Best iTunes Alternatives for Windows, Mac and Linux

I want to know about the best iTunes alternatives for Windows and MAC: iTunes alternatives are no doubt promulgated software available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod for music transfer and device maintenance. Apple users have copiously used iTunes for music and other files. Whereas iTunes is also used for the update of apps on devices of Apple. But it is high time that Apple users should start looking for some iTunes alternatives.

The following part of the article will overt the uses of iTunes which other alternatives can also perform. So it’s time to stop leveraging iTunes and start using something new. Have you ever wondered why iTunes should be replaced with other alternatives? The simple reason is that the transfer of music from Android devices to Apple devices is quite slow. In fact when you update your apps through iTunes your phone hang and interface get stuck.


So these will not happen with these iTunes alternatives. These apps will be a panacea for all your problems related to iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Let us look into more detail about the iTunes alternative Mac apps and definitely use them after testing the waters. We are here to provide the best iTunes alternatives for every user. One can have a look and access in a more accurate way. The following are the best iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac.

Best iTunes Alternatives

Check the best iTunes alternatives from here, you can use any one of these to get any movies, songs, videos, etc. For the ios devices, there is only possible as iTunes but even though some of its best alternatives have also arisen in order to make it as similar to iTunes.


This is one of the best iTunes alternatives Windows app specially designed for Mac users. Its interface is quite user-friendly and is open-source software that means you don’t need to pay any penny in order to buy Ecoute. It extracts all the library songs off iTunes. When you play music notification pop-up comes on top of your phone.


This app has features to connect to Facebook, Google, and other networking sites. The app is not that heavy due to which this app will not make your phone hang. Download as soon as possible and enjoy it.

Wondershare TunesGo

It is a complete suite of several features. It is not limited to music transfer from your iPhone to your computer but is also involved in the transfer of music to an android phone in just a few seconds. The conservative way you follow another way while using iTunes for the transfer of media files is just too obsolete.


Wondershare TunesGO provides you with amazing features with which you can share files with the android phone without any hassle. The interface is too good. The software is not open source. You can get a free trial but when your trial ends you need to pay some bucks to buy the full licensed version.

Swinsian Apple App

Another one on our list of iTunes alternatives is “Swinsian Apple”. This app is specially designed for music streaming and is a perfect apple music alternative. You get to hear your favorite playlist through this app. It automatically detects Airplay ports through which you can play your favorite playlist. The interface of this app is almost similar to that of iTunes. You will rarely find any difficulty while managing the app.

best itunes alternatives for iphone

It is available free of cost so you don’t need to pay any money. So it’s better to install and have the experience of using Swinsian. But extensive features will get enabled in the paid version. Download it and share your experience.

AnyTrans Alternative

Anytrans alternative is again one of the best alternatives which mainly focuses to transfer the music libraries, apps, or any other media files and so on. The app is very simple and anyone can access it without any fail. It has the ability to restore and rebuild the complete music libraries at the time of the offer provided in the easiest way. This has excellent connectivity that focuses to connect various devices.


With the help of any trans alternative, one can convert the media file format as per their need. Even it has another provision as it allows the creation of a music library. Anytrans alternative is Best for iOS. And helps in transferring the files from one iDevice to another iDevice.

MediaMonkey Similar to iTunes

It is no doubt one of the powerful alternative iTunes apps to manage media on your iPhone. It exactly clubs all videos, songs in a single place and reduces all the redundant pieces. So, that unnecessary waste of memory gets reduced. Also, it can be synced with your iPad or iPod so that all your files can be combined in a single place.


It is free when talking of simple features but if you need more features you need to get a gold version. For that, you need to pay some bucks but it will be worth paying.

Double Twist as iTunes

Its name signifies that it is used for cross-platform. It solves your problem if you are having android and iPhone and you want a collection of music all in a single place but with iTunes, you are getting difficulty. No need to worry. You can use a double twist. It combines the music library on both android phones and your iPhone with the help of Wi-Fi.


This is very difficult with iTunes but Double Twist has made it possible. It is available in both free limited version and full extensive versions.



This app is perfect for all lags of iTunes. It is a perfect device manager. You can manage your music library while updating your apps at the same time. Not only this, but you can also back up your data with the help of this app and also sync all your videos, images, and apps. This app is available free of cost. So without any second thoughts go for this app.


It is a simple version of iTunes. For iTunes, you need to perform some complicated steps in order to transfer the music from your iPhone to your computer or android phone. But this app will make the transfer process very simple.


Also, it allows the drag and drops feature which is not available in iTunes also have a glance at the free malware removal for ios. So it is an easy version of iTunes which allows the transfer of music files in an easy way. It is available free of cost.


So after going through the iTunes alternatives, you get to know that the lag of iTunes can be overcome with the help of these apps. All these apps are outstanding in their sense and first, try their trial versions and then go for their enhanced versions. So don’t waste the time and download any of the iTunes Alternatives given here and start enjoying them. Stay tuned to Techly Fire for more awesome tutorials and guides.

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