How was Santa Fe formed?

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Santa Fe was founded on November 15, 1573, by Juan de Garay together with a group of Creoles who arrived from Asunción. The chosen place was near the area that today is occupied by the town of Cayastá, in the ravines of the Quiloazas River (currently the San Javier River).

Where was Santa Fe first founded?

Fifty years later, by order of the Governor of Asunción, Juan de Garay founded the city of Santa Fe on November 15, 1573. The Foundation was made in the ravines of the Quiloazas River, currently the San Javier River.

When was Santa Fe built?

Santa Fe Pueblo was founded in 1532 by Vasco de Quiroga who bought land in the western area of ​​Mexico City (two leagues away) to found the first town-hospital.

What was Santa Fe called before?

It was known by tradition that the first city of Santa Fe founded by Juan de Garay was in Cayastá, but the place was not known with certainty. The settlers of Colonia Cayastá, founded 100 years ago, called a place south of the town Santa Fe Viejo.

Who founded the capital of Santa Fe?

It owes its name to Santa Fe, the city of Granada, in Spain, the small homeland of Don Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, founder of the capital of the New Kingdom of Granada.

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Why is Santa Fe called that?

According to some historians, Garay called his city Santa Fe in homage to the Catholic faith. The city was built around the Plaza de Armas, with its Cabildo and its Main Church.

What was Santa Fe like in colonial times?

How people lived in colonial Santa Fe – Printed Edition – Metropolitan Area Metropolitan Area. The people used water from the river that they kept in jars. There were no toilets and the garbage was being buried in the patio. In public celebrations there were bullfights and cane games.

What was the first capital of Santa Fe?

Santa Fe Foundation

By order of Martín Suárez de Toledo, governor of Asunción, starting from that city, Juan de Garay, in his capacity as Captain and Chief Justice in the conquest and population of the Paraná and Río de la Plata, founded the city of Santa Fe on the 15th November 1573.

Where did the Abipones live?

The Abipones lived by hunting, fishing and gathering fruits. They traveled long distances since being nomads they depended on what nature provided them. They inhabited the Gran Chaco region, especially the territory on the northern bank of the Bermejo River to the Malabrigo stream to the south.

What was the first Spanish settlement in Argentina?

The first Spaniard to arrive in Argentina was Juan Díaz de Solís, in 1516, but the Indians killed him on the coast. In 1536 the largest expedition that was organized for the conquest of the new world reached the Río de la Plata, under the command of Pedro de Mendoza.

What was happening in Santa Fe in 1810?

On June 5, 1810, the envoy of the First Junta of Buenos Aires, Colonel José Espínola, arrived in Santa Fe, delivering to the lieutenant governor Prudencio de Gastañaduy the communication of the installation of the Junta after the May Revolution, and requesting the appointment of a deputy.

Who is Santa Fe?

Faith (from the Latin fides and the French foy, faith), saint of the Catholic Church and martyr born in the third century in Agen (present-day France). She belonged to a very wealthy Gallo-Roman family and defended the Christian faith until she died for it.

Where did the Spanish settle first?

Trying to find the mythical Sierra de la Plata, an expedition led by Sebastián Gaboto [1476-1557] He went up the Paraná river and at the confluence with the Carcarañá he built the Sancti Spiritus fort, the first Spanish town in what is now Argentine territory.

What were the first Spanish settlements in our territory during the conquest?

The first Spanish settlements were located in the Antilles islands, establishing their center of operations, first in Hispaniola and then in Cuba1.

What was the first Spanish settlement in the Río de la Plata?

Summary. Archaeological research on the first settlements established by the Spanish Crown on the right bank of the Plata basin has focused mainly on the sites of Sancti Spiritus (1527) and Nuestra Señora de Santa María de Buen Ayre ( 1536).

What were the houses of the Abipones like?

And around the fort, on the outside, were the houses of the Abipones, which consisted of leather barracks and stakes.

What language do the Abipones speak?

At the beginning of the 17th century they adopted the horse brought by the Spanish, extending their raids from the Bermejo to Santa Fe, and from Santiago del Estero to the Paraná River. Cultural Area: Gran Chaco (South America). Language: Abipón, from the group of Guaycurú languages.

What does the name Abipones mean?


-s. ethnog. Dec. of the individual belonging to a tribe of the Guicurú family, who lived on the banks of the Paraná, in the current Argentine Republic.

Why is Rosario not the capital of Santa Fe?

Because Santa Fe had a problem in 1852 when Rosario was declared a city. A Rosario without lineage, made up of poor European immigrants, without parentage or ancestry, against a religious, Creole, traditional and conservative Santa Fe.

How many cities are there in Santa Fe?

Of these, 50 are municipalities and 312 communes1. The capital of the Province is the city of Santa Fe, founded by Juan de Garay in 1573 and which currently has -according to estimates2- 401,602 inhabitants.

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