iMessage Not Working On Mac? Here’s How to Fix It

iMessage is an instant messaging Apple preinstalled app that is used in iPhones, Mac, iPad, or iPod, where you can be sent messages over the internet. iMessage works fine, it’s really secure, useful free service. Apple Makes it available for its various devices which run on a special end-to-end encryption system using its own dedicated servers.

iMessages are located in the default apps, you can send iMessages and SMS. iMessages are blue in color where text messages are green in color. At times, you will encounter an issue that more often iMessage not working on Mac, which includes images are not loading, messages are not delivered, inability to send the messages, or iMessage not working properly on Mac.

imessage not working on mac 2021

Enough iMessages are the secure and easy messaging app, at times, iMessage fails, mostly iMessage not working on Mac. So, in this article, we will discuss why iMessage fails to work sometimes, why iMessage does not work on Mac at times, why Mac is not responding on iMessage.

Why is iMessage Not Working On Mac? Steps to Slove

Why iMessage is not working on my Mac? Why can’t I send messages and why it is troubleshooting on my mac. Maybe it is because of your iMessage settings. It’s a simple question but you will find the solution to this problem in this article. Go through the following steps to figure out easily what was going wrong.

Enable The Internet Connection

As we know that, iMessages needs an Internet to deliver or receive a message. It requires an Internet connection to work. It doesn’t matter, what connection you have given, but it requires an active and functioning Internet.

imessage on mac not working

Before concluding, why iMessage on mac not working. Make ensure whether you have connected your Mac to an active internet. You can check this and ensure if your web browser works to browse the web or any other web browsing apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

Ensure You Actually Have a Problem

This is the worst to ensure, check whether the problem is with you or on other devices.

First, ensure whether the problem is with your device or from other devices. If you have trouble only when you’re sending to a single user, may it’s a problem on their end. If you still get the same problem with multiple or any of your contacts of iMessage users, then the problem is with your device.

Reboot Your Mac

If the first two method doesn’t work, Often restarting your device will solve the issue “iMessage Not Working On Mac” 

why is imessage not working on mac

If you’re not sure how to restart your Mac, follow these steps

  • Click on the Apple menu, which is represented by Apple ID, located on the top left corner of your screen.
  • Select and click on the restart to reboot/restart your device.
  • After restarting the device, open iMessage and check whether the issue or troubleshoot is fixed.
  • Messages are sending normally as before without any issues.

This is one of the techniques when you restart your device your Random Access Memory(RAM) will clear and all the Apps will have a fresh start.

Enable Apple ID or iCloud in your Mac

If you would like to run iMessage, you need to connect to the Apple id, which is equivalent to the iCloud for Mac. therefore you have to check if you are configured the correct apple id to your Mac.

How to check whether you configured the correct Apple id:

why is my imessage not working on my mac

  1. Choose Apple menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Go to the iCloud setting.
  4. Enter  your Apple ID

imessage not working on mac 2021

When you sign-in with the correct id, iCloud will automatically turned-on. If you’re using the apple or iCloud id that you’re using on your iPhones so that it can enable you to sync the iMessages between your iPhone and Mac.

Re-enable the iMessages

if you still face iMessage Not Working On Mac, then login into iMessages, which signing out and again signing into the iMessages. This can resolve the issues relevant to iMessages on your Mac.

This can be done simply by following the below instructions:

imessage not sending files

  1. Open iMessage on Mac.
  2. In the menu bar, click the “Messages” and select Preferences.
  3. Open the Account Tabs.
  4. In the window that appears, select the iMessages from your enable accounts.
  5. “Untick” the box next to the enable this account(iMessages).
  6. A few seconds later, check the box to enable the account is checked.

After sign-in back to the iMessages, check the issue is fixed.

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Resign into the iMessages

Aside from disabling and enabling the iMessage on mac, signing out and signing in into the iMessages may also work, to fix the issues why iMessage on mac not working. This technique will also help you to fix this issue. if you want to perform this operation follow the following operations:

imessage not signing in on mac


  1. Open the iMessages on your Mac.
  2. In the menu bar, click the “Messages” and select Preferences.
  3. Go to the iMessage tab.
  4. Choose the signout button.
  5. When you logged out. Sign in again with Apple ID.

Ensure Message forwarding is enabled on your Mac

If you Disabled the message forwarding on your mac, it may relay imessages to be delivered to the users or received from the user. If you have an issue that your iMessages are not showing up, then there may be the chances that you are disabled by the forwarding text message.

make ensure whether you have enabled or disabled the forwarding iMessages. If it’s enabling works then you can able to send or receive the text messages from your contacts.

imessage not delivered on mac

Even if this doesn’t work, This may be because poor internet connection checks whether you have an active and functional Internet connection.

Check Out Your Time Zone

Check your time zone on yours. Mac checks the messages the time and the date of the received message, if the messages are receiving from the past, it slots the messages way back in the message history, when is not viewable, In the same way, if you have messages from the future it may prevent from receivable.

In case if you’re received the messages but not in the readable format then there may the chances that your date and time have been changed.

imessage not opening on mac

  1. Choose Apple menu.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Select Date and Time.
  4. if it is locked, click the lock icon at the bottom of the window and enter a password.
  5. Click Time Zone,  to set the date and time automatically or manually.
  6. Under date and time,” Set date and time automatically“.
  7. lock again, to secure your mac.

After your date and time, check whether you have given the correct date and time and close the window.


From the above procedures or methods, you can able to resolve the issue “iMessage Not Working On Mac” and get your iMessage on Mac to work again as expected. Hope this article will be helpful to solve your issue, but still the problem exists then you should have to consult “Apple support” so that they can investigate further to solve your troubleshoot. Stay tuned to Techly Fire for more informative Guides.

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