emanates from drug trafficking as a socioeconomic dynamic.

How to prevent drug trafficking in young people?

8 guidelines to prevent drug use in adolescents

Report. … Develop your social skills. … Encourage the development of positive self-esteem. … Develop critical sense. … Promote dialogue. … Don’t try to overprotect them. … Don’t be bossy. … Be consistent with our actions.

What is drug trafficking?

Drug trafficking refers to the illegal commercial activity of large amounts of toxic drugs.

What impact does drug trafficking have on the country’s economy?

However, and despite the difficulties in measuring the impact of this industry, different studies estimate that, in general, drug trafficking has a weight in the national economy that could reach 2% of GDP, which is equivalent to $19.5 billion. .

What effects has drug trafficking caused in society, in the economy and in the Colombian environment?

The presence of the drug trafficking phenomenon has reduced the progress of other commercial activities, limiting exchange rate management and generating inflationary effects that prevent the development of other exports, implying more drug exports and fewer exports of other articles. .

What is drug trafficking in economics?

Drug trafficking is considered here as a segment of the illicit economy, whose operation is based, according to the author’s interpretation, on the rationalized use of violence, kinship and affective ties, as well as corruption.

How do drugs affect the economy?

Its costs generate an impact on foreign direct investment, on municipal economic activity, fiscal growth and development, corruption and perception of security, macroeconomic variables, agricultural production, internal displacement, uninhabited housing, fragmentation and evolution of organized crime and…

How does drug trafficking affect young people in Mexico?

The results indicate that the violence and insecurity generated by drug trafficking have motivated young people to move away from the consumption of illegal drugs, or opt for easily accessible drugs, as a coping strategy against the constant attempts made by members of organized crime. for …

How does drug trafficking affect education?

Also that the educational development of this sector of the Mexican population was altered by reducing the stay of students in the national educational system, and increasing their entry into criminal activities and their participation in crimes related to drug trafficking activities.

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